Prepositions used with "penalty"

"of penalty" or "on penalty"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases penalty of is used

A fixed maximum number of penalty points can be collected each trimester.

This amount can not be a basis for levy of penalty as it was adhoc disallowance.

Hence there is no question of penalty being imposed on such employees as alleged.

Before concluding we may state that clause 22 is not in the nature of penalty as alleged.

It may be a good idea to impose a monetary or another form of penalty on yourself every time the sin is committed.

Failure to do so may result in confiscation of goods or imposition of penalty for violating the provisions of the I.

Lambert - With Ramirez's added quality to set up more chances he's worth a look, with the added bonus of penalty duty.

It's incredibly frustrating watching us miss a succession of penalties, easy chances and conceding last minute goals.

However, Campbell doesn't expect it to have nearly the same impact on the sport in terms of the number of penalties called.

This scheme of penalty waiver will be open only for a period of six months from the date of enactment of the Finance Bill, 2012.

In 21% of cases penalty on is used

Verdict: Uruguay win on penalties.

England went out on penalties for the first time in 1990.

Women were forbidden, on penalty of death, even to see the Games.

He had scored in the 2008 final in Moscow before Chelsea lost to Manchester United on penalties.

Chelsea went on to win the match 4-1 on penalties, following a 2-2 draw at the end of normal time.

Other philosophers would argue that being moral is logically required on penalty of being irrational.

I know he saves Johnson in defense and all, but concede one and score two - that is better than losing on penalties.

Why aren't you complaining about that? Also the NSW lost the game on penalties, trying to stir up QLD and it backfired.

They squeezed through to the knock-out stages by thrashing Thailand 4-0, but went out on penalties to Japan in the quarters.

The Aggies scored in every way imaginable and thankfully for the Yellow Jackets had three touchdowns called back on penalties.

In 9% of cases penalty in is used

Wichita incurred 16 minutes in penalty time with eight minors.

Kharlamov was also feisty, leading the Soviets in penalty minutes with 16.

It can also result in penalties against any US citizens involved in any illegal activities.

Tiles in penalty stacks must always be kept face up to differentiate them from the player's pile.

Some estate agents are flouting consumer laws and risking up to $220,000 or more in penalties by Photoshopping their advertising images.

Even grassroots efforts fall under this umbrella and stepping across those lines can result in penalties from the IRS and loss of nonprofit status.

Some estate agents are flouting consumer laws and risking up to $220,000 or more in penalties by Photoshopping their advertising images, observers warn.

They were given a masterclass in penalties from Matt Le Tissier and then got the chance to do it at Wembley at half time during the Manchester derby -Community Shield game.

In May last year, RWS paid $530,000 in penalties for reimbursing casino entry levies for media representatives and not maintaining its surveillance system to the standards required.

In 8% of cases penalty to is used

Soon, those incentives will change to penalties.

You are informed that such acts are liable to penalties.

A member state may ignore these decisions but then be the subject to penalties or fines.

And if someone violates those laws, there is a good chance that they could be subject to penalties.

The tax will bring vapid literary ambitions within bounds and the liability to penalties will make literary men dependent upon us.

World Cup Match #59: Portugal (0) vs England (0) 3:1 PSO This was the second quarter-final soccer match to go to penalty kicks in order to declare a winner.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker Some of the counts may be related in such a way that they are joinable as to penalty - sometimes as a matter of judge discretion, other times as a matter of law.

In 8% of cases penalty under is used

Freedom of religion will once again become silence under penalty on imprisonment or death.

In 7% of cases penalty for is used

Therefore, disallowance under section 14A also does not call for penalty.

HJK pleaded for penalty that should have been given but the referee continued to favour the home side.

The figure for that year was estimated to be $14 billion for penalties paid for by employees and individuals.

North East South West 1 S Pass 2 S Pass 4 S Pass Pass DBL RDBL Pass Pass Pass Part score contracts of 1 or 2 are rarely Doubled for penalties.

I don't blame Hodgson, given the small amount of time he's had with the team - but I would blame him if come the next World Cup, England aren't the best prepared team for penalty shootouts.

In 7% of cases penalty without is used

This means that during the cooling off period you can change your mind and cancel the agreement without penalty.

Once consumers are able to switch from one provider to another without penalty, there's absolutely nothing to stop your customers leaving you when they're unhappy.

For example, where an infringer can demonstrate commercial use of a claimed invention more than one year before the patent filing date, that use may be allowed to continue without penalty.

In 4% of cases penalty with is used

The fundamental issue with penalties remains one of mental strength.

I wish the initial stages of the game remain close, with penalties becoming to order.

Using easy to understand contracts with penalties for late payments can help protect you financially.

In 3% of cases penalty by is used

This game should not have been decided by penalties.

The next thirty minutes produced few chances and no goals and so the game would be decided by penalties.

In 2% of cases penalty through is used

Simba coach Milovan Circovich said he is happy as long as his team did not lose the match and was worried after Yanga pulled the equaliser through penalty.

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