Prepositions used with "photography"

"of photography" or "in photography"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases photography of is used

Also, I've been working on a lot of photography.

What is needed is sociology of photography in Ireland.

Some are on business, some are on technical aspects of photography.

This year I began studying Spanish, but my biggest love is the art of photography.

Just don't let the gorgeous views wipe from your memory the basic principles of photography.

Over the years, it has been found that the obsession of photography has increased among the people.

We allow all types of photography but we would like to be informed when and where someone will be photographing.

Made been 1900-1950, these photographs represent an extraordinarily fertile period in the evolution of photography.

As a matter of fact, there are many companies in the present day that focus on a variety of segments of photography.

And yet, arranged next to one another, they present a compelling account of photography's power to incite curiosity.

In 19% of cases photography in is used

I had some insight in Photography.

One of thing crucial in Photography is.

Interest in photography and contemporary art.

She completed her MA in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths College in 2005.

Since the film itself is experimental, we did not get into experiments in photography.

You may need to put in your own money in photography equipments like cameras, lenses, etc.

I have always been interested in photography and when digital cameras came out, my interest in photography grew.

In photography, you don't have a minute, only split seconds This therefore means that you should be ready anytime.

Just looking at the number of galleries specialising in photography in London one can see how small the UK market is.

About Andrew S Gibson My interest in photography began when my parents bought me a Ricoh KR-10m camera over 20 years ago.

In 11% of cases photography for is used

She has a special gift for photography.

Dwayne's love for photography started as a child.

I wasn't really in the mood for photography that day.

Can I bring a camera? A balloon basket is a very stable platform for photography and videos.

A must for photography enthusiasts, Gingee fort holds a lot more than just a shadow of the past.

Those so-called golden hours are the best times of the day for photography, period, so arrive early and stay late.

I say just for photography because I'd not sure how a hairband made with this method would hold up to everyday use.

The Gallery attracts over half a million visitors each year, making it the world's most visited centre for photography.

It took awhile -- but I learnt the hard way that for photography to be a viable business, I needed to treat it AS A BUSINESS.

In 5% of cases photography about is used

We talk about photography, cameras, travel, RVs,.

He talked about photography, his family and his newborn baby, Hiro.

We talk about photography here, as well as the folks who make images.

In particular, your point about photography not being ' a hobby ' is very well put.

We hope you were challenged, had fun, and learned more about photography at the same time.

I already have my own blog about photography, something I use to share my photos with friends and family.

Posted by Little Paper Trees 3 comments: I find I do the same thing when trying to learn photoshop and more about photography.

Unfortunately we left our camera in the lockers outside so we have no pictures blogging and learning more about photography while they.

Jennifer's knowledge about photography and intuition about people, give her the ability to capture an individual's uniqueness and personality type.

She also spoke of her controversial match with ex-Mayor Giuliani back in 1996, referring to the former mayor as a greasy-haired Italian with a bad comb-over who knew nothing about Photography.

In 5% of cases photography on is used

I was in the area to present a talk on photography.

The ACLU does not believe that restrictions on photography in.

I am not so sure about the panel's views on photography, which seem to verge on lunacy.

Similarly, if glamour attracts you, select fashion photography courses and so on for others.

The focus was of course on photography, especially Dominic's early experiences with the camera.

It aims to be a much-needed arena for critical thought and academic discussion on photography in Southeast Asia.

Before addressing the specificities of these shortcomings however, it is necessary to briefly return to the story on photography's origins recounted above.

In this time Stieglitz began to collect the first books of what would become a very huge library on photography and photographers in Europe and the America.

That, coupled with the fact that today, NAPP's focus is almost exclusively on photography, it has become obvious that there isn't much left there for me anymore.

In 5% of cases photography with is used

It is only later that I became involved with photography.

It is through him that I became involved with photography.

I make a living with photography and cameras are just! equipment.

You will end up resentful, upset and worst of all, falling out of love with photography.

CM: Is the way you work with photography also a process of sacralization? JLM: Of course.

I just started with photography and I own my first ever enthusiast digital camera, the Sony NEX 6.

For example, many charities need help with organising events or with photography and fund-raising initiatives.

Now, 41 years later the Gallery is widely recognised as a pioneer in exhibiting, educating and engaging people with photography.

They have also lined up several collaborations, and are excited to see how their next one with photography studio Redd Bullets turns out.

On a less whimsical note, the close attention given to each individual camera evokes notions of truth stubbornly enmeshed with photography.

In 4% of cases photography to is used

Police sometimes object to photography without prior permission.

What drew you to photography? I've always been interested in visual media.

Actualy me too in to photography and Namal Kamalgoda is in my face book profile.

I'd here with the communications team providing leadership to photography for the event.

I am recommending you to all my friends and I would be quite picky when it comes to photography.

I highly recommend Jennifer for her friendliness, dedication and professional approach to photography.

Since this site is dedicated to photography, I'll keep it short: at my homepage look at Portfolio -- Project Airbus.

Thanks for creating this ebook, I'd very interested in storytelling as relative to photography and business as well.

My first serious attempt to photography was in 1993 when I was working as a lighting assistant during the filming of a short film in Oxford.

It is a history of visual technologies as well, from the invention of perspective to photography, film, television, and, more recently, digital imaging.

In 3% of cases photography into is used

Totally into Photography and Astronomy.

Trisha Your household help should venture into photography.

Here are some of my personal (and very subjective) views of going into photography as a career.

I fell into photography and fell in love with it, not least because of the processes and the equipment it involves.

In 2% of cases photography from is used

When I started out, I had a fairly simple goal -- to make a living from photography.

Social and political issues that art historical scholarship attempts to exclude from photography's past.

After retiring from photography, a lampshade in his hotel room inspired him to build the Gary Fong Lightsphere, soft-light diffuser for flash units.

But again if you follow the guide you go to Chapter 9 which is the waste from Photography Industry and there's actually a specific entry there for fixer.

In 1% of cases photography between is used

Hence, the primary phenomenological differences between photography and cinema are temporality, sound, and movement.

An interesting exhibition is currently open in Barcelona, exploring the relationship between photography and collecting as part of the tourist experience.

His contribution to the arts is undisputed, having tapped into a place somewhere between photography and cinema that has enabled him to carve out a niche of his own.

Second, the process of reception contained within the work is perhaps the more interesting for understanding the relationship between photography, film, sculpture and the body.

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