Prepositions used with "participation"

"of participation" or "for participation"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 37% of cases participation of is used
    Just an acknowledgement of participation.
    We are expecting a high standard of participation from the four entrants.
    We are facing an unprecedented crisis, a crisis of participation, a crisis of faith.
    Even in the 1980s i suspect the level of participation was a hang-over from the 1970s.
    However, they can waive the right of participation in favour of any specific partner or person.
    participants are also required to notify the Department of cessation of participation on a course.
    Yesterday, in a ceremony, all of the participants were presented with a certificate of participation.
    We will build on our culture of participation but also encourage and foster teamwork among our students.
    President, On issues of world security, Kenya has a long record of participation in Peace-keeping Operations.
    Asplund et al discuss exercise-associated collapse as an adverse side effect of participation in endurance sports.

    In 28% of cases participation for is used
    This is compulsory for participation in the event.
    Policy ThinkShop: Rules for participation and sharing.
    In exchange for participation, businesses receive free advertising.
    Membership implies participation, but not participation for participation's sake.
    On the contrary, Japanese trade unions are lack of legal rights for participation.
    This procedure was continued until the target for participation was recruited and enrolled.
    In this context the eligibility criteria, for participation in the scheme, is subject to change from time to time.
    A board member of his local Rotary Club, he has chaired their campaign for participation in the international Rotary Foundation.

    In 7% of cases participation from is used
    He said the EC, by preventing the former First Lady from participation in the polls, had violated her fundamental human right, an obligation that the EC failed to comply with.
    Here you are one of them Grassroutes from Maharashtra offers some unique experiences to travellers from participation in rice cultivation to watching fireflies, depending on the time of the year.

    In 7% of cases participation through is used
    Through participation in the E-Verify program, Superior Energy Services, Inc.
    Paul's understanding, is mediated to the individual through participation in the community.
    Approved courses taken at other universities or through participation in the Education Abroad Program.
    Governance, which had earlier been accomplished through participation, was now based on compromises within the National Congress.
    The newly initiated explore their experience of being fully initiated through participation with all the faithful at Sunday Eucharist and through appropriate catechesis.
    Through participation in community organizations, minority groups can partake in local political discussion in order to create an intercultural arena for the formal negotiation of differences.

    In 7% of cases participation to is used
    However CCS providers may apply to the Department in writing for an exemption to participation in the ECCE programme.
    Indeed, European airports consistently outperform their global counterparts, when it comes to participation on a range of different route promotion activities.
    The moral, the physical commitment and social media informational barriers to participation are much lower for nonviolent resistance than for violent insurgency.
    The allowance is NOT payable for the summer period between academic years to BTEA participants who were in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance or Jobseekers Benefit prior to participation in the scheme.

    In 5% of cases participation in is used
    We saw good growth in participation, interest, and community over those years.
    For this to be achieved, however, we must first work toward ensuring universality in participation.
    Three key factors here are: -the huge rise in participation rates in the last 20-30 years, now close to 50 %.

    In 4% of cases participation with is used
    It was synonymous with participation, transparency and good governance.
    The parliament formed all 48 standing committees in the first session with participation from opposition parties.
    Yesterday, Bondsy announced a round of financing led by Thrive Capital*, with participation from Betaworks, Chris Dixon, GroupeMe's Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci, and more.
    The Free GH100 campaign is open to everybody, be they existing clients or new customers, with participation only limited to the opening of PureSave and ContractSave accounts.
    Finally, they should come to understand that the attainment of individual goals and public goals tend to go hand in hand with participation in political life and civil society.

    In 2% of cases participation as is used
    The latter was provided for as participation is not restricted to Muslims.
    Discerning and describing trends, such as participation in civic life, immigration, or employment helps the citizen fit current events into a longer term pattern.

    In 2% of cases participation on is used
    The course is extremely dependent on participation.
    Course participation The course is extremely dependent on participation.
    Tse is active in the local Chinese Music scene, and concentrates on participation and promotion of Chinese music activities.

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