Prepositions used with "poverty"

"of poverty" or "in poverty"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases poverty of is used

Reduction of poverty and wealth creation.

Another one is that of poverty in America.

I don't think this is just because of poverty.

This would lift millions out of poverty and dramatically decrease regional disparity.

Government also sees that as a tool for empowering people, reduction of poverty, etc.

China has lifted 500 million people out of poverty in the last two and a half decades.

It's unfortunate that even educated Nigerians are fanning the amber of waste and promoting this culture of poverty.

Founded in 1976, the Grameen Bank has lifted millions of people out of poverty, and has a 97 per cent repayment rate.

Their cries of poverty would be a lot more credible if we knew as much about team finances as we do about the players.

Dante, nobody is going to disagree that many things in SA would improve vastly if we could lift people out of poverty.

In 24% of cases poverty in is used

Van Gogh lived his whole life in poverty.

They've got 800 million people in poverty.

The uninsured rate for children in poverty (13.

I think RI can (should) play strong role to reduce/remove factors contributing in poverty.

While Mary lived in poverty, well-to-do James lived around the corner and employed servants.

What we can't do, however, is address all of the problems that put or keep families in poverty.

It is one whose hand is open to the needs of those in poverty, according to his means and the utmost of his ability.

R Sponsor a child in Romania, where over one third of the population live in poverty as a result of high unemployment.

Many Kenyans have received a good education but we haven't used our intellect to uplift the situation of those in poverty.

Today the most religious countries are the ones stucked in poverty and corruption such as ours and other african countries.

In 7% of cases poverty to is used

This is attributed to poverty and ignorance.

This has given rise to poverty in the area (African Agenda, 2006, vol.

It is expected that people are further pushed to poverty after the floods.

This fact condemned women to poverty and also made them subservient to the partriarchy.

In developing countries, most environmental problems are related to poverty and policies.

I do not want Ireland to return to poverty, famine, and neither do I want anyone to live in fear.

Where are they getting money? Now in the north east, people are selling their power of vote for money due to poverty.

Due to poverty, lack of choice or simple human determination, people continue to live side by side with these dangers.

Indeed it is making it worse by consigning the 100,000 single parents, 90% of whom are women, to poverty or more poverty.

Due to the fact that due to poverty, the parents are forced to send their children to work in order to maintain their family.

In 5% of cases poverty into is used

Her family fell into poverty and despair.

You don't help them get work by forcing them into poverty.

Over time he slipped further into poverty, the ends could no longer meet.

In fact, more Americans fell into poverty last year than has ever been recorded before.

Cutting SW rates would drive more people into poverty and would further undermine domestic demand.

We forced half a million half educated people into poverty in England while we were in the dark ages under Dev.

Following a day at Argentina back 2007, Mycoskie recognized exactly how in-demand footwear had been for anyone moving into poverty.

And as studies have shown it is poor health that is most likely to drag a marginal prson back into poverty: not the cost of cooking.

Till the late 19th century, they had their crowning ceremony done there, like all royal families of yore they have fallen into poverty.

If a majority of those in rural areas get locked into subsistence level agriculture, they will get locked into poverty for generations.

In 4% of cases poverty on is used

His focus was on poverty, unemployment, education, health care, social development.

Excusing mass murder and maiming on poverty is a particularly silly and odious argument.

The New Deal, The War on Poverty, and social insurance programs have helped America develop social cohesion.

For a Full Fast Facts on Poverty in format: More than one billion people in the world live on less than one dollar a day.

The survey also contains information on poverty rates based on nationality, with non-Irish nationals experiencing a higher ' at risk of poverty ' rate (23.

People taking less than 2122 kilo calorie a day are absolute poor and less than 1805 kilo calorie are extreme poor, according to the government yardstick on poverty.

You will find a wide range of authors -- journalists, politicians, NGO workers, and most importantly, ordinary people, sharing their experiences and thoughts on poverty in the UK.

Christianson and Demery have argued that an African development strategy that is firmly grounded in agricultural and rural development can result in a more sustained impact on poverty.

