Prepositions used with "power"

"of power" or "in power"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases power of is used

But Ahmed is no scribe of power.

Correct choice of power meter range.

It's a simple list of power couples.

It also highlights the corrupting influence of power on previously quite normal people.

Not surprisingly she's learnt to manipulate him, so she has some sort of power over him.

The third widow also epitomizes the reversals and subversions of power in God's kingdom.

The issue of the limited representativeness of the Zionist organization must be separated from the exercise of power.

Again, we see Wright's concept of power as a fundamentally animating force in his reflections and agendas for action.

Go upward in every hierarchy of power and people become less human, reach the top and they are positively anti-human.

Understand my thought on this though, and its sincere, nobody in a position of power, puts any value in belligerence.

In 21% of cases power in is used

When we have a lot bad/gungs in Power.

The Democrats were the party in power.

When BNP was in power they created RAB.

Through interventions like The Yes Men 's, those in power can be made to pay attention.

Nine years in power is a long time in a democracy and is not without collateral damage.

The problem is not the increasingly unsavoury ways in which members of Anna's group make comments on people in power.

In his second tenure in power, Rawlings ' policies became more centrist, and he began to advocate free-market reforms.

The Bush Republicans are likely to remain in power despite the fact that only a minority will vote to have them there.

We have accepted women in power, transformed planned economies into free markets, and begun to protect the environment.

In 17% of cases power to is used

It also has sockets to power devices.

They are regarded as conduits to power.

Kudo's for speaking truth to power Col.

Over at the BMC, the Shiv Sena - BJP combine was re-elected to power earlier this year.

Cameron had enough energy to power a small city, and we stole that and made it our own.

Key to this success is our commitment to power of partnership across the three sectors.

Firstly, the people who rise to power are much the same whether they do it in the board room or on the green benches.

It is the duty to stop him destroy our country and give enemy back to power create another tragic past in the future.

Date and time are preserved (unless the iPod reset itself because it had no power and then was reconnected to power).

There are many other examples of new Provincial political parties being created, coming to power and then fading away.

In 5% of cases power for is used

Tune in from 10am for Power Gurkdays.

This is not a wish for power over creation.

There's jealousy, sabotage, lust for power.

Stated by DESA, the demand for power in Dhaka city has increased by around 10% a year.

Switch hitter, in the prime of his career, plus fielder, hits for power, fairly high OBP.

The squad began training in February 2011 in chairs specifically designed for power soccer.

See section 69 for power of employees ' representative to accompany an inspector on an inspection of a place of work.

Reason and morality are helpless against this passion for power, they are but weapons in his hands, dupes of his game.

Electron volts are useful at the atomic or molecular level, and kilowatt hours are the common unit for power consumption.

They have achieved their positions due to their social skills and ruthless desire for power more than due to intelligence.

In 4% of cases power with is used

Governments are vested with power.

He became obsessed with power cords.

He is obsessed with power and pride.

These problems of technique are odd in a man who has had a long fascination with power.

This will make you more relaxed and stress free when it comes to deal with power issues.

Few people with power and money will misleading and used the rest of the less able people.

Dare to Face your Problem with Power and the Grace of God Successful people have the trait of being ' Courageous '.

It seems like the whole population of the city has descended on those areas with power and fled those areas without.

The losses associated with power outages, as estimated by the firms themselves, can equal more than 10 percent of sales.

In the eighth century, as strong kings emerged with power over more than one region, they began to centralize the currency.

In 3% of cases power into is used

Because he was elected into power.

Born into power: Robert Kennedy Jr.

I put the presentation into Power Point.

Don? t get into power struggles with him on the field or call him out on it in public.

The REACH directive also saw some meaningful changes by Parliament before getting into power.

Equally, they fight in the most dirty of ways- if they got into power, we'd have a very dirty world.

Corruption, on the other hand is more difficult to control as it seems that whoever comes into power engages in it.

Personally I'd be quite happy if they sodded off then Labour wouldn't have a cat in hell's chance of getting into power.

Ranu Processing At first, the roots and barks are dried up in the sun and then are grinded with sundried rice into power.

Not to talk about the man from Ota, Obasanjo, who was rigged into power, and still, Nigerians equally said he was God sent.

In 2% of cases power on is used

Her enemies relied on power, open or veiled.

Virtualization helps save huge amounts on power.

That's why we have limits on power for government.

I hope more villages and small cities follow this route and end government's monopoly on power generation.

Knowledge of these lizardwoman would undermine the kyrarichy, and the US government's tenuous grasp on power.

President Hamid Karzai's hold on power remained tenuous, as entrenched warlords continued to exert regional control.

What to do after your phone comes into contact with liquid: DO NOT TURN ON POWER! In doing so the board will be fried.

Suppose you are out driving on a Saturday, and nearly the end of your planned route, you are headed home low on power.

I keep wondering when the patriarchs at the University of the West Indies will relinquish their hold on power -- if ever.

Once a regime has reached this point, it takes a massive convulsion to bring it down, or even to shake its hold on power.

In 2% of cases power without is used

Many homes are still without power.

The area remained without power and police.

Tens of thousands of residents are without power.

To date, the JPS said only 2,000 of its 480,000 customers are still without power.

The Long Island Power Authority says more than 198,000 customers are without power.

Imagine having to go without power for a while when you desperately need to use it.

We are aware of many church buildings without power, especially in Rhode Island and the coastal sections of Connecticut.

Without power, he guided the plane from 30,000 feet to 4,000 feet and managed to glide parallel to a runway in El Centro.

These homes, marked with white tags, remained without power and once residents went back in they could not leave on Sunday.

As emergency workers wade through flooded homes to look for survivors and millions of people remain without power in the U.

In 1% of cases power about is used

It is about gender stereotypes, it's also about power.

I have heard about power plants in Texas that are fueled from cow patties.

But if you go beyond all this, it is no longer about power, it is about liberation.

Office relationships- and I would like you to repeat this after me- are about power.

The bestest most brilliant thing about Power of Kroll is how exciting it manages to be.

However, I never really thought about power or how people wield it until I got to Hollywood.

Greenhouse gases are killing the Earth! The science is settled! This was always about power and money, not science.

If we assume that the reports are true, this raises important questions about power dynamics in the eurozone and the EU.

Often firms in the sector including those who use a lot of heat feel they are a ' Cinderella ', neglected in talks about power.

I think the person who raped me was sexually dysfunctional certainly, but I think it was more about power, domination and fear.

In 1% of cases power from is used

The air war in 1999 did not drive Milosevic from power.

The Taliban was ousted from power in December 2001 by the U.

This is exactly why so many are willing to die to remove Assad from power.

According to reports former President Nasheed was pushed from power by the armed forces.

Newt does not think the use of force in Libya was necessary to remove Gaddafi from power.

Maybe it explains why the Dark Lord was dressed in an outfit from Power Rangers ' dressing room.

Despite support for Batista from America during his rule, nothing was done by the superpower to stop his fall from power.

I remember back in the mid 90s when the AL was trying to oust BNP from power, they also called for a long stretch of hartal.

Winds and toppled trees brought down entire power lines, and debris has to be cleared from power stations and other structures.

Another common electricity drain at home is putting on stand-by mode the TV and other appliances which must be unplug from power sources.

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