Prepositions used with "patience"

"of patience" or "with patience"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases patience of is used

Success demands a lot of patience.

It requires truckloads of patience.

A key problem is a lack of patience.

It took time and lots of patience on both of our parts to grow into what we are now.

Just make sure that you have the right amount of patience to go on face to face with it.

It is a lonely process that requires a lot of patience, much like a monk on a pilgrimage.

The addition of tack, human understanding and the abundance of patience did much to ensure a productive rehearsal.

You have to have a lot of patience dealing with most of the countries and must be able to adapt to the environment.

I had a great time during the trip but I found out that travelling with my parents requires a high level of patience.

Fishbowl had failed to deliver a viable product in three years, and the shareholder was understandably out of patience.

In 26% of cases patience with is used

Benched along with patience and reason.

Speak to him outright, but with patience.

In fact, he has treated this innings with patience.

However, with patience and persistence, I ' ll make it! Thanks a bunch to this site.

So, keep one's passion alive and work with patience for good days to come is important.

Both the Canucks and the Badgers still regard LaBate quite highly, and he will be handled with patience.

Meeting the customer ' s demand has been demonstrated in the excellent service with patience and quick response.

May God AllMighty Allah bless them with patience, and understanding to form the EPC political Administration with the UPFA.

In short, the Saint of the Sacred Heart learned to suffer for Christ, with patience, what innocence can suffer in such situations.

If we could learn more about each other with patience and open minds, incidences of misunderstanding would be reduced dramatically.

In 6% of cases patience for is used

Once again, thanks for patience over the past few weeks.

Now Heynecke is asking for patience? The All Blacks are the pace-setters and have always been and to me they never seem to be rebuilding.

Hence you will need to optimize your web page to ensure that your internet site ranks around the top rated age in the search benefits and it calls for patience and also a minor fund to commit.

In 4% of cases patience in is used

May Allah (swt) increase you in patience and join you and your families in Jannatul firdous.

The reward of fasting is numerous: The Almighty Allah states: ? And seek help in patience and the Prayers.

Talking to them is an exercise in patience, but it motivates asking the hard questions of myself in the hours, days, weeks, and months after we talk.

In 4% of cases patience to is used

He has recourse to patience after much complaining and sorrowing.

We need to resort to patience, as it will take some time for fruits to sprout.

So the one who is affected by the one who is jealous is abused and should be dictated to patience.

Whatever happened to patience? Experts do not have all the answers when it comes to the causes of impatience.

In 2% of cases patience about is used

Overall, finding a good electrician is really all about patience and knowing the right people.

I just made 10lbs of raw last night in 20 minutes flat, including the time I spent looking for the plunger for the grinder A note about patience.

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