Prepositions used with "person"

"of person" or "in person"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases person of is used

That's the sort of person I am.

So that's the kind of person I am.

I'd not a forgiving sort of person.

External Reality -- What was the responsibility of persons finding runaway slaves? 4.

Delivery to military authorities of persons liable to the tried by Court-martial 549.

The ongoing education of persons within trade unions is carried out on several levels.

The deaths brought to eight the number of persons who had died on the roads during the first four days of the year.

But being the kind of person I am, I try to balance it and say okay, it's human nature everyone can not be the same.

A handful of persons indulge in such behaviour due to their own selfish motives by dragging politics into religion.

In the hepatic complaints of persons long resident in warm climates, Dandelion is said to afford very marked relief.

In 28% of cases person in is used

We've spoken about it in person.

Alicia is super funny in person.

It's pretty attractive in person.

Tickets are also available for sale in person from the IMAX Theatre Sydney Box Office.

I just wanted to add another confirmation of the effectiveness of going in person too.

Encourage them to stay connected only with friends or people whom they know in person.

Where possible interviews will be in person but telephone or video conferencing with another campus may be utilised.

Unlike states such as Massachusetts where early in person voting requires a valid excuse, in Texas I don't need one.

Now when they have occupied the territory in person they want to extend their rule and influence towards the region.

In 16% of cases person per is used

Admission costs C$2 per person.

Only one entry is permitted per person.

The government spends 11K a year per person.

The cost is subsided at 35 per person with a further reduced rate of 25 for students.

The Menu was priced at RM250++ without wine pairing/ RM350++ with wine pairing per person.

Join us for the mayhem! Things You'll Want To Know: --There is a 2-bottle limit per person.

That means it's much more difficult to find adjacent seats unless passengers pay an extra $25 per person, each way.

Check out Mountain Surf Guest House in Muizenberg: get a huge apartment to yourself for about 15 a night per person.

The application fee for a permit is 10 rupees, plus an additional 1,500 rupees per person if your permit is granted.

In countries eligible for IDA loans, the import volume per person in 1984 was only 62 per cent of the volume in 1970.

In 8% of cases person to is used

It varies from person to person.

Milksharing is done person to person.

The timing of this varies from person to person.

SA's who find that are married or divorced to persons whom they have no knowledge of.

To be a PT and fitness consultant, you are the GO TO person for anything fitness related.

The relative strengths of each source of information probably vary from person to person.

This confirms the principle that the ownership of property does not transfer to person who takes it for safekeeping.

This would be someone with very good hearing and these values vary from person to person and they also vary with age.

In addition awards are offered to persons said to have made outstanding contributions to nation building in their work.

Lead generation is not new, but it has changed from person to person over days or weeks to light speed with the internet.

In 5% of cases person for is used

Something along find Jobs for persons of which you already do.

The amendment also reduced the penalty for persons who violate the law.

This rule may be waived for persons requiring a single arm drive chair.

This home make scarf of cotton a excellent head cover for persons dealing with hair loss.

Option 2: antimicrobial therapy only for persons believed to be at high risk for Lyme disease (e.

For persons with (lower) back or leg problems we rather recommend to do the mangrove trip by boat.

The category could be an ethnic category rather than a racial category as is the case for persons of Hispanic origin.

The upshot is that Magwall Jamaica is offering to build a 900 square-foot, 2-bedroom, 2- bathroom home for persons for $4.

They brought together special children to celebrate their creativity on the International Day for Persons with Disabilities.

This medicine is appropriate especially for persons of brown complexion, and those in whom the stools are habitually too soft.

In 3% of cases person by is used

Search of place entered by person sought to be arrested 47.

Purchase by person contracting to buy property to be held on trust 92.

Objection by lawful guardian to compliant by person other than person aggrieved 250 199A.

The class is primarily attended by persons over the age of 50 years that have limited mobility.

It is true that every day the media is accused by persons facing criminal investigation or trial.

The material contained in this website is not aimed at or meant to be viewed by persons other than those in Europe.

The place of supply of services provided by persons established outside the Community but effectively used and enjoyed in the State is the State.

As reported today, WikiLeaks has, or is in the process of, publishing millions of emails written by persons at that organisation over a 7-year period.

King believes lengthy band changes are a direct result of the lack of professionalism practised by persons in leadership positions in the music industry.

In 3% of cases person from is used

It varies from person to person.

The timing of this varies from person to person.

And it's also going to vary from person to person.

The relative strengths of each source of information probably vary from person to person.

But it depends from person to person, in what area they choose to use their intelligence.

Helicobacter pylori may be transmitted from person to person through contaminated food and water.

In the hours, days and weeks after putting out that last cigarette, nicotine cravings differ from person to person.

Expert judgment from persons such as consultants, and stakeholders should also be utilized when creating the budget.

This would be someone with very good hearing and these values vary from person to person and they also vary with age.

Lead generation is not new, but it has changed from person to person over days or weeks to light speed with the internet.

In 1% of cases person against is used

Discrimination against persons with disabilities was a problem.

Discrimination against persons based on their sexual orientation remained a problem.

It is possible to get and enforce a maintenance order against persons living in certain foreign countries.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA ), one may not discriminate against persons with disabilities.

Mental illness is a treatable disease, yet in a society that tolerates prejudice and discrimination against persons living with mental illness, treatment is often not sought.

In 1% of cases person between is used

She can tell the difference between person and zombie before the person even knows they're becoming a zombie.

There were no significant differences in mean BSQ-16 and EATS-26 scores between persons in the same and larger figure groups.

As shown in Figure 1, wheelchair use decreases by nearly a factor of 5 between persons with family income less than $10,000 (1.

But the majority of the groups, such as the one I took Sarjana or creativity, dealt with energy, how it moved in each person and between persons.

In 1% of cases person with is used

Placement of child with persons in another health board area.

To be honest, nobody will like to be with person who does not respect him or her.

In the past, Knec has been unable to decisively deal with persons involved in abetting exam cheating due to weak law.

It sounds tantalising, but the picture becomes quite different when you speak with persons who've participated frequently in the meetings.

Ignoring these paths and selfishly trusting in mini conferences and meetings with persons of non grata will put the people on the ground once again in deep trouble.

Nothing in these Regulations shall prevent a health board from placing a child in its care with persons who are on a panel maintained by another health board under article 5 of these Regulations.

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