Prepositions used with "photo"

"of photo" or "for photo"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases photo of is used

We took lots of photos as you can see.

BigDumbDInosaur Excellent collection of photos.

I took a bunch of photos, which you can check out on.

In the last couple of photos the sky is almost pitch black thanks to the fading light.

I've got hundreds of photos of them but I try not to inflict them on people too often.

While rotating the cropping adjusts automatically to avoid out of photo areas appearing.

We have done a couple of photo shoots together, taking pics of some of his friends for Sr pics &; musicians websites.

Though I did show them lots of photos of her! I'd a doctor and I've been reading this blog since the guardian article.

He added that up to 10% had been turned away or seen others refused entry to polling booths because of a lack of photo ID.

The app allows you to take a series of photos and turn them into a single PDF to save to DropBox, iCloud, print or email.

In 21% of cases photo for is used

As she posed for photos with Gov.

It's a great opportunity for photos.

He signs autographs, poses for photos.

When we shot the pilot, the bedroom scene, they asked for photos of me in high school.

He was so occupied with request for photos and could be the most popular person last night.

My N8 for photos and Navigation, my N900 for browsing and listen to music and the L800 for.

Some opt for photo engraved jewellery which, though a little pricier, is certainly a wedding present with a difference.

Be aware of this, particularly in the case of men on the beach carrying around snakes and monkeys with them for photos.

Even for photos, sometimes parents like to have final say as too which head shot or commercial photos they think are best.

We will organise for photos to be printed at a reasonably high quality in A3 size at between K10-K30 (price to be confirmed).

In 11% of cases photo in is used

A magical, altruistic, dusty wonderland, in photos.

Sarcastic cheering, even in photos, is pretty funny.

In Photo: A Syrian rebel stands guard at an oil well near Shahel, Syria, on November 20.

Leland Jay Because I am so uncomfortable in front of a camera, I normally look awful in photos.

I think I will start putting small descriptions under all my photos even in my in photos series.

A visit to Chairman Mao's monument in his hometown resulted in photo sessions with dozens of excited Chinese citizens.

Okay, so there's improved low light handling, but that doesn't really account for the improvement in photo quality and implementation from my 4S.

Date of Photo 1 If this is the same pillar box as appears in Photo 1, as seems likely, this suggests that Photo 1 would have been taken between 1910 and 1936.

Chris Beesley (with Mitchell in photo) and his wife Lori were part of a group of parents and professionals who founded the Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada.

In 10% of cases photo with is used

After one big round, I am back to drawing but this time with photos.

I also replaced a lot of my framed photos with photos of his family and friends and his dog.

So leverage that with video! with photos or other images (that you've likely created yourself).

The house confirmed later last week through an interview in Women's Wear Daily along with photos.

TrackBack Comments The TedxDar Mix Tape (Cover) I didn't go to the TedXdar, but I contributed with photos.

If one of the participants is 16 or 17, both custodial parents must be there with photo ID to sign consent.

I'd working on a book about Pauline Shoemaker Crowley (with photos from late 1880s and 1890s in PA and CA and ND).

The best part is, most of the patterns include step by step instructions with photos! Clear and easy to understand.

You can't vote under a false name, the name of the dead or another voter if you have to identify yourself with photo ID.

In 6% of cases photo on is used

This culture depends on photo ID to function.

Click on photo for additional information and related photographs.

The scale can not be shown on photos, you have to see for yourself.

Also included is a series of text pieces fabricated from catch phrases found on photo lab envelopes.

Most - 68 percent - of check-ins occur on Facebook, and include groups of friends commenting on photos or YouTube videos.

Pick a dark, matte eyeshadow (either brown, black or dark grey) and gently apply it on the outer-v as illustrated on photo below.

K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner in Black) Not on photo illustration: Curl your lashes and apply coats of your favorite mascara.

This eyeshadow has saved me more than once on photo shoots when the brief requires a deep smoky eye on many models and I've got no time to fiddle with more than one eyeshadow.

In 3% of cases photo like is used

Apple's own apps, like Photos, Maps and iBooks, are just incredibly sharp and clear.

HTML5 Draggable Attribute Safari makes it easier for developers to create web pages with drag-and-drop user interfaces for items like photos or images.

It's not unusual for someone at Facebook to work on machine learning, then move on to Web performance, build and maintain a new backend tool, then spend a year on a product feature like Photos.

In 3% of cases photo to is used

I may be a show pony when it comes to photo shoots and all, but I'd a work it comes to my 9 to 5.

Obnoxious Facebook photos now set to expand from babies and bowls of ramen to photos of bike parts.

She said: ' It's been exciting for me to see my ideas come to life, from type colors to photo selection to casting.

Five days ago I packed my bags for Ormoc to photograph an interior decorator/retailer and her two daughters (24-28).

It's great for sharing professional collaborations, adding fun edits to photos or even planning the perfect wedding proposal.

Now, you can make substantial changes to photo composition quickly and easily, as even large complex subjects can be seamlessly erased.

In 2% of cases photo at is used

I need a couple months of just looking at photos.

Also at photo shoots I have confidence in expressing myself in front of the camera.

Hugh (Staring down at photo for a moment) Oh, I'd sorry, I don't know how that got in there.

He can imagine a despot scanning citizens ' brains while they look at photos of him, to see who's an opponent.

Working in the industry and looking at photos everyday, it is rare that I ever stop and notice any advertising.

At this point in the review, we looked at photo AS12-47- 6993 which was taken at the end of the EVA, after the ALSEP deployment at about 118:30 or 14:52 UTC.

In 2% of cases photo including is used

His work, including photo stories and research, is widely published.

We received the following mail including photos from her a couple of days ago: I went fishing yesterday with some friends in front of the Berjaya and we spotted at least 5 Whale sharks at approx.

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