Prepositions used with "picture"

"of picture", "in picture" or "with picture"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases picture of is used

Michael B A fascinating set of pictures.

Think of pictures from family or friends.

But some sort of picture starts to emerge.

The full set of pictures of Al's climb down to the surface is AS12-46- 6724 to 6729.

Notwithstanding they are never short of backing from each division of picture's making.

Dots per inch (dpi ): Measurement of picture clarity for pictures scanned into computers.

He constantly creates a world of pictures inside his head that (he says) matches up with the world as it really is.

So what type of pictures does this convey up for you? Nearly every human has been affected by perfume and fragrance.

Charles Dills has noted that the Fibonacci numbers occur in Bromeliads and his Home page has links to lots of pictures.

It's just too daft to be true! He must have seen 100? s of pictures before then, as has been pointed out even by the MSM.

In 18% of cases picture in is used

Use of the display will be shown in picture and text format.

He is often shown in pictures using the hidden hand gesture.

They may think in pictures and learn best from visual displays.

I wear clothes that show my legs in pictures and videos but not often when I'd appearing live.

Five years ago rooftop farms were utopian and only expressed in pictures, renderings and collages.

But the other Jamaican kids I have been seeing in pictures in school uniforms don't look like these.

I Ought To Be In Pictures is not one of Simon? s best since it lacks the same humor that I find in most of his other plays.

What I have had to do though, is to retype the exercise weekly into excel in order to execute since they are in picture format.

Once you are done with saving, under publishing edit your custom domain and set redirection option by putting tick mark as shown in picture.

As far back as I can recall and in pictures from early Christadelphian days, it seems that all the women wore hats of some kind to meetings.

In 16% of cases picture with is used

See the report with pictures (DOC, 2 MB).

That will fill one day along with picture taking.

The cover is illustrated with pictures of people in flight.

Now it is all lickity split and in most of the reader formats complete with pictures.

Give them books though, with pictures to help them along conceptually, and something clicks.

Tile mosaic is an art in which the walls are decorated with pictures using small colourful tiles.

For the serious owner, most have a theme garage or office with pictures and posters of their car and similar cars.

When we hold regret for an occurrence in the past we keep the regret alive with pictures and feelings we conjure up.

Pete Beach FL with picture perfect weather and all of us agreed it was out best vacation ever!!! On our list is Hawaiii.

Jo Nova has a great article -- a guest post from David Lappi -- with pictures, of the temperatures over the last 64 million years.

In 8% of cases picture for is used

He posed for pictures with President Bush.

Read my diary at the link below for pictures and detailed experiences.

They don't need to pose for pictures and pretend they are political saints.

Not all of it but some of the pathways are all fancy closest to Hort Park for pictures.

He tries to tell them that they're mistaken, but they all start mobbing him for pictures.

Dots per inch (dpi ): Measurement of picture clarity for pictures scanned into computers.

He was so nice and chatty, wishing us all a good day and really down to earth, posing for pictures for anyone who asked.

Like most people watching from afar, I imagine, I had the television on for pictures, but I was also following social media.

I don't have enough patience to make a perfect spirals, so for picture i made around 10 or 12 murukku and the remaining did like thool murukku.

As U Roy left the spotlight, Dennis Alcapone, a true man of the people, was meeting his fans and posing for pictures at the bar, still dressed to impress.

In 6% of cases picture at is used

Then you look at pictures of i.

I mean if you're looking at pictures that you know are max.

Students look at the characters just like look at pictures.

My attempts at pictures feel rather feeble looking at these beauties.

When asked to look at pictures of the stab wounds on Phillips ' body, Ahsee refused.

It sounds to me like you should stick to looking at pictures so as to eliminate any opinion whatsoever.

Non-readers generally navigate by looking at pictures and links until they find what they are looking for.

Kids just learning to speak think it is super fun to look at pictures of babies &; different household items.

She played with Asha and stimulated her by engaging her in other activites such as singing, looking at picture books and talking to her.

Wanted to study the field more closely, watch a few episodes etc but was pressed for time so did a quick series of searches and looked at pictures of them.

In 5% of cases picture on is used

But looking back on pictures, it did make a huge difference.

Click on Picture to zoom Click on the button named Make a Post.

Based on pictures of their finished product though I wouldn't bother to buy them.

Click on Picture to zoom Click on the quote button of the post which you wish to reply back.

Click on Picture to zoom Keep the excising text and type your reply in the marked area of the above picture.

What's the lovely village name on picture No31? thanks The pictures are all located in east germany (formerly GDR) in saxony.

From then on, Walker Books and their American subsidiary, Candlewick Press, have kept Anita fairly busy working on picture books.

My Book on Northwest Weather Click on Picture for More Info Washington Weather Calendar Now Available Click on picture for more information.

My Book on Northwest Weather Click on Picture for More Info Washington Weather Calendar Now Available Click on picture for more information.

For example, Click on Picture to zoom In This picture, the certain post is? Guys I win? and the reply is? OK? There is a button called Quote with every post of a thread.

In 4% of cases picture to is used

Sending a Picture over Bluetooth > Go to Pictures Menu.

Hunter to pictures of the DDO from 1961 contained within Mr.

Anything ranging from graphs to lists to pictures can make your blog more appealing.

These are GAME not BOOK reviews and the nature of the media lends itself to pictures.

Some people took pictures on their phones and the results ranged from odd colours to pictures of large orbs of light.

I almost want to put some of these faces next to pictures of farm animals and have people vote on which is more attractive.

Everything from pictures from my seat at baseball and football games, to pictures from my hike along the Appalachian Trail this summer.

You can not link to pictures stored on your own PC (unless it is a publicly accessible server) nor images stored behind authentication mechanisms, e.

From kittens and French fries to pictures of Obama imprinted on her nails, Perry has certainly broken all boundaries when it comes to what you can fit onto your nails.

In 2% of cases picture from is used

One thing I didn't realize based from pictures and demos is just how TINY the thing is.

In any case, don't forget the golden rule of any Internet content localization: always keep text separate from pictures and graphics.

Everything from pictures from my seat at baseball and football games, to pictures from my hike along the Appalachian Trail this summer.

His parents (we are Nigerians) accepted me immediately and did not believe my age from pictures and were even more surprised when they saw me in person.

Law-makers can then legislate for you to have control over your own data -- to the point of even blacking out yourself from pictures you've not consented to.

In 2% of cases picture like is used

Lots of cool features like picture password, start screens, themes etc 11.

In 2% of cases picture through is used

Record your journey through pictures; start on your way for the airport.

I'd going through pictures and videos I have of him and plan on putting them all on a DVD.

A means of identification is needed, even if this is simply flicking through pictures until a look-alike is found.

She looks through pictures with me, listens to my past experiences, and determines what's best according to how my hair grows and lays.

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