Prepositions used with "parliament"

"of parliament" or "in parliament"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases parliament of is used

Another Member of Parliament, Mr.

That takes being a member of Parliament.

Mr Kabogo has been pursuing the matter on the floor of Parliament without success.

Since 1952 The Queen has given Royal Assent to more than 3,500 Acts of Parliament.

We invited Dee Ryall, our local Member of Parliament to officially open the service.

The police and the administration were clearly rattled by the intention to protest in front of parliament house.

She has threatened to place an injunction in court on the recently increased salaries for members of parliament.

In 28% of cases parliament in is used

He was in parliament from 1997-2002.

The matter was debated in parliament.

Legislative power is vested in parliament.

Kabwe had complained about the same issue in parliament for years, with no effect.

The M? ori seats M? ori have had separate representation in Parliament since 1867.

Bukit Mertajam MP Chong Eng has also promised to bring the matter up in Parliament.

Another useless puppet put up in Parliament as NMP by the Mafia in White to lend voices to the foreigners ' cause.

Secondly, the Majority Leader in Parliament is the President's representative who moves the business of the House.

But the Tamil parliamentarians protest in parliament may not turn out an acid test for survival of his government.

In 10% of cases parliament to is used

Armed rebels have been brought to parliament.

Going to parliament will not amount to anything.

Neither are these sicko's confined to Parliament.

The budget was delievered to parliament late last night and is due to be voted on tomorrow.

Or we could leave it to Parliament, as we leave it to them to appoint the governor-general.

There is no reason to bar certain groups of citizens (minor parties) from access to parliaments.

Why Saitoti was pinpointed and nominated to Parliament by President Moi remains an enduring mystery to this day.

Every candidate for election to Parliament has the right to conduct his campaign freely and in accordance with law.

The ex home secretary definitively lying to parliament should be (even amongst the ' band of crooks ') unacceptable.

Ultimately a caricature of the original Neelan package came to parliament but even the TULF would not support it now.

In 6% of cases parliament by is used

It was a mandate given to us by Parliament.

Once approved by Parliament, the Order is made law by the Queen.

Mr Peters was censured by parliament for not declaring the donation.

As this has not yet been agreed by Parliament, these proposals are subject to change.

He was to be impeached by Parliament when he resigned from office at the end of 1992.

This would include matters of policy and principle that should be considered by Parliament.

Under the deal approved by Parliament, President John Dramani Mahama would receive a monthly salary of GH12,000.

Afotey Agbo challenged the relevance of the law which was part of several road safety regulations that were passed by Parliament.

How is this taking over?? Laws can only be changed by parliament and the house of commons in consultation with the house of lords.

The attorney general, however, had told the bench that a court decision against speaker's ruling could be set aside by parliament.

In 2% of cases parliament before is used

Only six weeks or less before Parliament rises.

It's now just days before the Energy Bill goes before Parliament.

The Bill before Parliament was unanimously supported by the Cabinet.

The SI still needs to be formally laid before Parliament before it is enacted.

Fernandes first agreed to table the report before parliament, but did not do so.

The SI could be laid before Parliament with MPs getting just a few hours notice.

Or, draft a bill and put it before parliament, right now you are an angry infant screaming about the problems.

I wonder if labor will call an election before parliament sits after christmas and therefore before any of this gets any further.

The recommendations have been tabled before Parliament while the report has outlined a disproportionate number of smoking-related issues in South Canterbury.

And the reverberations from the News of the World revelations are still being felt, with James Murdoch ' s extraordinary apology-laden appearance before parliament today.

In 2% of cases parliament for is used

The Court indicated that it was for Parliament to provide for it.

To be so persuaded can only serve to lower still further the public's respect for Parliament.

Eligibility to stand for Parliament Only New Zealand citizens are eligible to sit in Parliament.

President Mursi accepted power on the understanding that new elections for Parliament will take place.

The National Audit Office scrutinizes public spending for Parliament and is independent of government.

Harper is condemned for partisanship, a lack of respect for Parliament, and an authoritarian approach to government.

