Prepositions used with "prayer"

"of prayer" or "in prayer"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases prayer of is used

This is the beginning of prayer.

Paddy was a great man of prayer.

The complete method of prayer i.

John strongly supported her belief that the order should return to its life of prayer.

LEVEL 1: A group of people do not comprehend save the outer and overt facet of prayer.

The ' Eid prayer is a short prayer, consisting of two rakatayn (iterations) of prayer.

In 1562 she established her new house of St Joseph of Avila with 13 nuns, living an austere life of prayer and work.

Through a lot of prayer, modern-medicine and absolute homeopathic treatment, I ski, fence, scuba, hike, cycle, dance, golf.

Of prayer and dependence on the Almighty, the great mass of the Israelites appear to have had little knowledge at this time.

The event, which now takes place globally, is also known as the International Day of Prayer for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome.

In 27% of cases prayer in is used

Its in prayers and quiet times.

When she began to lead us in prayer.

Participate as a family in prayer events.

But if its dirty you should really wash it because cleanliness is essential in prayer.

Widowhood is a desolate state; but let widows trust in the Lord, and continue in prayer.

Hold yourself in prayer before God, like a dumb or paralytic beggar at a rich man's gate.

It is also a service to your fellow worshippers, helping them to raise their hearts and minds to the Lord in prayer.

I fervently believe that the entire nation with opposition members alike stood with him in prayers and wished him well.

A personal connection with our Creator is the same if we ask humbly in prayer for a relationship with Him, and guidance.

However, they do understand the general import of the recitations, laudations, and invocations they pronounce in prayer.

In 10% of cases prayer for is used

It is indeed a time for prayer.

Then I have gone to the mosque for prayer.

Jamal hits a boy who is going to mosque for prayer.

The time for Zohar prayer approached, and a member of Imam Husain's group gave the call for prayer.

Lastly, but of special significance, I make a request for prayers on behalf of Israel during this time.

K has written and send to churches for prayer at the beginning or end of the mass before closing prayer.

Though the pre-Independence structure has been restored by the army it is no longer actively used for prayer services.

O Allah! Grant us to fast (during the days) in this month and stand for prayer (at night) and recite the Qur? an in it.

The problem here is that the group feels free to share their rebellion to the class instead of humbly asking for prayer.

Why waste the brethens ' time in gathering them together for prayer meetings since as you say there is ' no magic ' in it.

In 9% of cases prayer to is used

Physical workouts tied to prayer.

Woman, there is no alternative to prayer.

Shortly after the adhan (call to prayer ), Zaynab (A.

I'd wake up to the sound of the call to prayer at the Palais Jama hotel in Fez, Morocco.

It is equivalent to prayer and fasting, the two greatest bases of Islam, as the Prophet (s.

In today's churches, we go to prayer meetings not to pray for our enemies, but to kill them.

At other times, when I apply myself to prayer, I feel all my spirit lifted up without any care or effort on my part.

I had never been on a vespa in Cairo and then to be on it during the call to prayer for our last break fast was just an amazing feeling.

The strong emphasis upon biblical teaching and application, along with the commitment to prayer are typical to mainstream evangelicalism.

She always loved the Blessed Sacrament and feeling a deeper drawing to prayer she wondered if she was being called to the contemplative life.

In 3% of cases prayer by is used

One way of preparing for worship is by prayer.

So David sets out to conquer God by prayer and fasting.

Exactly what are Relationships by Prayer could do today? Leave a week or 2 slip by.

He also appealed to the churches he founded to support the church in Jerusalem by prayers and gifts.

We are as strictly obliged to adhere to God by action in the time of action, as by prayer in its season.

The occasion was of course to be consecrated by prayer, and venerable Joseph Thaxter of Edgartown, chaplain of Prescott's own regiment, arose to officiate.

The prayer event on a school sports field was the fourth in a prayer move which began in June at Walmer West Primary, followed by prayer walks at Laerskool Verkenner and Willow Academy.

In 3% of cases prayer on is used

But words on prayer should also share in a prayer.

St Teresa became a great teacher on prayer and contemplation.

There are no restrictions on prayer or any other religious activity.

He left books on prayer and the spiritual life that are enduring classics.

Another perspective on prayer, especially how ' it works ', comes from Christine Robinson.

With branches all over Nigeria, CPM lays much emphasis on prayer and personal consecration.

Pope Benedict made his remarks as part of his ongoing series of weekly reflections on prayer.

Thomas, this year's convention will be unique because it will focus on prayer and testimonial sessions.

I know you may have books on prayer however the books on prayer are for advanced students and not for the beginner.

A one-time chairman of the Rivers State chapter of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Numbere lays much emphasis on prayers and evangelism.

In 3% of cases prayer through is used

Akuj is invoked through prayers &; chants and through animal sacrifices.

We struggle with the burden of discernment through prayer, study and debate.

It is through prayer that we discover the goodness and personal devotion of God.

And prayer: I had a sense through prayer that I needed to participate in this particular action at Shannon.

Well, I've heard of people who used to be gay, but then were turned straight through prayer and other interventions.

World Mission Sunday is a day set aside for Catholics worldwide to recommit themselves to the Church? s missionary activity through prayer and sacrifice.

We're called to plant the seeds (normally through sharing the Word ), to water (normally through prayer and follow up ), and shepherd the flock God gives us - the best we can.

In 3% of cases prayer with is used

The service was opened with prayer by Mayhew.

Coupled with prayer, it has spiritual meaning.

Reciting the Quran is also an important part of Ramadan with prayer and fasting.

Recommend I have been blessed with the impossibles in my life only with prayers.

The seminar started off with prayers for the victims of the garment factory fire.

Chan's funeral at the International Funeral Parlour in Hong Kong's Hung Hom in July was complete with prayers, music, mourners, friends and family.

In 2% of cases prayer about is used

It's also about prayer and helping others.

The third, I would argue, are being serious about prayer.

I don't anyone that does consider it that way, who is serious about prayer.

Otto refers not only to personal piety, where he is presumably talking about prayer and religious meditation.

About prayer: Do you know why you do not feel guilty? The lust you feel can only prosper and live within you by getting rid of what will interfere with it.

I too seek to know the truth from scripture and have had discussions with various pastors about prayer, praying of one accord, enjoying two or three gathered together in Jesus name, etc.

In this parable, Jesus is teaching about prayer and throughout this month I have been challenging us in our Small Groups to engage in a day of prayer and fasting especially to expose bad leaders.

In 2% of cases prayer during is used

When I have khushu ' during prayer, I have clarity of mind after prayer.

The matter came to light only because she fainted during prayers on 31 st January.

During prayers we prostrate on it not as a compulsory act but in view of its special nature.

It launched severe attacks against Muslim civilians, killing nearly 150 during prayers at Kathankudy and more than 170 in Eravur, Batticalao.

If it does n't, there's something wrong with the way I prayed and I find that it's most probably because I didn't have khushu ' during prayer.

Maybe what happened was you mention at the top of your story about your former weakness of cringing at others ' misuse of scripture during prayer and that became the focal point for some.

Following that, it is vital that we understand the significance of having khushu ' during prayer because only then will we understand the beauty of prayer and that it is a blessing not a burden.

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