Prepositions used with "plate"

"of plate" or "to plate"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases plate of is used

The Earth's crust consists of plates that are in constant motion.

It's the kind of plate you need at breakfast: it just makes you smile.

The banks of plates are arranged so that they may be taken apart easily.

And they can only photograph certain angles -- lots of plates etc will still be invisible.

The discovery of plate tectonics provided a more plausible explanation for the Pacific Ocean.

That's when Weiss believes a gust of wind knocked out a piece of plate glass from a second story window.

After all, the moon still gets earthquakes in the absence of plate tectonics, so perhaps there is some validity to this claim.

The original theories about the origin of Madagascar's unique fauna stem from an age when the processes of plate tectonics were not well known.

According to Fels ' interim report, the value of plates has been rising for years and Melbourne plates now change hands for up to $490,000 a pop.

Advancement of plate tectonic theory and synthesis of the earth sciences during the last 30 years, now provide reasons for the country's isolation.

In 17% of cases plate to is used

From sea to plate in one day, you can't get any fresher than this.

Thank goodness that the revolution in kitchen gardens or farm to plate initiatives are moving forward.

At the edges of the plates we see the ridges and trenches that gave the first clues to Plate Tectonics.

Toenail Factor For such connections as stud to plate, beam to plate, and blocking to plate, toenailing is generally used.

In 9% of cases plate on is used

Keep the jamoons aside on plate.

Too many went to waste, left sadly on plates.

Our tax on plate is, perhaps, in this view, somewhat impolitic.

Later, we ask patients to stand on plates and rotate their hip inwards and outwards at the same time as they are X-rayed with a dual source radiography at a rake angle to one another.

In 9% of cases plate with is used

Just sitting there with plates on our knees eating chicken kievs.

The food was served in a similar way with plates and plates of delicious food and I loved their thin sesame bread.

Buffet Table Setting Start with plates, followed by side dishes, main dish, vegetables, salads, breads, and relishes.

Outside our home In December 2010, while a friend and I were waiting for a taxi to go home we noticed a black tinted SUV with plate no.

In 8% of cases plate per is used

It's become a favorite meal especially for the low price of $200JA per plate.

Beef Broccoli Lagalog says: We chanced upon another night when there was sort of a per plate arrangement instead of ala carte because of the volume of guests in town for the Panag-apoy rites.

In 6% of cases plate between is used

In this, the food to be frozen is placed directly on or between plates, within which the refrigerant circulates.

In 5% of cases plate for is used

Description: We are ideally looking for someone with a certificate for plate and pipe welding.

I swapped bowls of pho for plates of dim sum in Hong Kong a year later, where I worked for CNN and Agence-France Presse.

In 3% of cases plate at is used

Comments Look at plate 1 in Hansen's 88 paper, the model includes the oceans.

In 3% of cases plate by is used

In the 14th century chain mail was replaced by plate armour.

How Was It Formed? Slate is usually formed from clay sediments or shale that has been heated and put under pressure by plate collisions.

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