Prepositions used with "patient"

"of patient" or "for patient"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases patient of is used

A raised WBC was seen in 70% of patients.

RESULTS: Mean age and weight of patients were 45.

He has cured thousands upon thousands of patients.

The proportion of patients with two or more involved vessels was higher in Group II.

HSP is rare in adults as compared to children (90% of patients are < 10 years old).

The core business of the 100sqm pharmacy consists largely of patients with prescriptions.

According to testimonials of patients, the intake of HGH supplements has helped in the treatment of their disease.

Panel members differed in their approach to the neurologic evaluation of patients with seventh cranial nerve palsy.

Every doctor practising in the UK will now be subject to regular checks to help improve the quality of patient care.

It is believed that psoriasis can affect your joints and is found that 10 -- 35% of patients have reported problems.

In 20% of cases patient for is used

Parking for patients and visitors available.

This is in fact for patients in need for blood.

This has minimized the turnaround time for patients.

These are reasons why consolidation in the insurance industry is good for patients.

Lesson #4: Greater accountability and transparency for plans is better for patients.

Pointless to pretend that current provision of information for patients is perfect.

Doxycycline is recommended as the treatment of choice for patients who are suspected to have symptomatic HGA (A-II).

Support for patients at the end of life is frequently provided by district nurses, GPs and other community providers.

This treatment regimen should be adequate therapy for patients with HGA alone and for patients who are coinfected with B.

This treatment regimen should be adequate therapy for patients with HGA alone and for patients who have coinfection with B.

In 16% of cases patient in is used

Oxidative stress in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Therapists said surrogate sessions are often happen in patient's homes.

No dosage adjustment is necessary in patients with renal insufficiency.

Emergency thoracotomy is a procedure carried out in patients presenting in extremis.

The development of your clinical skills requires you to be interested in patient care.

In the past, certain patients with this condition had concomitant Lyme arthritis 211.

A temporary pacemaker may be required in patients with advanced heart block for the duration of the block 183, 187.

In patients with known predisposing risk factors for iritis/uveitis, Latanoprost eye drops can be used with caution.

Success The first Phase I study of abiraterone in patients with advanced prostate cancer was run by the ICR and the RMH.

The diarrhoea of appendicitis is most common in patients with a low-lying appendix in proximity to the colon and rectum.

In 12% of cases patient to is used

It is tops when it comes to patient care.

He found an excellent one with a 1 to 1 ratio of caregivers to patients.

The range of NHS treatments offered to patients is falling and so is quality.

He called on the HSE to get results of the review back to patients as quickly as possible.

Defends his policy as simply offering greater rights to patients over insurance companies.

He concluded that herbs are beneficial to patients during their chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

First up was the Raptor and members of the Raptors Dance Pak paying a visit to patients at Montreal Children's Hospital.

Most cases of TB are cured by a six-month rigorous drug regimen that is provided to patients with support and supervision.

Future medical advancements are our best hope for lessening the burden of diabetes to patients, their families and society.

The average number of treatment sessions administered to patients with LBP before they are discharged in Nigeria is ten sessions.

In 5% of cases patient with is used

The waiting room wasfilled with patients.

But do most therapists really connect with patients this way? No one has.

This information does not include confidential indicators associated with patients or physicians.

Our results have been excellent with patients generally sitting up in 15 minutes and ambulating in 1 hour.

I have no direct clinical contact with patients but I occasionally write medical reports and do some medico-legal work.

Not only did we work with them to ensure they got the best care, we followed up with patients to see how they were doing.

Uncle was not just an isolated case as I have had many other experiences with patients who really appreciates and understands.

During the course of their treatment you develop a close relationship with patients and this is beneficial both to them and to us.

Serious infections are often associated with patients with weak immune systems, the sick, elderly, or in long term care facilities.

Afraid Obamacare will make us more like a lower trust field, with patients wondering if we offer just the cheapest treatment, not the best.

In 2% of cases patient among is used

Among patients with infectious (smear positive) pulmonary disease, MDR TB was seen in 35.

