Prepositions used with "performance"

"of performance" or "in performance"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases performance of is used

They all require a certain intensity of performance.

Speaking of performance, a word on the voice actors.

No loss of performance and a lot faster than Norton.

Manufacturer's specifications of performance should be multiplied by a factor of 0.

Duration of Contract: Terms of Contract is 2 years renewable on the basis of performance.

Muscle balance is very important for posture, injury prevention, and enhancement of performance.

Heat Strengthened Solar control glass offers a range of performance options to suit most building applications.

PERFORMANCE ENHANCING SUBSTANCES PROGRAM Does the CBA address the use of Performance Enhancing Substances? Yes.

It was the favourite car of many privateers because it guaranteed an effective blend of performance and reliability.

To achieve these improved levels of performance and capability, a different approach to the architecture was required.

In 19% of cases performance in is used

They are excellent in performance.

This results in huge increase in performance.

Catch Deacon in performance if you possibly can.

If recovery and improvement in performance quality is slow try to examine why (i.

Assist the field execution teams in performance management and day to day optimisation.

This model is used in performance management systems in more than 500 companies worldwide.

They have mastered all musical instruments as well as acquired proficiency in performances and vocal training.

Generally, the discount gets smaller (known as narrowing ), so investors get a double benefit in performance terms.

While you carefully planned everything in performances and albums in the past, now it has change to a freestyle music.

You can add a solid-state drive (SSD) to your iMac and see a serious boost in performance We used a kit for the 2011 21.

In 11% of cases performance for is used

There are special rules about copying for performance.

Yet such shifts are basic when adapting prose works for performance.

Its location makes it a popular place for performances to this day.

Right? We didn't need the freshness from her spangle outfits for performance though.

Carbs and caffeine for performance pre exercise is hardly breaking news, they'll be.

It stresses the role of the market and often argues for performance pay for teachers.

Now coming to the topic, choosing one over another for performance could be situation based or maybe compatibility based.

I am all for performance index, but football is an ebb and flow sport you cant just sack a manager just for a months wobble.

In this era of transitions and complexity, managers must understand how to situationally motivate employees for performance and success.

This is good for performance -- CA splits have been known to take seconds to complete -- as well as greatly slowing down the dataset growth.

In 10% of cases performance on is used

DFP will manage your ads for you based on performance.

Even one vacancy in the reporting chain can wreak havoc on performance.

Or agree to major commitments that would be a deadweight on performance.

Ensure vendors are included in the planning and execution performance management process i.

The only effect is likely to be on performance and is not particularly important to most users.

The selection of the players should be transparent and should be based on performance and commitment.

A joint NHL/NHLPA Committee on performance enhancing substances also will agree on a Prohibited Substances List.

Depending on the apps used, the different clock frequencies for these profiles will have some impact on performance.

Instead of branding one's opponent Indian agents or razakars, these visions allow us to judge parties on performance.

In 7% of cases performance with is used

Edox's chronograph timepieces combine functional power with performance.

If you have problems with performance, try lowering the screen resolution.

And yet he does, time and again, with performances like Game 6 against Boston.

The event concluded with performances by the students from the JS Academy for the Deaf.

The full ensembles are featured in the Classy Classics series, with performances at The Miriam A.

With performance, reliability and privacy issues all being present I'd torn between rolling back to Ubuntu 12.

We've long-since departed from a time when clock speed or core count could be directly correlated with performance.

Yeats labored over his plays, dedicated much of his life to the theater, and wrote many of his poems with performance in mind.

Improvement in the subjects ' rated occupational performance and satisfaction with performance in pre-defined occupational problems.

This Saturday 13th October we'll be warming up for Litfest 2012 and braving the rain with performances in the streets of Lancaster.

In 6% of cases performance to is used

Say no to Performance Enhancing Drugs.

In private schools, pay is linked to performance.

Transfers are unrelated to performance and results.

I think the poetry scene is alive these days thanks to performance poetry and new avenues.

The right size, style and weight all contribute to performance, as does the position of the sweet spot.

Moreover, in several States they receive time-bound promotions which are mostly unrelated to performance.

Competence, therefore, relates to performance or outcomes, and involves the description of tasks, functions or objectives.

During Christmas and other special occasions one can always look forward to performances of the Dragon Dance in the floats in the city.

In addition to performances, the TSO serves the community with one of the largest music education outreach programmes in Canada, connecting.

Mr Summers also touched on the proposition that there might be a genetic difference between men and women when it came to performance in hard sciences.

In 2% of cases performance about is used

About performance: Boys played well today.

I'd all about performance and this board did not let me down.

About performance: I don't understand why they didn't play well.

Of course, fashion is as much about performance as it is about artistic production.

It is essential to tell the whole story when reporting information about performance progress.

I actually find myself getting angry whilst typing when I think about performances against Aberdeen and St J in particular - will need to count to 10 and take my medication.

In 2% of cases performance as is used

That leaves those who actively choose larger computers, with modders and enthusiasts picking towers and components for their aesthetic appeal as well as performance.

While functional testing is a critical aspect of software testing, many test design ideas fail to include high-priority plans for testing areas such as performance, reliability, or security.

In 1% of cases performance at is used

A Bigger Splash opens this week at the Tate Modern, looking at performance and painting since 1950.

When you break that performance down by gender, again there is not a hint of an advantage for boys over girls.

Clearly - there are STILL some people out there who need to read the extensive material at Performance Urban Planning **32;4777;TOOLONG.

In 1% of cases performance from is used

Audiences come away from performances warmed, amused and inspired.

Most of us learned a long time ago not to expect anything from performances in horror films.

As google evolves from performance into Branding, they will collaborate more with agencies to accomplish client objectives.

Adidas is again, an example of how a brand can extend performance running and apparel technology from performance to a good looking, well priced, sporting shoe.

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