Prepositions used with "parking"

"of parking" or "for parking"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases parking of is used

In terms of parking, again, delivery trucks.

The cost of a car is high, but the cost of parking can be even higher.

There was opposition from the new de Young museum that didn't want any shortage of parking.

What is one of the main complaints from businesses and residents downtown? The cost of parking.

Ebert: For me, one of the flaws of the Trump is the way it handles its first 12 floors of parking.

But it wasn't only the dearth of parking space that made us long for a house in a less congested area.

It is a mere 15 minutes from Sandton, ten minutes from Edenvale, and there is plenty of parking on site.

We think that the decriminalisation of parking enforcement will help to ease this problem and we are looking.

But the cost of parking planes for days, along with potential damage, will undoubtedly cost airlines millions.

Obviously there's a lot to organise in terms of parking and so on, it's not just the pitch or the playing surface.

In 26% of cases parking for is used

The machine will tell you cost-per-minute for parking.

Is there overnight street parking near downtown? (hate to pay for parking).

Its contractors charge people up to Rs50 for parking when the rate is officially Rs10.

The proposal is for parking to be banned in the area from 11pm-5am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Does the business need parking? Depending on the type of business, determine the need for parking.

I've only gone to adjudication for parking tickets, but it seemed like the rules of evidence were very lax.

The required elements were spaces for parking 2 cars, a space for drying laundry, and a space for the shop.

I don't know how other cities do it but the idiots here (DNA again, of course!) had not arranged for parking.

There is free parking on the street outside the door - this is allowed - and also a lock up area for parking besides.

In 12% of cases parking with is used

French doors open onto sunny courtyard with parking at the door.

Incidently the problem with parking along Preston Road has not been resolved.

One can seldom escape from such approaches when the building is a shop with parking spaces.

It is only faced with limitations when travel is within a high density area with parking restrictions.

A convenient, quiet place to live with parking at the door, or in the enclosed secure lock up area below.

There is a private paved rear garden and a small green area to the front of the house with parking at the door.

As I arrived at the Silverbird Galleria on Victoria Island, Lagos-Nigeria, the car park was jam-packed and my driver had issues with parking.

Apparently there is a problem with parking on that street in the evening and the customer in question has managed to fall out with the whole street.

The problem with parking bans and alcohol bans is that those responsible for the problems simply move on to another spot, but in this instance it seems the right thing to do.

Most retailers seem to want to turn Auckland into American style strip malls with parking right out front (you only have to go to Albany to realise that this a soul destroying form of development).

In 6% of cases parking on is used

Vehicles parking on parking area must have a valid licence plate.

Single yellow lines: there are restrictions on parking at certain times.

I say let pave the lot, put more downward pressure on parking prices, and wait for the day that new construction in the CBD makes economic sense.

You may want to contact the hotel administration about potential deals that they offer on parking even if it doesn't look like any are available.

In 6% of cases parking to is used

The two areas are very similar, they share the same issues as to parking, usage etc, they are both with the congestion zone and CAZ area.

Furthermore, a visible security presence could add the extra layer of credibility to parking restrictions that stops individuals from parking wherever they wish.

They used his street near Hollywood Boulevard as fast access to parking, so he complained to his city councilman, the council district office and then the police.

My only gripe when it came to parking was the lack of parking sensors -- something I feel is a must in a vehicle of this nature, a really ought to be a standard feature.

In 3% of cases parking about is used

That single point has gotten lost in the big discussion about parking in general.

Taking the bus downtown from my neighbourhood is extremely convenient and I love that we can get there and not worry a bit about parking.

Information about parking at Earls Court Congestion Charging and LEZ information: The Western extension to the London congestion charging zone has now come into effect.

Why in the world would I drive that distance? Now you might be thinking that driving is quicker or you can haul more stuff or it's more comfortable but think about parking.

In 3% of cases parking at is used

Where is this? My experience is that there's rarely parking during business hours downtown at parking meters.

It's a mighty beast and takes us to all sorts of wonderfully remote places, but it's not great at parking in a small space, and the geese are used to.

On-street privileges Time limits are extended to 4 hours at parking meters and elsewhere where parking is permitted, regardless of the time limit posted on the signs.

With everything from telling people they suck at parking, to their body odor, and even their poor choice of tattoos, there's an offensive business card for any occasion.

In 3% of cases parking from is used

Furthermore, a visible security presence could add the extra layer of credibility to parking restrictions that stops individuals from parking wherever they wish.

In 2% of cases parking after is used

I had a similar claim after parking in Staples car park in Nottingham when I was visiting my son in Uni Halls near there.

In 2% of cases parking in is used

Out Patient Department and Minor Procedures Clinic Specialities available Car Parking Park only in parking spaces provided.

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