Prepositions used with "philosophy"

"of philosophy" or "in philosophy"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 61% of cases philosophy of is used
    He says we are in the realm of philosophy.
    The latter is the task and the way of philosophy.
    It finds its way, moreover, into much of philosophy.
    ERA OF HIATTUS Thereafter, is a long period of Hiattus in the world of philosophy.
    IMHO and that of others it is the greatest single work of philosophy ever written.
    Lincoln) fortunately this war is of philosophy and has NOT yet degenerated into violence.
    Researcher Profiles Professor Peter Anstey is Professor of Early Modern philosophy in the Department of philosophy.
    Associate Professor Greg Dawes lectures in the Department of philosophy and the Department of Theology and Religion.
    As a necessary condition of spiritual meditations on the path of Jnana-Yoga, the value of philosophy is incalculable.

    In 21% of cases philosophy in is used
    Louis, Hope earned a BA in philosophy.
    He studied at Cambridge and lectures in philosophy and ethics.
    It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in philosophy.
    Jane Mummery is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Ballarat, Australia.
    He has a Masters in philosophy (International Law) from Jawaharlal Nehru University.
    I have absolutely no background in philosophy nor any particular knowledge of Plato.
    His metaphysical defense of absolute values is starting to be considered the beginning of a new phase in philosophy.
    Don't get trapped in philosophy and theory if the answers you get have no bearing on how to unrecorded your life better.
    He holds degrees in philosophy and Letters, and has received honorary doctorates in law, humanities and public administration.

    In 5% of cases philosophy to is used
    Whatever the dialecticians did hardly belongs to philosophy.
    Hume is largely responsible for the arid Anglo-American approach to philosophy.
    Without that Fellowship, he believes, his move from history to philosophy might not have been possible.
    But he's also proposing that living the good life demands an austere commitment to philosophy that has no place in ordinary morality.
    I decided that astrophysics was my real calling, and it has remained so ever since, even though aged 17 I extended my interest to philosophy.
    I have asked a question on these lines it is you to think how you have to answer and mind it these question belongs to philosophy where nothing is said clearly.
    Is That a Fish in Your Ear? ranges across the whole of human experience, from foreign films to philosophy, to show why translation is at the heart of what we do and who we are.
    Syed Aslam FYI, Oppenheimer enrolled at Harvard, where he took an intense program that ranged from math and sciences to philosophy and Eastern religions and French and English literature.
    Note added 020106: We have learned that the philosopher of science, Elliott Sober, has made some similar points in a recent article written for the Blackwell Guide to philosophy of Religion.

    In 3% of cases philosophy for is used
    The problem of causality has raised questions that stress the need for philosophy.
    For philosophy can actually be regarded as the ultimate skill, or the skill of skills.
    Rachael Kohn: Absolutely, I've always thought it the best place for philosophy, for intimacy, and also people telling you what's on their mind.

    In 3% of cases philosophy into is used
    Ward welcomes all comers into philosophy's world of clear definitions, sharp arguments, and diverse conclusions.
    It led me into philosophy and better still; it is what gives me a 90% success rate in the calibre of people I recruit.
    To that extent there lies in modern exegesis a reduction of history into philosophy, a revision of history by means of philosophy.
    Quote: Originally Posted by Legend-X And Paul being sexist is highly (and heavily) debated topic in theology and it even goes into philosophy of ' roles in gender ', but again I won't comment on it.

    In 3% of cases philosophy on is used
    Bhagawan Nityananda is not big on philosophy.
    I do think he could have had someone speak a bit on philosophy.
    Her hobbies include reading, books on philosophy and mythology.
    May 12-13, 2012: Workshop on philosophy and Computation at the University of Lund.
    Good books on philosophy not only help us to improve our reasoning abilities but are fun.
    His Tractatus Logico-philosophicus (1922) was intended to be the final word on philosophy.
    The Religious Studies Faculty is forward-thinking, with schemes of work incorporating a focus on philosophy of religion and ethics.
    Zeno had already written a work on philosophy before his visit to Athens and Plato reports that Zeno's book meant that he had achieved a certain fame in Athens before his visit there.

    In 2% of cases philosophy about is used
    Many of your personal questions about philosophy, religion and spiritual self actualisation will become clearer.
    I challenge anyone to read it and not learn a lot about philosophy (both subject matter and techniques) on the way.
    REUNION AND THE MYSTERY OF LOVE What is love? Answering this question is, or at least ought to be, of interest to everyone, even people who know nothing about philosophy.

    In 2% of cases philosophy between is used
    Indeed, it would be easy to take the comparison between philosophy and other skills too far.
    The debate between King Milinda and Nagasena remarked the confrontation between philosophy and wisdom of the East and those of the West.

    In 1% of cases philosophy from is used
    Once we realize that an absolute trust in science has nothing to do with science itself, much of the force is taken away from philosophies such as scientism and naturalism.

    In 1% of cases philosophy with is used
    These arts, therefore, if not conjoined with philosophy, will be injurious to every one.

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