Prepositions used with "play"

"of play" or "into play"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases play of is used

A goal against the run of play.

Might not suit our style of play.

The state of play as it is, is the same.

It's just that Hodgson and then Dalglish got us out of that style of play, which hurt us.

This post is long (5074 words ), but I hope it will give you a sense of the state of play.

Sahin looks to be the exact same type of playa as allen hence Im not so sure the two of dem starting makes much sense.

Going back to the 22 games after the trade in 2010-11, Dragic has actually maintained this level of play for 88 games.

Looks set to become a major star at Inter where the current style of play should suit the diminutive Brazilian forward.

He took a special liking to your style of play and did not miss the chance to critique your performance after each match.

In 24% of cases play into is used

That left side comes into play.

Even New Lynn could come into play.

This is where fragments come into play.

The beta portion is bought as cheaply as possible, which is where ETFs come into play.

That is, five or six wards in Belfast, or more if wards outside Belfast come into play.

Justice minister Eugene Wamalwa will be Ngilu's running mate if the plan comes into play.

That is when real freedoms will come into play and people will truly understand what it means to die for our rights.

With his 2008 speech, Santorum has put satanism into play in this already-odd 2012 Republican presidential campaign.

The emotions within us may become violent when we cut off all chances of their coming into play in the conscious level.

Control-wise, things are beautifully simple, with no complex multiple-button attacks coming into play to dilute things.

In 12% of cases play in is used

They act in plays celebrating it.

I doubt that there were 234 ridings in play.

In a real war, those niceties aren't in play.

I find the way Spain play boring i will admit, however i find England far far more boring.

The clock stops for every break in play and teams can call time-outs, which last one minute.

Spain play in this way because it has been successful for them, why change a winning formula.

Spain play the % 's, they realise that if the other team doesn't have the ball then they are unable to effect the game.

On the downside, we are still a long way from any of that change but, and on the upside, at least the ball is now in play.

There is a risk/reward mechanism in play, and such an important position requires the appropriate amount of due diligence.

The amount of money in play is probably larger than the overdraft facilities offered by the banks to the shipping industry.

In 10% of cases play at is used

I think racism could be at play here.

But there is something else at play here.

Two dynamics are at play in this approach.

I'd not sure if I misplaced my mojo, it was stolen or something more sinister is at play.

He was unequivocal in his assertion that there was no political factional rivalry at play.

This is a fabulous article, well written, and draws focus clearly on the real issues at play here.

The officers to whom I owed the money lost at play began to look coldly upon me, and I was reduced to a state of desperation.

Then there is another theme at play that goes by ' less is more ' and keeps striving for even less chasing better performance.

I think there is a large economic aspect at play, just as much if not more than ' doing the right thing for cycling ' Poor Sky.

Sfard responded that the state had generally refused overtures to learn about resolving any of the environmental issues at play.

In 7% of cases play to is used

So my homework this week is to Play.

Expect Carrick to play at centre half.

Tap the down arrow to take you to Play Session.

Her influence on the kids and all the coaches in Right to Play is absolutely contagious.

I desire to approach reverse in addition to play designed for India, that's my objective.

Nowadays people expect you nowadays not only to play other people's track but really come to a show to hear your music.

My Favourite Place to Play! Be a smart gambler NEVER increase your bet when your losing, only increase when your winning.

Hughes is involved with a global Right to Play organization, which aims to empower children facing adversity through play.

With Nic Kerdiles not eligible to play, LaBate has been playing on Wisconsin's top line that is centered by Mark Zengerle.

In 3% of cases play for is used

As for playing in shopping centres.

Childhood should be for play and learning.

Congratulations: you have qualified for Play Group Committee.

If you've got (access to) an iPhone mapping a place for play is easy.

David says: 05:32pm 24/02/12 Pay for play, even in commercial radio is a myth.

They may play with one striker in which case Tevez will still struggle for play time.

A boundary of time as well as space is important in order for play and creativity to flourish.

The fact that people usually are quite open and ready for play in these settings is inspiring as well.

Is it from an old script for Play school or is he inspired by the late and much missed Jon Perwee as Worzel Gummidge and Tommy cooper with his Fez?

In 2% of cases play during is used

Jima is an act which happens during plays of love.

Players may not leave the field during play to take liquids.

These problems might seem significant, but they quickly evaporate during play.

Changes jerseys with the goalkeeper during play or without the referee's permission (both players must be cautioned) l.

A dropped ball where the ball was when play is stopped is the correct restart if the violent conduct is committed during play and off the field.

The player who left the field for treatment of an injury may return during play with the permission of the referee, but only from the touch line.

If the violent conduct is by a player during play against anyone on the field other than an opponent, the restart is an indirect free kick where the misconduct occurred.

In 2% of cases play from is used

ST KEVIN 'S 1-09 AVONDALE 2-05 Avondale opened their account when Ryan Cahill sent over a beautiful point from play.

If that doesn't work, delete the stock music player after you have rooted your phone using above guide and then download any other music player from Play Store.

In 2% of cases play up is used

Kagawa looks a good link-up play maker but not a real driving force.

Hardly support the defense &; barely support the link up play or initiates attacks.

Watch a video while texting friends or surfing the Web at 4G LTE speeds with Pop Up Play.

His physicality also means that his hold up play is decent as he is not easily shrugged off the ball.

The GALAXY Note 800 also offers the Pop up Play feature first introduced on the GALAXY S III Smartphone.

Their attack minded play is a joy to watch and their link up play can only get better and better this term.

It is only the first game which I enjoyed with good link up play from Kagawa and Cleverly Comment number 48.

He was often not involved in build up play but had the predatory instincts to get on the end of a pass/cross.

We all know Mikel and Ramires can't pass like that so our main problems are the pivot and how slow the build up play is.

Fellaini dominated us in the air and his hold up play was brilliant, while Jagielka put in 3 game saving tackles for them.

In 1% of cases play with is used

Do as I did and shop with Play.

The kitten ' knows ' that life is filled with play.

The referee, however, retains the authority to decide on all points connected with play.

By the summer of 1943, lectures were regularly interspersed with play readings and musical performances.

The definitions of elements of involvement in active play are as follows: Interfering with play means playing or touching the ball passed or touched by a team-mate.

I used to spend a lot of money with Amazon, now I spend it with Play The prices are about the same, delivery is free for any amount spent, and they use Parcel force and the Royal Mail.

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