It is for Parliament in the first instance to strike the balance between individual rights and the general interest.

Briefing session for Parliament RFQ's was an excuse for getting people out of their office and having their own big part.

It shows what happened that night when Vanessa Redgrave stood as a WRP candidate for parliament - against a Labour MP called Reg Prentice.

Re-election is possible for an indefinite number of terms, and it has historically been extremely rare for Parliament not to re-elect a sitting Councillor.

In 2% of cases parliament from is used

Rachael Kohn: Well, it helps to be just down from Parliament House too.

In his own words, he retired from parliament to spend more time on politics.

He was the one who told the people of Jamaica from Parliament that he sanctioned the matter.

If either Shearer or Cunliffe resigned from Parliament Socialist Cindy would be parachuted in to that electorate.

The opposition MPs continued to participate in standing committee meetings despite their absence from parliament.

Chris Smith from radio 2GB in Sydney is hoping to be able to broadcast his show that day from Parliament House on that day.

In March this year he was suspended from parliament suspended pending an investigation into allegations of misappropriation of public funds.

The finance minister and his head of legal department managed to run rings around the system to approve more loans without further approval from parliament.

Do opposition parties get financial help from Parliament? Do MPs have their own pension scheme? Yes they do - a final salary scheme with a choice of accrual rates.

It is not surprising, then, that Trudeau's opinion on the relative importance of MPs -- that they are nobodies 15 minutes away from Parliament Hill -- is incorrect.

In 2% of cases parliament on is used

This is in contrast to LKY 20-30 years ago, when he debated Chiam ST on Parliament.

He is looking for people who are prepared to march on Parliament House on Wednesday 23rd March and 12 noon.

For more information, the public can visit the Info-Tent, located on Parliament Hill, daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

Clearly, the few MPs who are also members of the Cabinet are more important on Parliament Hill than backbenchers are.

But a lot of voters -- not just self-interested elites -- have valid reasons for supporting some limit on parliamentary representation.

Most commentators on Parliament agree that opposition parties in Parliament are relatively weak at generating accountability of government.

On Thursday, May 10, over 15,000 people will gather on Parliament Hill -- if the numbers are like last year -- to ask that the debate take place.

Those against the St Pauls protest drew parallels to the decade long protest held on Parliament Square against the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions.

Crown Prince Alois was allowed to retain his power of veto over decisions made in nationwide ballots (his veto on parliament's decisions was not in question).

Under the bill, Canadian courts still relied on Parliament to effect changes -- which, in retrospect, looks like asking children to please set their own bedtimes.

In 2% of cases parliament through is used

While the Bill for that was going through Parliament I was active in proposing amendments.

We can not get anything through parliament and we can not get any reforms done very easily.

This does not mean that Parliament governs but that the Government must work through Parliament.

You can make a submission through Parliament's website once the Committee has agreed to receive submissions.

We acknowledged that the Government's draft Communications Bill, currently progressing through Parliament, provides.

The Redistribution Bill was then piloted through Parliament in a curious bipartisan operation and became law in June 1885.

Instead, a watered-down bill was pushed through Parliament that led to the formation of the Enforcement Agencies Integrity Commission.

Actually I think governments have a mandate for anything they can get through parliament (effectively their caucus and coalition partners).

After a first $7million tranche of the facility passed through parliament, all subsequent payments to Quality Grain were deemed to be the same.

For instance, the Growth and Infrastructure Bill now going through Parliament has not benefited from a white paper or from pre-legislative scrutiny.

In 1% of cases parliament into is used

She first got into Parliament (= became an MP) in 2005.

If you want a republic then get more republican MPs into Parliament and make it a republic.

So what do the Nat's do? Try and stop NZF getting back into parliament or suck up to them? One thing is certain, Shearer is quietly stearing Labour to victory.

If the Government decides to progress amendments to the Animal Welfare Act, a Bill will be drafted and introduced into Parliament during the first part of 2013.

But despite being written off by everyone (to the betting-related detriment of yours truly ), NZ First surged triumphantly back into Parliament in the 2011 election with 6.

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