Prepositions used with "planet"

"of planet" or "on planet"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases planet of is used

Not very United Federation of Planets.

They quite likely overlap the masses of planets.

The Magrathean catalog of planets on Sens-O-Tape could be useful.

These humans are tasked with proving Earth is worthy of joining the intergalactic council of planets.

Now America must meet another: to make our strategic defense real for all the citizens of planet Earth.

We also saw how that inch measurement is a function of planet Earth's mean polar radius to an accuracy of six digits.

Earth, Fleed and Vega had a similar atmosphere and enviroment, so Earth was the kind of planet they were searching for.

It was the extraordinary success of Planet Earth and the ensuing feature film, Earth, that paved the way for the series.

This has created awareness calling us forth for a deeper commitment to care of Planet Earth and sustainable development.

In 28% of cases planet on is used

And that is right here on planet earth.

But to see order on planet earth is to visit Switzerland.

The purpose of our being on planet earth is to affect lives.

For example, a day for the demigods is equal to six months for humans on planet earth.

We are all living on planet earth and coming together is the least we could possibly do.

Resources should be available to everyone (assuming we have enough resources on planet) for basic needs.

Nevertheless, the world will achieve truly sustainable development only when everybody on planet Earth is important.

I checked the packet to ensure that the women's razors were not being made from precious metal mined on planet Venus.

I think it's a small price to pay if you consider the benefits of living 7 extra healthy years of life on planet earth.

At the same time on Planet Fitba there is a guerrilla media of citizen journalists that grows in quality and confidence.

In 7% of cases planet for is used

Caring for planet earth will always be under the domain of Aquarius.

Some more off-topic, perhaps, is good for the soul, and good for planet Earth.

At 93ft Tim's design company we had already done some work for Planet X bikes? that had been really interesting and enjoyable.

We travel with others who are also committed to a new vision for Planet Earth as we are recognizing our human kinship with other species.

What it does indicate however is that the pyramid's authors understood the spiritual direction for Planet Earth not only at this time but throughout the ages.

In 5% of cases planet from is used

As a result I haven't listened to much from Planet Asia since.

I don't take many scheduled breaks from Planet Millie, and for the most part this suits me.

Its transformations could be from planets to pulsars to stars to quasars, black holes, etc.

And the WaPo has the skinny on just how complicated the demotion of wee, poor Pluto from planet to planetoid (or whatever the new name for rump galaxial excommunicant.

What next? We find out Pat McQuaid is from planet Zarg, come down to destroy the sport of cycling for all of us? This case keeps cropping up as more people continue to chip in on it.

In 4% of cases planet to is used

There could be deities of lifeforms indigenous to planets around the star Arcturus that we should consider, for example.

In 4% of cases planet with is used

There a lots of stars with planets in all kinds of distances.

Perhaps that Puritan ethic of staying on topic and staying focused hasn't worked so well for us and our relationship with planet Earth.

In 3% of cases planet at is used

Nairobi Half Life is now showing at Planet Media Westgate everyday at 3:20 pm and 7:30 pm.

At the Mount Nelson hotel you can hang out at Planet Sparkling wine and Beverage Bar with a before-dinner champagne.

In 3% of cases planet like is used

You were, like Planet Earth in the revised version of the Hitchhiker's Guide, mostly harmless.

With learning apps, like Planet Boing, there is a system of rewards that encourage children to complete each level and earn rewards.

Dark galaxies are those galaxies which are generally smaller than developed ones, and are almost entirely composed of gas, as opposed to stellar objects like planets and stars.

In 2% of cases planet between is used

The stresses between planets are building, they say.

For example the good and bad aspects (ie angles between planets) occurring X days following birth will show up in the same numbered year of the subject's life.

In 2% of cases planet in is used

Not the entire thing, of course, but some small detail, such as the scanner afer it broke in Planet of Giants.

And they had the Cineflex heligimbal, a camera that has had a vast impact on wildlife filmmaking, and was first used by the NHU in Planet Earth.

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