Prepositions used with "pleasure"

"of pleasure" or "for pleasure"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases pleasure of is used

The Captain let out a sigh of pleasure.

It only gives a fleeting sense of pleasure.

Its really a sector of job full of pleasure.

Good books are a great source of pleasure plus you learn a lot of new things from them.

Nature had already gifted me with the love of pleasure, and the desire of gain and power.

From the arts of pleasure he led the young priest at once to those of his mysterious wisdom.

Simply listening to songs we like stimulates the brain's reward system, creating feelings of pleasure and comfort.

Langdeel Aqueduct The Langdeel Aqueduct will in time allow for separation of pleasure boats and commercial shipping.

Perhaps there is a wider lesson here: you can not have it all, you can not reconcile all possible sources of pleasure.

Bentham used the hedonic calculus to measure the amount of pleasure or pain that can come from doing a certain action.

In 22% of cases pleasure for is used

I write and take pictures for pleasure.

All of this is for pleasure, don't forget.

I make jewellery for pleasure, and for friends.

Young people, for example, are having sex for pleasure, rather than for procreation.

So it is killing for pleasure (or more accurately, paying someone else to kill for your pleasure).

Nearly half of Americans between eighteen and twenty-four years old read no books whatsoever for pleasure.

The helicopter, G-CBHL, was based at this location, and was frequently flown by Mr McRae both for business and for pleasure.

Travelling from clime to clime, and beholding Rome everywhere, he increased both his hatred of society, and his passion for pleasure.

For if game design is science, and game designer is a scientist, then playing games for pleasure is nothing short of an empirical method.

In 17% of cases pleasure with is used

We also do not compromise work with pleasure.

As he opens the door he regards Hugh with pleasure.

It is with pleasure that I support him in his candidacy.

I own I do not see, with pleasure, the great extension of the practice of task work.

His special legs hummed with pleasure at the opportunity to be moving around the house.

But Maman's tolerance for heat is magic and she just sighs with pleasure and keeps talking.

It's always my pleasure to meet again with pleasure dialogue, and we are very pleased to see him here at the Shangri-La dialogue.

The Arahants feel pain and pleasure, but their minds are neither elated by contact with pleasure, nor depressed by contact with pain.

The disease's associations with pleasure, sex, or even physical love (or lack thereof) remained naively absent from the conversation.

Speaking of Eva and minges, WTF gurgled with pleasure on discovering that there is actually a real designer called Eva Minge!!!! (she's Polish).

In 6% of cases pleasure to is used

And yet, Locke wasn't opposed to pleasure or feeling good.

Surrender thy youth to pleasure, and thy senses to delight.

They are susceptible to pleasure and pain, and grow when cut or chopped.

Apple cider vinegar is often a safe and effective process to pleasure piles.

He gave himself altogether to pleasure, and imagined there was no sage like a boon companion.

The gladness of a temperament which seemed woven from the beams of light had led Glaucus into pleasure.

He describes Aurobindo as given to pleasures of vacationing, dining, wining and partying, as though he was engaged merely in a hedonistic lifestyle.

The Buddha came, and explained that Arahants do not cling to pleasures as water does not wet a lotus leaf, or as mustard seed does not stick to the point of an awl.

Posted by: John Hanson September 25, 2012, 7:17 pm 7:17 pm I am 14 years old, and no matter who wins this election, I am now almost flexible enough to pleasure myself orally.

In 3% of cases pleasure in is used

The next fierce looking letter is ZH pronounced as in pleaSUre.

All who live in pleasure, are dead while they live, spiritually dead, dead in trespasses and sins.

This may cause anxiety, depending on the individual and the environment, or it may result in pleasure at the enhancement or challenge of current perception.

In 3% of cases pleasure on is used

How to work on pleasure? Work is being done to expand possibilities for pleasure.

Turning your back on pleasure &; pain, as earlier with sorrow &; joy, attaining pure equanimity, tranquillity, wander alone like a rhinoceros.

Dorian is eventually seduced by Henry's arguments and really believes in the idea that a life based only on pleasure and self-interest is a life worth having.

This period ushered in a complete ban on pleasure travel which almost eliminated the Jamaican tourist industry except for the small movement of intra-Caribbean holiday traffic.

Neither a seat of government nor a target for invaders, it remained but a halt for imperial entourages heading on pleasure trips to Kashmir in the north, or towards Kabul in the west.

In 2% of cases pleasure about is used

But talking about pleasure will not in itself challenge the status quo, cautioned Jaya Sharma of Nirantar, India.

Two thirds are also willing to converse about pleasure -- a decidedly higher proportion than the American counterparts.

But is this not a kind of open ended library? Two different scenarios that talk about pleasure -- sharing it and not hugging it close to yourself.

In 2% of cases pleasure at is used

The boats were allowed to drift along at pleasure.

In 1% of cases pleasure as is used

Consumption is, of course, a matter of science as well as pleasure.

All animals share the same basic bodily functions and feelings, such as pleasure, pain, breathing, eating, drinking, defecating, sleeping, the drives to find a mate and procreate, birth, and death.

In 1% of cases pleasure by is used

Above all, men are beguiled who are either bewitched by pleasure or terrified by fear.

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