That said I agree that the statistics on poverty do look odd when the levels of median income are reduced as at present and then that in turn ' reduces'the number of people in poverty.

Here I am again reminded of Dudley's achievement in being among the first of the Asian leaders to focus on poverty eradication, which today still remains low in the order of priorities.

In 3% of cases poverty from is used

From poverty to world fame Hits.

Daily more than 50,000 people needlessly die from poverty.

More than 200 million people have been lifted out from poverty.

However, there are still millions of people suffering from poverty and famine.

There can only be so many menial jobs and these won't offer a real break from poverty.

Human trafficking emanates from poverty and lack of better opportunities for self development.

It's about his journeys from poverty to academic excellence, to many countries, to a successful career in accounting.

However, in common with many African countries, Tanzania suffers from poverty and the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS.

And this is actually a good thing because we are somehow forced to develop a mindset that can help us move out from poverty.

Growth in the preceding five years has averaged only about 5 percent, nowhere near enough to lift hundreds of millions from poverty.

In 3% of cases poverty with is used

Sure India is filled with poverty but not in all places.

My childhood experience with poverty dictated that I care.

Y delivers babies for free, even though she also struggles with poverty.

Derbyshire of course simply correlates crime with poverty, and then poverty with race.

As I've come to find out, flirting with poverty is vastly overrated and no mark of artistry or genius.

Undernutrition and other factors associated with poverty can permanently retard brain development and function.

But while we were able to relate income and expenditure patterns of provinces with poverty, we could not do this for cities.

Sponsor a child in Bosnia, where the aftermath of war and the daily struggle with poverty leave children with traumatic experiences.

Seems innocent enough, right? But what happened a year later when the village was still rife with poverty and disease? Bob wasn't there.

Monthly e-communications are sent to WOW! members, covering issues affecting women who struggle with poverty in rural communities around the world.

In 2% of cases poverty about is used

My own view is the Tories are nt too bothered about poverty, they see poverty as a result.

Rose, who home schools the children, decided to do a unit study about poverty, compassion and the work of World Vision.

The author did incredible research about poverty, charity, and government programs FOR ALMOST TWO CENTURIES in America.

When thinking about poverty in Africa and other places, often the first thing that comes to mind is the lack of food that some people have.

And when you awake, what can you say about poverty now? There are still very poor people, to be sure, but the new poverty has more to do with inequality.

The organization increases awareness about poverty to motivate students to make meaningful changes to the situation, particularly within the realm of social entrepreneurship.

What about forming a think-tank? I'd a starter! In general, I believe the government has become frustrated about poverty and child abuse and everything that goes with those problems.

In 2% of cases poverty against is used

The fight continues, and in retirement, it will be against poverty.

You have the power to make a difference in the fight against Poverty.

World Neighbors believes that we can not afford not to fight against poverty abroad.

The service sector can therefore be used in the fight against poverty in the municipality if it is boosted.

If allocated in the war against poverty according to current spending patterns, that sum could save the lives of 350,000 children under the age of five annually.

But does raising the issue, in whatever way, not somehow intrinsically help generate some sort of movement against poverty? On reflection, I believe no, it doesn't.

In 2% of cases poverty for is used

He said he gained an appreciation for poverty while working in Baltimore.

He did not get any chance to Academic Education for poverty but he learned a lot from real life.

Accelerated growth with productive jobs for poverty reduction, and macroeconomic stability requires fiscal and debt sustainability.

Scarcity is used here in a different sense, as a synonym for poverty, but the verse is a clear statement that we face a choice between leisure and poverty.

As for poverty, the CBN had pointed out that while 95% of the population of Jigawa State is classified as poor, only 20% of Bayelsa State is so classified.

In 2001, the National Microfinance Policy was implemented and microfinance was officially recognized as a tool for poverty eradication and with its increased use and exposure to the country.

Paper presented at the International Conference on Strategies for Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Resource Management in the Fragile Lands of Sub-Saharan Africa, May 25? 29, Entebbe, Uganda.

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