Prepositions used with "plan"

"of plan", "to plan" or "with plan"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases plan of is used

Leave that Resultant Group of Plan eyeport.

You may also be worried about the sudden change of plan.

I've had a slight major change of plans regarding the holiday.

With the Paris government keen but lacking any kind of plan Napoleon took the initiative.

You may have a lot of plans but to go out and execute those plans is extremely important.

It could be foolish just to begin landscape designs without the need of some form of plan.

Thus, UHN made the explicit decision to proceed through a cycle of plan, implement, review and learn (to be repeated).

But in a sudden change of plans, P-Noy announced the following day that jueteng was not a priority in his administration.

To-day while our world is being torn apart, here and there one hears of plans being formulated for future reconstruction.

Disorganization, confusion, incomplete or faulty implementation of plans characterized the initial phases of the landings.

In 25% of cases plan to is used

I already have my seeds ready to plant.

So far, life was going according to plan.

Her first attempt went according to plan.

You might need that when things don't go according to plan, and there will be those times.

Demolition of the old school started recently and things are progressing according to plan.

It's great fun to plan your pilgrimage and the godesalco website mentioned is an excellent aid.

However, while it is good to hope for the best, I also think that it is prudent for the NZ public to plan for the worst.

This way children will learn that there always is a possibility that everything may not go according to plan all the time.

All was proceeding according to plan for the CFR elitists, when unexpectedly Alger Hiss was indicted and tried for perjury.

Do not give into despair if things don't seem to go according to plan of if something started simply comes to a sudden stop.

In 21% of cases plan with is used

Life in this case is inextricably linked with plans.

On that date, in accordance with plan, Captain Alexander F.

I have a suspicion that what's gone wrong has nothing to do with plans.

What about on the live side of things? I was touring with Plan B and that was really good.

Food waste will be composted and everything else recycled, with plans for this to be expanded.

Brazil, South Africa and Denmark are all pushing ahead with plans to make reporting compulsory.

But today the council's cabinet issued a statement indicating that it would carry on with plans to privatise services.

Listening to their problems pertaining to the Eisenhower campaign and helping them with plans was one of her many jobs.

The student was a high school senior, an honor student and an athlete with plans to go to a four-year college, Dillard said.

Long said tests are now underway, with plans to bring 2,000 users on to the environment by March 2013 and 60,000 users by March 2014.

In 6% of cases plan in is used

It is rectangular in plan with thick walls constructed of dry stone.

The mosque, which forms the nucleus of the complex, is rectangular in plan, measuring 18.

There were four officers in the operations section, five in plans, four in communications.

Insurers will be paying that- (as they do now in plans that have caps on total out of pocket expenses.

Archaeologically this can be seen in the differences in plan among the various milecastles and turrets.

A snag is an unforeseen or hidden, often transitory obstacle: Due to a snag in plans, the project was delayed.

The reasons for this change in plan are not clear -- perhaps the extra thickness was deemed excessive for the amount of work required.

The fourth or the last building of the series, differing only in its dimensions, is in plan and constructional details a copy of the one just described.

Both Microsoft and Phoenix are involved in plans to integrate digital rights management (DRM) technology at the operating system and hardware level, according to sources in the US.

In 5% of cases plan for is used

If ever there was a time for Plan B, this is it.

Lesson #4: Greater accountability and transparency for plans is better for patients.

The same goes, for Plan and other NGO s, with training for actions outside Plan areas and in other countries.

It's incredibly difficult to compare plan for plan because of the way operators are manipulating cost and inclusions.

Dr Dagorn said the 40 delegates will share information collected by scientists from the different countries for plan activities -- to make fisheries more sustainable and eco-friendly.

If it were not for plans a simple structure like the Stonehenge and complicated structures like dams, buildings and complexes, roads and railways -- none of this would have been built.

In 5% of cases plan on is used

The public can give its thoughts and opinions on plans to rebuild the Interstate Hwy.

Attahiru Jega, the commission's chairman, stated this in Abuja on Wednesday at an INEC/civil society dialogue on plans and progress towards the 2015 elections.

Since late 2008 the Ethiopian authorities have remained on alert following their announcement that they had information on plans to carry out a terrorist attack.

In 3% of cases plan about is used

One of the reasons given by the protesters for their agitation was that the public was not informed about plans to remove the subsidy, prior to the announcement.

But the issue has revived worries about plans to build a full-scale nuclear power station on an island which is prone to earthquakes and home to more than 100 million people.

RECENT POSTS: 29 Responses to There was no Plan B when my girl had a seizure Heather says: September 26, 2012 at 2:41 pm I don't know how to answer your question about plan B failing.

In 2% of cases plan from is used

Beyond that he's got any number of projects in mind to take on next, from plans to direct an adaptation of As I Lay Dying.

NASA was already committed to building Ares -- Constellation, it was work in progress and was finally taking shape from plans to real physical rockets.

In 2% of cases plan over is used

Lagarde's remarks came after the leaders of Germany and France clashed on Saturday over plans to tighten the checks on Europe's banks.

Paris and London called in Israel's envoys for consultations as the Jewish state faced mounting diplomatic pressure over plans to build 3,000 settler homes in E1 and east Jerusalem and the West Bank.

In 1% of cases plan at is used

And on top of all this, Chelsea are looking at plans to build a bigger, better stadium.

I've tried to do it on my own, but have no html experience and it's been very overwhelming looking at plans on the web.

With advice and leadership from staff at Plan Kenya, we embarked on a journey of community participation in mapping and media.

In the late 1990s when the Binhai Freeway was being built, there was public outrage at plans to route the highway through the bird habitat of the mangroves.

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