Prepositions used with "physics"

"of physics" or "in physics"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases physics of is used

It follows the basic laws of physics.

He should be the new Father of Physics.

Everything I say allows for the basic laws of physics.

A start requires breaking of the laws of physics, whereas an eternal process does not.

I want to rescue time from the jaws of physics, and from third-rate philosophy as well.

Not upon the scientific evidence of physicists from many different branches of physics.

But since my understanding of physics is more in line with Newton than Einstein, we're going to say time is constant.

I played batches of physics games and shooters, some weird adventure games and other creations that were more abstract.

It?? s the law of physics, everything is cause and effect and you?? re truly kidding yourself if you believe otherwise.

In 26% of cases physics in is used

She holds a doctorate in physics.

The 1998 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to R.

In Physics at VUW only 2 out of 10 staff are kiwis.

I am a PhD in Physics with am excellent knowledge of linux and windows operating systems.

Millikan entered Columbia University on a fellowship as the sole graduate student in physics.

He earned his doctorate in physics at Gottingen University, Germany, in nineteen twenty-seven.

That statement applies only to the context of these messages and is made necessary by the limits inherent in physics theory.

Laplace's desire to take a leading role in physics led him to become a founder member of the Socit d'Arcueil in around 1805.

More girls majored in biology and more boys in physics and engineering, but equal numbers of girls and boys majored in math.

Hopefully they are all at least considering pursuing careers in physics (I'd certain if they did they would go onto do more great things).

In 6% of cases physics for is used

The Nobel Prize for Physics Dr S.

I don't think they read The Guardian for Physics Undergrad 101.

And beyond his Nobel Prize, this is an amazing way for physics to impact society.

They'll give that person a Nobel for physics, and then we'll move on to the next thing.

You don't do that for physics, since physics is more on understanding physics concepts.

Winning the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics, and the sum which goes with it, is a formality.

Well, I am not saying that you have something of physics, it is the value and the value is not something for physics frequently.

The British scientist Paul Dirac, who proposed that matter is created in pairs, was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1933.

The point is that the chosen starting point for physics theory only has to be able to account for the complexity of mechanical activities.

CHANDRASHEKAR VENKATA RAMAN (1930) Nobel Prize for Physics Born at Thiruvanaikkaval in Tamil Nadu, Raman studied at Presidency College, Madras.

In 4% of cases physics to is used

We've recently added some new material to PH100: Intro to Physics.

It is necessary to have that 1 inch dip in the middle due to physics.

If you just SLIGHTLY DO NT LIKE physics, I still encourage you to stick to physics.

That applies to medicine, but it also applies to physics and chemistry, and engineering.

H2 bio is more of memorising and slightly less compared to physics in terms of level of understanding.

I can understand the desire to be sure that no misunderstanding or unexplained assumptions have crept into physics.

Around 1804 Laplace seems to have developed an approach to physics which would be highly influential for some years.

I have lost the ability to access particular memories and brain functions, mostly related to physics and critical thinking.

Physicists have a deep and very old hatred of alchemy, and have learned to avoid any approach to physics that is creative or intuitive.

To get started with petroleum engineering you need to be strong in mathematics and all the other science subjects ranging from geology, chemistry to physics.

In 2% of cases physics between is used

There was no significant relation between physics students ' internet usage and paternal educational background.

According to the findings of the study: There was no statistically significant relation between physics students ' internet usage and their gender.

Unlike nanotechnology, nanobiology is characterized by the interplay between physics, materials science, synthetic organic chemistry, engineering and biology.

In 2% of cases physics from is used

Additionally we sought particular skills ranging from Physics through IT to Bio.

Here, Eddington obviously rises from physics and enters the realm of philosophy and mysticism.

Are you familiar with my work to remove theory from physics equations? The usefulness of the equations is increased producing a different perspective on the nature of the universe.

Leaving aside the argument from physics, I have presented numerous RECENT papers that demonstrate (unsurprisingly) protective qualities of bicycle helmets in mitigating head injury.

In 2% of cases physics on is used

And cats have had the market cornered on physics since Schrodinger.

His narrative on physics laws may lack the integrability of a scientist.

Soon, he was able to read well enough to study books on physics and mechanical science.

We mentioned briefly above Laplace's first work on physics in 1780 which was outside the area of mechanics in which he contributed so much.

In 2% of cases physics with is used

Instead of starting with physics and the natural world, he started with this individual meditator.

There is also a laboratory, which is shared with Physics and Biology but there is no gas or running water.

In the first year (only ), there are two options: Pure and Applied Mathematics; and Mathematics with Physics.

With physics making headlines around the globe, it is a great privilege to be travelling across Canada, giving this year's Massey lectures.

It sounds like a production line for political hacks, but talking to Lezca in his tiny bedroom stacked with physics books and decorated with pictures of Fidel and John Lennon takes you by surprise.

In 1% of cases physics about is used

Notice how she does not giving a flying buck about physics.

The exhibit demonstrates as much about human behaviour as about physics.

I managed to get a quick PhD -- though when I got it I knew almost nothing about physics.

In 1% of cases physics like is used

He therefore urged them to study science subjects like Physics, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.

The idea that it is as easy to obtain a high grade in a subject like physics as it is in gender studies or philosophy is laughable.

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