Prepositions used with "party"

"of party" or "to party"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases party of is used

Lots of parties so lots of noise.

It goes to a lot of parties without me.

The henna party is not your usual type of party.

This disease of parties fragmenting themselves is not unique to the President's party.

These kinds of parties are exceptionally special and you also must do plenty of planning.

Keep in mind I spent the last 7 months in India and Egypt, both a bit conservative and hard to find this type of party.

I ought to have made a bloc with the minorities in defense of party democracy while holding my own political positions.

This paper divides MPs into three groups: those in government, those in opposition, and those independent of parties.

The Conference of Parties has been firm on ensuring that tobacco industry representatives are kept at a safe distance.

In 21% of cases party to is used

Randle fightin ' for his right to party.

There are some people who like going to parties.

We played the show and went on to party afterwards.

He left his men to die in Benghazi, then went to party on in Vegas at yet another fundraiser.

The Liberal Democrats used the research to step up their campaign for changes to party funding.

Details The Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and Paralympics have proved that Britain loves to party.

You say also that minority government would lead to parties looking over their shoulder continually at the election.

Yes I still go to the gym like normal, I still go to parties and go out and play before exams but I don't see why EXAMS.

I like to party at friends ' places but love dressing up, so to satisfy that urge I go out to nightspots that allow a little.

I wasn't invited to parties and I look back now and I'd so thankful that I was at home playing guitar until my fingers bled.

In 9% of cases party by is used

In the US, for example, districts are decided by parties and gerrymandered to hell.

Human taste and market forces both influence and are influenced by party political systems.

She became Jamaica's first female prime minister in March 2006 after she was picked by party delegates when P.

Here is just an excerpt of the FULL MAP, for the US Senate: The placement on left or right is by party offiliation.

LINKS TO THIRD-PARTY SITES This Website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by parties other than getTickets.

They cut through the PR gloss given by parties, ministries and senior managers and get to the heart of the matter in question.

Disclaimer -- Third-Party Web Site Links The Site may contain links to Web sites operated by parties other than the Prize Summit.

Bush's ' No Child Left Behind ' reform of the US education system despite not agreeing with it, because he was told to by party bosses.

As such he is revered, adored even, by party faithful as holding the key to the popular dissemination of even the most unpalatable policies.

If Congress media chairperson Janardan Dwivedi referred to her as a UPA ally, this was reiterated by party spokesperson Manish Tewari on Monday.

In 9% of cases party for is used

We vote for parties during parliamentary elections.

Most teams, including The Dutch Boys, went for Party Hard.

We must call for parties to nominate candidates to serve in INEC.

My sister's also raided my collection more than a few times for parties and whatnot.

This cigarette is perfect for parties and other gatherings where a mild scent is preferred.

I called; you have my reservation, even though we don't take them for parties less than five.

We were given the liberty to have such drinks only when we went out or for parties, and it was never kept at home.

We should vote for what is in the Teaty not for parties, for or against the government or for fairy tale economics.

To keep this from being a source of free labor for parties who could pay, doing work for non-profit groups is best.

Holness said the defeat will prompt a time of introspection and reflection for party leaders to examine what went wrong.

In 7% of cases party at is used

Friends leave their buddies at parties for their homes everyday.

Now they cut up apples and serve it with sliced cheese at parties.

Parents do come to me to find out what kind of music we are going play at parties (etc.

When you see her at parties, it's like waoh! She still attends parties? Of course, yes.

Meeting at parties, talkingto him for long hours, we'd developed a closer bond and that helped.

This is why I am encouraging both my mom and my aunt to just play bingo online like at Party Bingo.

At parties and social gatherings, a strict protocol of separation of the sexes would be maintained.

So we were at party was ending and I bumped into him, introduced myself, told him I knew who he was and I said.

Lawrence, who had seen one of Farr's psaltery performances in London, was known to imitate her chanting satirically at parties.

Jewish musicians often were invited to perform at parties and to entertain guests by performing on musical instruments and singing.

