Prepositions used with "policy"

"of policy", "For policy" or "in policy"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases policy of is used

This is the first rule of policy.

This is the third rule of policy.

Evidence is only one piece of policy making.

We noted, too, that Tina does not talk of policy, but of strategies, plans and action.

Over the last four years we made real progress digging our way out of policies that.

Our candidates have a problem in that they get caught up in the nuances of policy -- e.

Privately several Tory MPs have voiced fears that a change of policy could cost the party dear in the next election.

Thus, the new policies will work best when co-ordinated with other areas of policy outside the remit of the central bank.

However, against this backdrop he has still managed to enact a swathe of policies that will help create a fairer society.

In 13% of cases policy For is used

Horses for courses, simulator experts not for policies.

This has major implications for policy and how Wikipedia works.

This is the necessary and sufficient finding for policy purposes.

The key priority for policy makers was to ensure that large numbers of new homes were built.

The writer is an Economist and the Head of Research at the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD).

There is a need for policies which promote the family and aid social cohesion and dialogue.

The problem is not so much that the state is uninvolved, but rather that the need for policy is scarcely recognised.

Anderson formerly served as acting assistant secretary for policy and planning in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Politics on Rent-Seeking Stigler's cynicism and aloofness contrasts sharply with Friedman's passion for policy advocacy.

Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, Director, Centre for Policy Alternatives through a death threat by letter posted to his home.

In 13% of cases policy in is used

Those who dwell in policy are prepared.

It is time for a radical shift in policy.

And in policy debates, simplicity tends to win the day.

There is no evidence that has yet been produced which would justify a change in policy.

We are part of larger networks of development organizations in the United States that advocate for change in policies and practices.

Criticisms should be attacked with rational arguments and augmentation in policy persepctives rather than presenting an emotional association.

Either course could be an appropriate option for you, depending on whether you are more interested in policy or ' frontline ' practice issues.

Add to that the dire consequences of political gridlock and virtual stasis in policy discussion, and it seems clear, at least as I look at it, that.

In 9% of cases policy on is used

The second theme focuses on policy integration.

Mr Rudd is wafer thin on policy, principle and ability.

Adaptive training -- greening -- for ongoing jobs is not high on policy agendas.

It is not a binding constraint on policy, as yesterday's reflationary proposals showed.

Many of them were ill informed on policy issues, and what has happened over the last 14 years.

The center is a nonpartisan research organization that does not take positions on policy issues.

It maintains regular consultations with the government on policies and measures affecting business and the economy.

It's precisely why I work as a social policy economist, on policy aimed at supporting low income families and children.

Chomsky claims that the change of administration that came with JFK's assassination had no appreciable effect on policy.

The sessions on policy briefs and working with the media were particularly powerful and I drew a lot of energy from that.

In 7% of cases policy to is used

Both sides were hostage to policy, often a matter that was beyond their control.

The time has come for a return to policy focus without flamboyant personal attacks.

This section shall not apply to policies of group life or industrial life insurance.

Finally, the Group makes recommendations in relation to policy issues arising from expected developments.

It is up to policy makers and participants to evaluate the situation and determine appropriate solutions.

He said he never became suspicious of the activities of his officials as his focus was limited to policy.

The Bloomberg reporters attribute the recent decline in the peso to policy uncertainty on the other side of the Mexico-U.

The firm provided its clients with advice and assistance in regard to policy issues and political dynamics in markets around the world.

Even if he were otherwise disposed, the ideology of his party commits him to policies of a regressive order that will surpass Reagan.

In 5% of cases policy with is used

It has far more to do with policies.

These steps must be standardised and implemented in compliance with policy every time.

What Somaliland could not accomplish with policy, they will never accomplish with a gun.

If there were more examples of suburbs with policies that include mass transit and mixed use, i.

Any process of dialogue with policy makers needs to be tailored to their area of priority and need.

Since his election, Obama has necessarily leavened his speeches with policy specifics and gestures at compromise.

In fact the country has gone to great lengths with policy decisions which prevent great scientists from coming to NZ.

Records cash receipts and ticket fares in accordance with policies and procedures set forth in the ' ' Motorcoach Operator's Manual ' '.

I think it was Helen Clark who famously said it was easy to come up with policy in opposition - you do nt actually have to enact any of it.

In 3% of cases policy about is used

Yes, but Tina is talking about policy.

But Labour could have kept on talking about policy anyway.

One is that it says nothing about policies followed by the U.

The debate is no longer about policy, but about Brown's character.

From March on, however, Phil Goff has had almost no media coverage about policy.

I hope one day the london mayor race will be about policy rather than personality.

Try writing about policy as something that has consequences, not just as a fashion accessory.

Violence in Ghana is a spiritual contest, not physical and democracy is not about policy, it is about profit.

Hell, Rush and Coulter have made very lucrative careers insulting people for the crime of having different opinions about policy.

But it is not cool to be political; there is a back-of-the-class mentality that says knowing about policy and politicians is square.

In 2% of cases policy by is used

The above is a point that is being sorely missed by policy planners in Washington.

Indeed, it is relevant to some of the most difficult decisions to be taken by policy makers.

This role is, by implication, diminished by policies that encourage people into paid employment.

Bill Moyes and I wrote a pamphlet in February 2010 called Future Foundations published by Policy Exchange.

Finally, any BYOD initiative should be governed by policies that detail how devices and data are managed and secured.

But much more aggressive moves by policy makers would be needed if the world is to limit global warming to two degrees above preindustrial levels, the IEA says.

In addition, greatly increased external financing for development must be accompanied by policy changes that recognize the need to avoid environmental degradation.

Some netizens are already asking for some kind of structure -- by policy perhaps? As it is, so many posts are building up on a wide range of topics but there's little follow-through.

In 2% of cases policy into is used

However, further progress is needed to translate this evidence into policy and everyday practice.

Nevertheless, Kim Jong-Il and the small coterie around him could possibly be bribed into policy change.

Strong links with the heritage sector, particularly urban archaeology, and insight into policy developments are also essential.

That in turn translates into policy preferences that do not sit well with blacks, Hispanics and pretty much anyone who is not a white Christian.

Canada's tomorrow depends on our ability to leverage what we know into policies and practices that support families and benefit children today.

These good practices need to be transformed into policies or policy instruments that can be used by politicians and policymakers (in this case, politcians and policymakers from Uganda).

It is regrettable that such suggestions are left to float in the air and as the function ends nobody cares as to how those suggestions could be harnessed into policy for the benefit of all.

In 1% of cases policy over is used

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