Prepositions used with "planning"

"of planning" or "in planning"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases planning of is used

It took almost a year of planning.

There's some mix of planning and reaction.

I do recognize that we need differing level of planning.

These kinds of parties are exceptionally special and you also must do plenty of planning.

The research plan was based on the PAR cycle of planning, action, reflection and action 9.

Within weeks, Daley promoted Jarrett to run the new Department of Planning and Development.

Lack of planning: An important part of the decision-making process for any manager is planning each step carefully.

With a little bit of planning and the right bridesmaid dresses, however, your wedding can transcend the ordinary and.

It would take a lot of planning, training and coordination to be done successfully (oh, we'll get to that in a second).

No, landing the job is just the first step in a constant process of planning, assessing and maximizing ' opportunities '.

In 18% of cases planning in is used

They require more than just coherence in planning.

Greater flexibility in planning will also be essential.

This speed in planning, essential as it was, also brought its problems.

Rice may be denying is that the Obama administration played any role in planning the attack.

The Hedaru Village Water Committee is equally involved in planning and implementing our projects.

As a relatively new field in planning, there is little research to use as a barometer for good lighting from a planning perspective.

Submissions should address a question of significance in planning, planning law, land use law, local government law, or environmental law.

Policy distinguishes itself from planning by distinguishing those who dwell in policy and fix things, from those who dwell in planning and must be fixed.

She's meticulous in planning, knows her limits, is constantly trying to improve and expand her skills, and is fully capable of assisting me if I needed it.

In 8% of cases planning for is used

They all have members caught taking bribes for planning.

Similarly when seeking regional funds from CMAP (Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning).

Blogging is good for planning cause it allows you to exchange diverse views + talk to lots of different ppl - simplistic POV.

During this time Adrian had senior finance roles with responsibilities for planning, supply chain, commercial support and finance operations.

It's a full-featured multi-resource calendar application designed specifically for planning, managing, and scheduling your important dates and time.

In 8% of cases planning to is used

I didn't say I had the answer to planning's blogging failings.

And I immediately agreed with the AdLiterate, that in fact blogging is the best thing that's ever happened to planning.

Now ministers want further changes to planning in England in an attempt to boost house-building and revive the economy.

This book emphasizes individualization and contemporary approaches to planning using life stories, personal narratives and portfolios.

The process took five days and went smoothly despite the small tolerances they were working with, and Graeme says that was all down to planning.

Skirt around the issue with Mary portas and shopping centres and adjustments to planning but in the end people wont commit cos they ai nt got the money or fear job losses.

We will consider various approaches to planning, structuring content and common difficulties/challenges that may present in a large group context &; ways to address/overcome these.

In 3% of cases planning from is used

Yet again they are usually excluded from planning and decision making around the management of the community's natural resources.

The company DKV works with 35 collaborators and its production goes from planning to housing or industrial &; commercial buildings, with flexible and innovative solutions.

These skills include engineering, procurement and supply-chain management skills, as well as financial, commercial and the whole range of business skills from planning to credit management.

In 3% of cases planning on is used

In the summer of 1945, Prime Minister Attlee created a top-secret committee on planning and construction of facilities for the production of atomic bombs.

In 3% of cases planning with is used

Is this also not allowed? When running around the Philippines I have found the Girb programs very accurate and very helpful with planning.

Pick Your Training Opportunity Carefully Making your training have a big impact on your practice all starts with planning and selecting the event itself.

In 2% of cases planning by is used

By planning and hard work he was able to chart a course for his life that was successful.

He went onto say that it is a government responsibility to create a better living environment that provides a better home and a living for its nation by planning and implementing housing projects.

In 1% of cases planning about is used

As I said, my concern about planning blogs is the model they present.

The real question is not about planning but about what our business needs, who's going to do it and how.

I feel compelled to point out, rather wearily, that as my blog is neither by a planner or about planning then it's rather irrelevant to the debate.

In 1% of cases planning as is used

Soak those goodies up while they're available, as well as planning and learning for the future.

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