Prepositions used with "pay"

"of pay" or "to pay"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases pay of is used

It is simply a case of pay or be impeded.

The minimum rate of pay increases from time to time.

People do well because of pay or prestige or recognition.

Teachers are coming back, serious OT, without any equal increase in their proportion of pay.

In your article you only refer to tennis as an example of pay parity - or not as the case may seem.

A central campaigning demand of ' Right to Work ' is a 35 hour week with no loss of pay, as affirmed at the 2010 conference.

What's astonishing, though, is that our defenders are people like Arvay, working with a small staff and no guarantee of pay.

One popular, but quite expensive way to get traffic is by making use of pay per click advertising programs like Google's Adwords.

Overtime pay at a rate not less than one and one-half times the regular rate of pay is required after 40 hours of work in a workweek.

In 16% of cases pay to is used

You sell yourself to whoever wants to pay.

Although the man not guilty, but to pay the cost.

Can I withdraw my PF completely to pay housing loan.

Arabs in Mauritania, who refused to pay the livestock tax, kept up the insurgent movement.

The Profits Tax payable upon rental income if corporations select not to pay Property Tax is 17.

They will tell you to pay for the clutch (clutch warranty 20,000m) and Peugeot will reimburse you.

Mayor Nathaniel then tells Susan not to worry on their expenses at the hospital because he will be the one to pay for it.

He has put a new motor in it which blew something else which I have had to pay for the bill - so far is about £350.

Cost me 1500 at dealer and Peugeot would not contribute to payment as car was just out of warranty with 60K on the clock.

Do you need to Pay for Clinic Software program? The worthiness from Ms ' office ' suit to your business is obviously vital.

In 12% of cases pay without is used

Continue to write your passion and heart without pay.

At least a few days without pay, at the very least, said Smith.

Explain get social security card without pay? number permanent use.

He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding.

When a committee was set up, Sammy was suspended for 2 months without pay.

He is also eligible for 120 days medical leave or leave without pay instead of 90 days.

Based upon the hearing, judges may be reprimanded, censured and suspended without pay, or removed from office.

Never did I imagine that this gifted young man would now be working more than 20 hours per day, without pay, in exchange for a place to sleep.

Although a fortified colony had been established at Placentia by 1662, the small garrison lived under wretched conditions and went for long stretches without pay.

And promptly threatened to fire the lawyers without pay because the lawyers wanted to fight it out and cause dissent instead of abiding to what the couple had decided.

In 10% of cases pay for is used

He joined whatever team he could on a ' play for pay ' basis.

But I'd not looking for pay I'd looking to help anybody and everybody.

Salute the PRC bus drivers for their action but do not agree with their request for pay increase.

The chip is for a digital set-top box and has several features like enhanced security, usability for pay TV applications and interactivity.

But it is worth it -- no doubt there will be carnage again when the phone is back on sale -- for Xmas!! KaPOWitsCHRIS 399 from O2 for Pay &; Go.

That isn't even enough to hire the players they need to expand NZSO's full-size strength, much less any left over for pay rises or more activity.

When, therefore, the Carthaginians had agreed to their claims for pay, they went a step further and asked for the value of the horses they had lost.

A second argument is that the highway trust fund is for highway users, because it is somehow unfair for drivers for pay for anything that benefits society as a whole.

The President has made clear that he favors enactment of the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would make it much easier for women to bring lawsuits for pay discrimination.

In 10% of cases pay in is used

They refused to take a cut in pay.

The total of 377,154 in pay increases works out at about 7,250 a week.

It is possible they can all still be saved if the communities they are in pay attention.

The main pay differentiators among B-schools are the kinds of jobs grads are looking for.

Man am I ever going to be happy when I'd out of debt, it'll be like getting a 27% raise in pay.

Most attention has focussed on the cuts in pay, public employment and pensions which have aroused understandable outrage.

In fact, overall, MBA grads at the 20-year mark actually experienced a 2 percent increase in pay compared with last year.

The RPI is also often used in pay bargaining and for price regulation, notably for certain privatised utilities and also for train fares.

There were some disparities in pay in the overall economy between men and women, but in the garment sector wages were generally comparable.

In the organization, she accepted a reduction in pay, a cut of up to eight dollars in aid of settling the debt that the organization was facing.

In 7% of cases pay on is used

Click on Pay at Worldpay to begin the payment transfer.

On the next page as seen above, you need to click on pay.

Gas/electricity -- Are they on a meter or are they on pay as you go? 3.

I run both on pay and talk and either one of the cells can be cancelled at any time.

We think you're getting a much better deal if you buy the HTC Windows Phone 8X on pay as you go with Three, as its been priced at 349.

After all, if this acquisition hadn't been made, the money might have been wasted on pay rises, employee health benefits, improved dividends and other such frivolities.

In 6% of cases pay with is used

Beware of dropping in a capture with pay day loans.

Now with pay cuts and job losses, they are facing the worse.

Many of those would have been MSD contractors, with pay rates, hours etc.

The big problem with pay as you go in France is that you tend to get only a very short amount of time to use the credit before it expires.

I was also facing the same problem with pay TV, where the price of a connection could even pay my office commute for more than three months.

Interest rates being as low as they currently are is unlikely to change that trend much, especially with pay rises below the rate of inflation.

And their punishment? Bologna has been reassigned to Staten Island, and Pike has been on ' Administrative leave ' (with pay, which was $110,000/year in 2010).

The designations of Warrant Officer Junior Grade (WOJG) and Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) were retained, the grade of Chief Warrant Officer was provided with pay rates of W2, W3 and W4.

In 5% of cases pay about is used

It might be about pay, but it also might be about how poorly administrated the health care system is in Quebec.

Im not particularily talking about pay issues, Im talking about destroying the fundamental nature of the appointment of constable.

Whenever, the women questioned the employer about pay or living conditions, their meagre food ration was immediately cut further and some of them had to eat paper to stave off hunger pangs.

In 4% of cases pay as is used

It is commonly found with words such as pay, leave, absence and insurance.

Advertising such as pay per click can also vary depending on the maximum number of clicks that the site owner has preset.

Here you will have to bear the charges of opening a demat account as well as the brokerage as well as pay a fund management fee of 1%.

For jewellery and coins and bars, you would need a bank locker for safe storage, where you would need to make a fixed deposit as well as pay locker charges.

Findings -- The article explains that the EEG gives employees a significant voice on a broad range of subjects, such as pay, pensions, corporate responsibility, diversity and communication.

In 1% of cases pay over is used

The industrial action in Kenya's second-largest city spread after Kenya Ferry Services workers also went on strike over pay.

The unrest at the mine began last Friday as some 3,000 workers walked off the job over pay in what management described as an illegal strike.

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