Prepositions used with "politician"

"of politician" or "by politician"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases politician of is used

A lot of politicians tried to interfere.

Excellent! Hogan is the worst type of politician.

Our rights to free be at the whim of politicians.

It it is not within the gift of politicians either to bestow it or expropriate it.

What has resulted is an image of politicians as untrustworthy and basically corrupt.

With recent experiences of Politicians it is probably good to err on the side of doubt.

There are tales of politicians including Lorne Mayencourt, John Baird, Stephane Dion, Jack Layton and Hedy Fry.

In 19% of cases politician by is used

It's all cheap talk by politicians.

What is need is less postering by politicians.

Our key agencies are pretty much run by politicians.

Communal tragedy is fetishized partially by politicians, but certainly not only by them.

Another answer offered by politicians to the pensions funding problem is economic growth.

Buying a gun is done at the individual level, while foreign policy is handled by politicians.

Today Nauru is bankrupt because the Trust Fund set up from phosphate money had been tampered with by politicians.

As if by magic, the guilt and burden was lifted from society's shoulders by politicians and we looked better off too.

Harish, that mobs are and can only be organized by politicians, giving money and liquor, not by ordinary people like Anna.

In 12% of cases politician for is used

For politicians this potato is just too hot to touch.

It became a platform for politicians to woo Nigerians.

It's time for politicians to stop talking and start acting.

Sackcloth and ashes is the only dress code for politicians for the forseeable future.

Race politics has long been a crutch for politicians who do not have constructive ideas.

And for politicians, phony would be a very mild characterisation for their typical sins.

If possible Government has to plan for decrease INFLATION rate and increase Income rates for ppl not for politicians.

There is no doubt that there are businessmen and companies in Sri Lanka who fund for politicians in return for favours.

Oliver Maloney says there isn't a role and should not be a role for politicians in broadcasting other than those on the statute.

In 12% of cases politician to is used

It is not limited to politicians.

Stop looking to politicians to solve this country's problems.

The law allows donors to donate to politicians and parties anonymously.

I have never thought of myself as the kind of woman who is attracted to politicians.

They donate large sums of money to politicians, who are responsible for regulating them.

These riots acted as a wake-up call to politicians and even sports policy makers and administrators.

For people like the Kochs, Murray Energy and Harold Clark Simmons, the money they give to politicians is small change.

There have been a lot of blind eyes turned in the past, especially when it comes to politicians and political activists.

If the amnesty to politicians and technocrats works, perhaps this is a good time to call one's debtors in the aforementioned category.

The report ended with a warning to politicians that trying to use religion as a political tool would likely damage them at the ballot box.

In 7% of cases politician from is used

I suppose it is the bit of wind from politicians that has me upset.

The opposition did not just come from politicians but also union officials.

Most of them will deliberately buy subservience from politicians and lie boldly to the public.

In fact, on a related point, I have mixed feelings about the media picking up from politicians ' Facebook and blog postings.

Later, Mayor Nutter broadened his nomination to women in general, for having endured attacks both from politicians in the U.

Deepak Parekh is made Finance Minister and allowed to function without interference from politicians, definitely he will make wonders.

As expected, the release of the INEC results has been trailed with comments and debates from politicians and political pundits in the state.

The yen, seen as overvalued in Japan, failed to move much after the BoJ took action under heavy pressure from politicians to act on the weak economy.

Each year, Ebony reveals a list of the nation's most influential African Americans; from politicians, athletes, entertainers to authors and thought leaders.

We have had enough of divisive talk and actions from politicians and media - these actions have only served to further divide our nation and cripple our economy.

In 7% of cases politician with is used

We see it everywhere, with politicians, media, entertainmnent.

I know so many faux Christians I've come to accept it as normal behavior, esp with politicians.

We do this by working with politicians to develop groundbreaking laws to bring the smoking rate down.

He's been to General Charm School, he's been operating with politicians for years, and he operated an agency of the Imperial Federal Government.

What's wrong with politicians who have degrees with state universities? After all, U of I's law school is one of the top 20 law schools in the country.

They are much bigger, certainly better funded and appear to have closer relationships with politicians and other centres of influence due to being based in London.

Moreover, even in newspapers which valued independence, their editors and publishers were typically enmeshed in a Byzantine network of relationships with politicians.

People on the left worry about the ability of big corporations to get their way with politicians, while those on the right probably stress over the malign influence of unions and teachers.

In 4% of cases politician on is used

I don't depend on politicians to cure the ills of society.

Diamond says, suggesting pressure could be brought to bear on politicians to change this arrangement.

Arguments regarding Garda numbers can not be be blamed on politicians alone (though I do agree for the most part).

On politicians as puppets for corporate interest: We do not live in a democracy, we live in a state of Corporate Fascism.

Read the same journalists when they are commenting on politicians or on companies that do not advertise here and you will see the difference.

This movement and the potential defeat of ACTA tomorrow is a vindication of a campaigning approach of mobilising protests to bring massive pressure to bear on politicians.

I note that the tireless press freedom campaigner, SEEMO's secretary general, Oliver Vujovic, has called on politicians in east European countries to stop naming and shaming journalists.

There will be intense pressure on politicians to come up with answers about how both to regain control of the streets in the short term, and what to do about the causes and longer-term repercussions.

In 3% of cases politician among is used

Similarly their is no honour among politicians and their ilk.

I wasn't implying a consensus among politicians or the public at large.

There seems to be some confusion among politicians about the means of achieving this national objective.

And the real problem of this is a common fault among politicians: a belief that everyone else is just like him.

In 2% of cases politician about is used

I believe it says a lot about politicians when they feel the need to photocall juxtaposed to a **25;0;TOOLONG etc.

We need a president who understands that the government is not about politicians, corporations, or lobbyists; it is about we the people.

It's about politicians saying we're not going to support the arts and stopping things like grants, which help poorer students study them.

It's both a coming-of-age story and a melancholy look back at a small town and a time when cynicism about politicians and journalists hadn't yet become accepted shorthand.

Watergate pushed healthy scepticism about the political process over the edge into chronic cynicism about politicians ' motives, where it has tragically stayed ever since.

In 2% of cases politician between is used

This unholy pact between politicians and certain segments of he media is one of the gravest threats to an open and transparent democracy we currently face.

If China and the United States can further the dialogue between politicians, academics, and ordinary citizens; the understanding can commence and the gap can be narrowed.

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