Prepositions used with "passion"

"of passion" or "with passion"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 48% of cases passion of is used
    I call this The Way of passion.
    Its hard to acquire you level of passion.
    It kills off the thriving lust of passion.
    And It always reminds me those hard but full of passion days when I was reading for my PHD.
    And this unprovoked awareness-release is empty of passion, empty of aversion, empty of delusion.
    It was then that he made his most infamous remark: ' Ayodhya ', he said, ' is a sort of passion.
    If you're a reader at all, you're it by now, and there is a kind of passion for books that readers have at that age.
    When the warriors set up with spears to kill their rivals, they are digging up over 100 years of passions and hatred.
    The Community I also looked carefully at the interactions in our community, particularly those showing a lot of passion.

    In 28% of cases passion with is used
    You can not fight media with passion.
    I sing with passion, and I love what I do.
    Then keep going with passion &; commitment.
    I am a so-called developer with passion to play with codes, and every latest tech gadget.
    Families respond with passion and dedication -- devoting themselves to their loved one's recovery.
    Mohsin has stewarded them with passion and care since he was appointed as interim coach last year.
    We want to compete with passion and compete with willing to work, because that's something other people don't have.
    Armed with passion and the right knowledge, training and skills, anyone can render assistance in an emergency, says Capt Bala.
    It also has massive potential for international growth and the key ingredient which is a founder who is bursting with passion.
    Both spoke with passion on why their respective husbands deserved a vote, how they understand the pulse of the common American.

    In 8% of cases passion by is used
    In this intimate moment I was overcome, though not by passion.
    They're driven by passion for the sport, not the corporate dollar.
    Fueled by passion (and probably a ton of energy drinks ), the crowd went nuts.
    However, overcome by passions, some returned home, while others remained, but fell asleep in their seats.
    Reason is always blinded by passion, and until the moral issue of desire is addressed, it is useless as a tool for discovering truth.
    Would you please tell us something about you and your site? I am a telecommunications engineer by degree, an entrepreneur by passion and a writer by.
    A cultural anthropologist by training, neuroanthropologist by passion, Greg studies sport and dance as methods for perceptual, neurological, motor and phenotypic change.
    Tell her that she's much too attractive for you to be able to do that without being overwhelmed by passion (assuming you believe it, of course ), then sleep on the floor or the couch.
    I deliberately pointed out the internal struggle within many greens, and I think Osbert's comment was instructive: many, many greens are driven to do what they do by passion, not reason.

    In 4% of cases passion without is used
    He spoke fluently and agreeably, without passion.
    Without passion, you won't be able to make your blog the best one there is.
    A gift one gives to an outsider who is without passion for sensual desires, this is the eleventh offering to an individual.

    In 3% of cases passion about is used
    Partly this is about passion for providing quality links between worker and employer.
    As a five-door hatchback with the coup profile of a three-door, New Clio is all about passion.
    The Voices? ' Well, everybody knows I'd a huge Eurovision fan, so in first place it's all about passion of course.
    In the business world it's all about passion and commitment to what you're doing, and it's also about taking risks where necessary.
    Phileo is ultimately not about passion as much as it is about commitment, the love that binds one to another in enduring friendship.

    In 3% of cases passion for is used
    Getting Paid for passion and Heart 1.
    This is a great opportunity for people who would like to this as a resale business, not just for profit but also for passion to fashion.
    Held across two stages, the KnockanStockan festival is run for passion, not for profit, and relies on 150 volunteers to get the whole thing up and running.

    In 2% of cases passion in is used
    In order to succeed in business, Michelle believes in passion, creativity, a clear sense of direction and the ability to communicate clearly.

    In 1% of cases passion over is used
    I have given up $$$ over passion and I am glad to say, satisfaction is at it's maximum! I love nails and everything to do with it.

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