Eligible studies were those that reported risk estimates of melanoma among patients with PD or vice versa.

The overall frequency of persistent symptoms among patients was 13%, which was similar in both dosage groups.

In order to maximize the benefits of a healthcare social media the platform also would have to be set up to allow participation among patients.

The prevalence of hypertension and hyperlipidemia was significantly higher among patients who had been exposed to TCDD (Group I) than among those who had not been exposed, respectively (Group II).

In 2% of cases patient by is used

A 2005 study included an inventory of the types of crimes committed by patients with schizophrenia.

Find out more about Final Journeys HERE ' What Happens Next? ' is a question often asked of staff by patients and relatives.

Early studies The next step for the ICR team was to turn the chemical they had designed into a medicine that could be taken by patients.

It turns out not to be the job she had imagined, as she is confronted day after day by patients with impenetrable, psychological ailments.

The Cancer Care Therapy is a healing-orientated therapy that is being used since 1995, mostly by patients in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

If there needs to be a greater understanding of health information by patients, this gap should be filled with accredited governmental or independent bodies.

Many cases of perceived wheat or gluten intolerance reported by patients is not due to gluten itself but intolerance to the wheat's carbohydrate component (fructans).

Nevertheless, our argument that the symptoms overlap to a very great extent is not disproved by this, even if the explanations advanced by patient or professional differ.

The new questionnaire originally contained no more than seven questions and summarized the most frequent problems raised by patients in their contact with the nurse at the AF clinic.

In 2% of cases patient from is used

Testing of ticks removed from patients for B.

I asked around from patients who came from his town.

Doctors can get tissue from patients in a number of ways.

The angioedema that results from patients using an ACEI is not considered an allergic reaction.

If successful, it maybe worthwhile to create a support system through letters from patients to patients.

There is no standard treatment for people with Pulmonary Fibrosis and it may differ from patient to patient.

Once every five years, doctors will be required to seek feedback from patients and colleagues as part of a professional assessment.

Therefore, the HIV virus could be transmitted from patient to patient through unsterilized hand pieces since they were in contact with patient's blood.

But in the future I would definitely like to move away from patient care and have more impact on practices and policies that affect nurses and patients.

There is limited experience from patients with asthma, but some cases of exacerbation of asthma and/or dyspnoea were reported in post marketing experience.

In 2% of cases patient on is used

This method of treatment had a very positive result on patients.

There is also the issue of ordering tests that do not impact on patient care.

It is actually additionally utilized on patients who come with fairly thin corneas.

This new blog carnival, started by Duncan Cross, puts the focus on patients, and lets us tell it like it is.

Soon patients will understand their effects, and hospitals that don't use decision aids risk getting left behind.

A second conference under Ireland's Presidency of the EU, CARDS, agreed standards for data collected on patients with heart disease.

The possibility has surfaced following research carried out by doctors who experimented with extremely restrictive diets on patients in their clinic.

If we are to make patient outcomes truly world-class and respond to rising demand, we must reform the NHS so that it can focus its resources on patients and quality.

If we are to make patient outcomes truly world-class and respond to rising demand, we must reform the NHS so that it can focus its resources on patients and quality.

STUDY DESIGN, SIZE, DURATION This is a retrospective study carried out on patients consulting for infertility and described as having >5% large-headed spermatozoa.

In 2% of cases patient per is used

The median number of sets per patient was 10 (5).

A paper chart has a one-time cost of about 25 cents per patient.

Compare that to about $15 every few years per patient for an EMR.

The annual costs rose to 10,454 per patient for those with the highest level of pain and disability.

He said that the mortality rate could be minimised to half by taking proper preventive measures, which cost one dollar per patient.

NICE has ' very nicely (!) ' laid out the issue with Avastin -- 21,000 per patient for 6 weeks of life extension??? naah, it does nt appeal to them.

This week the newspapers were filled with stories about NICE's recommendation not to fund Avastin, a bowel cancer drug that costs 21,000 per patient, in draft guidance.

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