Prepositions used with "passport"

"of passport" or "for passport"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases passport of is used

Nearly 5 percent reported the loss of passports.

Validity period of passport must be at least 6 months.

I believe it depends on what kind/color of passport you currently have.

Full Name of student and Serial Number of Passport should be clearly VISIBLE.

We are introducing this new style of passport to help fight fraud and forgery.

Faxed copies of passport, green card have low resolutions and are thus not acceptable.

But with today's allegations of passport fraud federal prosecutor's could charge him anew, and add more time to the token amount he's facing.

Please Note: the application processing times above apply to all types of passport services, including requests for a name change and additional visa pages.

In 16% of cases passport for is used

Please consider this timeline when renewing or applying for passports.

Please click here for the Two Parent Consent Requirement for Passport Issuance to Minors Under Age 16.

Where a father has been appointed a joint guardian then his consent is required for passport applications and for the adoption of the child (by the mother and her husband or by another couple).

In 9% of cases passport with is used

Tax #s tend to follow with passport #s.

Extra consideration is required with passports.

Traditionally, we have done that with passports, and other Government-issued credentials.

In 6% of cases passport about is used

They will ask about passport information and keep it in their system to avoid possible misuse.

Anyway, if you are asking about passport's required validity when traveling, as far as I know, at least 6 months validity is required.

In 6% of cases passport to is used

The evidence may include but need not be limited to passport entry/exit stamps and academic records.

Passport Cards Passport cards are a fantastic alternative to passports for individuals who travel frequently to Mexico or Canada.

Small example, but as you go through the airport to passport control, the sign on the floor just before you reach the booth says ' please wait ' in both German and English.

In 5% of cases passport like is used

While that includes things like passports, university ID cards, the state assumes most voters will rely on driver's licenses or nondriver identification cards for voting.

In 5% of cases passport on is used

And as far as I know, embassies don't usually grant visas on passport that has less than 6 months of validity.

In 5% of cases passport through is used

Their want is for Tanzania to level the global playground for them, through passports.

Incidentally, you still have to go through passport control when getting onto the island and fill out an entirely new visa form, despite it being only an hour or so off the mainland.

In 3% of cases passport from is used

In my returned letter, they mentioned like below: Please note, we do not accept passports as proff of birth, therefore we are unable to accept details from passport.

In 3% of cases passport without is used

Without passports, the Free State was a State devoid of citizens or at least devoid of citizens identified in an internationally legitimated way.

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