Prepositions used with "past"

"of past" or "for past"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases past of is used

There are several findings about events of past in the book.

I implore you to search the archives for the discussions of past.

This explosion to which we named BIG BANG is 12-14 billion years of past.

About London: Rich in history and heritage, London provides a perfect blend of past and present.

Even in my dreamy state I knew I could not have impregnated any of of past encounters that many times.

Perry, AlbertO, I think is a loyal, well read frustated reader of past and current events in RP history.

Yet the enchainment of past and future Woven in the weakness of the changing body, Protects mankind from heaven and damnation Which flesh can not endure.

Considering #2 above, maybe we are not traveling up or down a time stream but rather along an axis that crosses all possible variations of past, present, future.

It starts with great promise, with a mixture of past and present finally culminating when the narrator gets hit by a vehicle while crossing the street in New York.

Today the original building with its cement floors and towering ceilings is juxtaposed with the state of the art multimedia exhibits, reinforcing the dichotomy of past and present.

In 28% of cases past for is used

They were paying rental all along for past 1 year.

He has been the heart of Midfield for Liverpool for past two seasons.

I was thinking of ditching Nokia after being a loyal fan and customer for past 13 years.

His only weaknees is injuries which has been a major concern for him for past few seasons.

This 6 feet 3 inches PSV Eindhoven striker has been the key figure in the attack for past 2 seasons.

But they're serious about atoning for past wrongs; this former KFC vows never to have chicken on their menu.

This 6 feet 3 inches tall Danish defender has been the backbone of Liverpool's defense for past 3 seasons now.

We can not look forward without regard for past history, because past (in) actions define what Janil is today.

To be fair, the industry is fairly new to our country, it's only been really active for past fifteen years or so.

This particular combination frequently makes use of the semi-modal expression be going to since this is readily marked for past.

In 13% of cases past from is used

So it isn't the present which moves from past to future, but the events which go from future to past.

As a Somalis have we learn or earn anything from past twenty years and why this time of are more important than others that we have had try and fail.

As I've argued ad nauseam I see time as effect of action, the changing configuration of what exists, turning future into past, not a vector from past to future.

The research group (twenty-one scientists from nearly as many different universities) reviewed the evidence from past known or suspected intervals of ocean acidification.

In 13% of cases past in is used

I have seldom seen such improvisation till date in past 20 years of cinema.

In 4% of cases past at is used

Please note that past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.

I got the message at past 3pm that I should sent the details or I will have to be dropped.

Start: 8:15pm The moon lights up the night in its brightest moment, the shadow of our Earth is not yet visible, I predict that the shadow will occur at past 9pm.

The worry here is that up until September the maximum was 14 trades, or even 11 when looking at past 6 months, though it then increased to 16 without any notification.

In 4% of cases past to is used

So it isn't the present which moves from past to future, but the events which go from future to past.

In 2% of cases past without is used

For example, they were to practice in a way that was neither here, nor elsewhere; without past, without present, without future.

In 1% of cases past by is used

In the famous words of Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell the Republicans were out to defeat the Obama agenda even if it went against established Republican policies set by past precedent.

In 1% of cases past with is used

Kala is the time factor with past, present and future, and represents the supreme Lord in His unmanifested impersonal feature.

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