Prepositions used with "park"

"of park", "in park" or "to park"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases park of is used

Corner of Park and Third Streets.

Second instance was at the bottom of Park Lane.

There are a couple of parks that I try to get to in every season.

Even if Arsenal makes the League Cup final, Wenger would actually play Rvp ahead of Park.

Lots of parks, rivers, maybe mountains and scenic sights to see that don't drain your cash.

As for the kids, there are a lot of parks and gardens in Bangalore that we visit quite often.

However, a mere ten minutes to the north, over the Harlem River, is the other end of Park Avenue -- in the South Bronx.

Today, a survey of Parks Canada Internet Website offers a curious blending of the many texts issued for the sites in the region.

It's a flat bit of park complete with a kids ' play area and football pitches - admittedly not very pretty, but fairly well used.

Two-thirds of parks have human settlements, and one-quarter of their lands have already been disturbed or converted to agriculture.

In 22% of cases park in is used

After putting the car in park, I popped the trunk.

Some of them became very popular in parks and gardens.

I based it on my own experience in Methodist Hospital in Park Slope, Brooklyn in late 2004.

Can we not allocate space in parks and fence it in like they did in Allan Gardens Park so.

No major scale parks will be present, for these will be grouped separately in parks and recreation.

Tens of thousands of trees were lost throughout city streets and in parks during the violent storm.

I think just walking in parks, does something physically to us and psychologically and spiritually.

The game is played in parks all around the world, from New York's spectacular Central Park to the famous English Garden in Munich.

So in June, during an event for donors in Park City, Utah, Myers met with several candidates to clarify a few more details with each.

Take Away: Mayor Bloomberg, take note! Along with your soda ban, putting these in parks would go a long way to making exercise fun and easy.

In 15% of cases park to is used

This was subsequently cut back to Park Lawn.

It has easy access to parks and it is environmentally friendly.

At South Station take the Red Line (towards Alewife) two stops to Park Street.

Birding safaris will take you to parks like Lake Baringo, Kakamega, Meru and Lake Naivasha.

I went to Park Guell 3 times I also went to the same market you mentioned, however, I never went to a tapas place.

Advertising avalanche The Paris temple of trends, Colette makes at the end of the year and dedicated to Park its 2008 schedule.

From there it descends until South Place is reached at 1 in 131, and from South Place onwards to Park Road the gradient is 1 in 50.

Perhaps he would be likened to Park, but at 23, there's no better side for a young player to go to improve as a footballer then at United.

Winkworth brought her predicament to our notice and drove to Park Headquarters to seek permission and the help of Rangers to rescue the calf.

Look at similar countries and see how their people cope -- case in point KSA and KWT; they have no cinemas and its too hot to go out to parks.

In 7% of cases park for is used

Their total lack of disregard for park rules and their total lack of common sense was shocking.

Benedict Collins the council's PR guy says user charges for parks have not yet been finalized.

What that means, is that correcting for park and league, Happ's been below-average according to ERA, and pretty bad according to FIP.

However if you are looking for Park City with less people make sure to see when The Sun Dance Film Festive is and when spring break is.

The rendezvous point for park strollers is about 2 miles from Levy's apartment and 1 mile from the condo of her married 53-year-old lover, Rep.

So it turns out my parents COULD N'T have had Boardwalk, they must have mistaken it for Park Place somehow, so they never really lost the money.

In 7% of cases park on is used

To get to your house you tell me to turn right on Park Ave.

Looking north on Park Avenue in Manhattan, one can not help but experience the Beaux Arts wonders of the design at Grand Central.

There is a fireplace lounge where you can read and a theatre showing videos on park history, avalanches, bears and other animals.

Regional work includes An Enemy of the People, Playhouse on Park; Dracula, Denver Center Theatre Company; The Pavilion, Dorset Theatre Festival;.

In 6% of cases park with is used

She and the Chicken had their own conflict, which made me fall in love with Park Min-woo even more.

And we want to make sure, then I'll go over what we're going to do with parks and the beaches and that sort of thing.

If that is the case then we have three players who will captain their respective countries, with Park being the skipper of Korea.

In 5% of cases park from is used

They also contribute to the services and benefits we all enjoy from parks and reserves to health and education.

The Corporation wanted to build a new road from Park Road terminating at the easterly corner of the Corporation slaughter houses in South Place.

In when Americans were eating a generally organic, whole food diet immediately from park to desk the 1900s, obesity was a particularly uncommon happening.

Bi-o's strongest challenge from the Korean ranks is expected to come from Park Sang-hyun, currently third on the Order of Merit, who pushed his friend all the way in both home events this season.

In 4% of cases park at is used

In Derry City 5 IRA men blew up a BBC transmitter at Park Avenue in Rosemount.

At Park Street, take the C train of the Green Line (towards Cleveland Circle).

Boats are run by the Mutiara Taman Negara resort and Nusa Holiday Village, whose boats also stop at park headquarters before continuing to Nusa Holiday Village, so you can take either service.

In 3% of cases park by is used

Take in an evening show by Parks Canada interpreters.

You can begin your walk at the mouth of the Capilano River by Park Royal.

While the downtown of Adelaide is wonderfully ringed by parks, these are city parks.

Regis Singapore offered qualitatively similar services as those offered by Park Regis.

Do Not Enter Old and the Beautiful Who photographs the photographer? Photographing Photographer Crossing This guy was playing by Park Street T station.

In 3% of cases park up is used

Garfield Delano Spence was born in Up Park Camp, St.

What's the plan? This fund will be used to build a Pop Up Park in Dublin City Centre (a short term, 3-4 month installation) to highlight all that is good and beautiful in Ireland.

An internment camp was set up at Up Park Camp where citizens of any countries with which Britain might be at war, as well as anyone considered a threat to the war effort, were locked up.

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