Prepositions used with "pot"

"of pot" or "in pot"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases pot of is used

The metal of pots and pans can easily scratch marble surfaces if not careful.

This list is by no means comprehensive, just a snapshot of potential election meltdowns.

Lots of pots of tea and coffees from the staff who were constantly available and ever so obliging.

A limited range of pots -- all square -- are available on-line through Lee Valley Tools and West Coast Seeds.

Legalization of pot will lead to a drop in the drug's price, and with any drug, lower prices bring increased use, she said.

Back in 2001, former Progressive Conservative prime minister Joe Clark expressed support for decriminalizing possession of small amounts of pot.

Most of the cargoes we've examined contained an array of pots, which according to the old way of dating, would have been made many years apart.

We've turned a significant corner with the approval of Initiative 502, which purposefully offers a true public health alternative to the criminal prohibition of pot.

In 18% of cases pot in is used

I have started a vegetable garden in pots as the earth is acid from a huge old pine tree in my yard.

When grown in pots planting two rhizomes into one twelve inch pot results in a nice display of foliage and flowers.

I've even planted my vegetables in pots before the season starts so that I can transplant them outside and get a head start.

I am in the process of starting a veggie patch (curently everything is in pots) and hopefully it will be up and running by spring.

Before planting outdoors, either in pots or in the ground, add some compost, manure or high Nitrogen slow release fertilizer to the soil in order to increase lush growth.

Image: Corbis Bonsai &; Ikebana Bonsai (bon meaning ' tray ' or ' low pot ', and sai meaning ' planting ') is the art of growing trees in pots, and pruning them to create miniature forms.

When planting outdoors in the ground, or in pots, the rhizomes are laid horizontally and completely covered with an inch or more of soil with the growing eye, if possible, facing upwards.

In 11% of cases pot for is used

Thanks! A couple times a month, friends and I get together for pot luck dinners.

Last but not least, it is not irrelevant as we do end up paying for pot heads BS use of medical weed.

People, it turned out to be, were more bothered about voting for pot than for their preferred Presidential candidate.

In 7% of cases pot like is used

These are both tough cuts of beef best used in recipes that call for longer, moister cooking, like pot roasts and stews.

In 7% of cases pot on is used

It saves on pots and washing up and is a pretty foolproof tasty meal.

The original democrats of Athens wrote on pot shards when voting to ostrasize someone.

Perhaps they should first put themselves in the shoes Governor and Attorney General of Colorado who face the regulation minefield that voting on pot has created.

In 5% of cases pot as is used

They also can not take your basic living equipment such as pots, pans, blankets, beds and refrigerators or anything you, or another household member, uses to earn a living (with some exceptions).

In 4% of cases pot per is used

We had to split into groups of 3 per pot, luckily my friends are quite easy going and it was easy to decided on a flavour.

In 4% of cases pot with is used

Then the Dastar-Khawn was arranged, filled with pots of black lentils, halwa, pickle, cheese, milk, honey, and bread.

In 3% of cases pot from is used

At the moment my balcony garden is green and lush, a range of my most-loved herbs and salad greens sprouting from pots - some gifted, others found and collected.

Before the discovery of these wrecks, most of the information available to ceramic collectors came from pots that had been found at various archaeological excavations on land.

In 1% of cases pot including is used

There's been a long-standing debate among programmers as to whether recreational drugs, including pot and hallucinagens like LSD, can actually help programmers code.

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