Prepositions used with "pitch"

"of pitch" or "in pitch"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases pitch of is used

But not all pieces of music use the same set of pitches.

Without proper balance, the majority of pitches will most likely miss the target.

It's been a great experience to be involved from the planning stages of Pitch, to the final production.

The most effective means of developing a sense of pitch for the young child is through imitating simple songs.

This is a magnificent facility boasting an array of pitches, a fully equipped gym and an excellent lounge/bar area.

The set of pitches, or notes, that are used, and their relationships to each other, makes a big impact on how the music sounds.

West Indies, though, continues to be the most difficult place to score quickly in, which is an indication of the sluggish quality of pitches in the region.

Kilwa prospered from the gold and ivory trades, tariffs on cargoes, and as a source of pitch and resin as it is a convenient port for victualling and re-caulking ships.

Does not matter what kind of pitch we/players want, we will get the same pitch as we have had last 5 years meaning, slow and turning track in CTG and flat, spinless track in Dhaka.

Each day a different cluster of pitches in this Allemande draws my gaze, seems like the hidden beauty I had been missing all my life; each day I find a different one (even if it's the same.

In 20% of cases pitch in is used

The Piccolo is one octave higher in pitch than the flute and is half the size.

The Bass Clarinet The Soprano Saxophone is the highest in pitch among the Saxophone family.

It is more of a shimmering and buzzing drone that is constant in pitch but varying in timbre.

I've compared the Paperwhite's screen with its brightness adjusted equal to an iPad's screen in pitch darkness.

The Crypt, resting on a bed rock with 2 feet of stone above it, is lined with porcelain enamel plates embedded in pitch.

At night, the moon can provide light -- but for those few hours before the moon is fully out, the world lives in pitch darkness.

Amidst the encouragement he shared, Shah also hinted at another flaw in pitches: you don't want the other party to know everything about you.

Sharps and flats used to notate music in these traditions should not be assumed to mean a change in pitch equal to an equal-temperament half-step.

Note: Although the first note of an Indian scale is often given as C, Indian that s and ragas are not fixed in pitch; any raga may actually begin on any pitch.

Voyages were insured by Edward Lloyd (Lloyd's of London) if the ships hulls were covered in pitch and tar which came from the colonies until the American Revolution in 1776.

In 11% of cases pitch for is used

Great fun for pitch after pitch, until some isolated old larch trees signal that it's time to traverse out to the Bernina Pass road.

On the front of the neck are controls for octave up and down, the modulation bar (which feels great for mod duties and fits the hand perfectly) and the touch controller for pitch bending.

In 11% of cases pitch on is used

We are starting to see it (anchoring) on pitch shots and chip shots.

Check your statistics and archive and u will realise arsenal has never lost a match to barcelona whenever alex song was on pitch.

So we moved onto another theory: Was he getting tipped off on pitches another way? There is at least some fodder for a conspiracy here (though we don't believe in it).

In 7% of cases pitch with is used

Also there is a problem with pitches also.

But Spanish-language ads were the only advertising specifically targeted to Latino voters with pitches on how the economy, education and immigration.

Dhoni and his spinners ' main grouse with pitches in India has for long been the lack of bounce more than the turn, but all India has seen over the last four years is low and slow pitches.

In 3% of cases pitch Between is used

The Distance Between Pitches The interval between two notes is the distance between the two pitches - in other words, how much higher or lower one note is than the other.

In 1% of cases pitch as is used

You can also find it in some different plating options, sizes, as well as pitches and.

In 1% of cases pitch up is used

Vegabond Alexis Marsh is back again Just when we thought we were going to have the decks clear and some room to move around down below up pitches Alexis with over ton of supplies.

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