In 6% of cases party in is used

In Party Hard, teams must go to a bar in Tekek and party until morning.

In addition I suspect their delegates feel they a real say in party policy.

In our party-list system, the real contest for legislative candidates is in party primaries.

Why should they focus on how the minority are poppin ' champagne and lavishing in parties.

I had come straight from work and wasn't really in party mode, so I took things pretty chilled.

Wow! Even I can not tell all the time when my friends are on drugs in parties at my own house.

Mostly square tables are utilized in parties where it is required to place plates, serviettes, cups etc.

Sadly, the young are hastily insisting on their democratic rights and dislodging some experienced MPs in party primaries.

It gave the impression that no one in party was worthy enough to have a higher level position, other than someone belonging to Nawaz Sharif family.

The Irish President does not play a role in party politics, which is left to the Prime Minister, but has a powerful symbolic and legal oversight function.

In 5% of cases party with is used

He also held meetings with party office-holders.

I mean think of any creepy thing you can make so that the food goes with party mood.

He started off with parties at Shisha Reincarnated last year, which had great footfall.

Dr Khalwale said Mr Mudavadi was open to talks with parties pursuing a national agenda.

Many states with party registration have shown big drops in registered Democrats since then.

It's worked remarkably well in Scotland and Wales with parties learning to be less confrontational for the sake of it.

The pensioners, some of them living on social benefits, were given a hard time by harassing them 24 hours with cameras and with party noise until they gave up and sold their houses.

During his tour of the Region, the President would address rallies, inspect and inaugurate development projects, and hold meetings with party leadership and supporters in the Region.

For the past two months, they said, the number of registered Democrats has increased more than the number of registered Republicans in Florida and other key states with party registration.

Love this picture we all look so happy here! Yes I was born a day after my father and it was a privilege growing up celebrating my birthdays almost every year with parties with my father.

In 4% of cases party between is used

A technology company can use the same model but it requires a level of trust between parties.

Complaints System The complaints system is aimed at resolving disputes between parties through conciliation.

These spaces of overlap between parties and meetings produced a fertile breeding ground for ideas that served to spread participatory democracy.

Separation Agreement Separation Agreements were entered into regularly between parties before the legislation allowing for Judicial Separation and Divorce.

Demand Cooperation between Parties We all know that Congress is often deadlocked on political ideology, and can not seem to do the right thing for all of America.

Leadership changes are thrashed out in advance through horse-trading between party elders and retiring leaders anxious to preserve political power and protect family interests.

The UK moves in the direction of a one party state where we are led to believe that there are differences between parties, but in reality we have the same policies with different faces.

In 4% of cases party from is used

Gu came from party aristocracy.

Mayawati had claimed she had received the money as donations from party workers.

You can find disposable plates, cups, spoons, and forks with prints of this theme from party shops.

And no one has the grittiness to urge reform like a former politician now free from party discipline.

From party to casual to formal dresses, skirts, tops &; trousers 24 Diamonds had it all covered, it was nice to see the variety that 24 Diamonds offered.

Both must be careful to keep their plans within the Overton window, to avoid losing independents, while not straying too far from party ideology, which could hurt them with their bases.

Party leaders appointed candidates for elections, and there were allegations that wealthy candidates could purchase nominations from party leaders with campaign contributions or personal gifts.

Hahahahaha, yikes what was I thinking?! To make a long story short; Many of you know I have decided to step away from party cakes, cupcakes and cookies to focus primarily on my one true cake love.

In 3% of cases party across is used

It should cut across party loyalties.

Support for legalization has hardly been split across party lines.

Their versatility spreads across parties, fetes, carnival bands and now HU Homecoming.

There isn't one democrat that I voted for and yes I have voted across party lines before.

It's fascinating to see how this issue has cut across party lines and sort of scrambled the usual red-blue divide.

In 1991 during a general election campaign the police stumbled on the Jain Hawala diaries that contained the names of over 40 national leaders cutting across parties.

If this coalition can be solidified, it may be California's best bet to move political reforms forward in the next decade by working across party lines in a new California political playing field.

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