Prepositions used with "paper"

"of paper" or "on paper"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases paper of is used

Grab a pen and a piece of paper.

Money per se is a piece of paper.

Take a piece of paper and a pencil.

She wrote on the backs of old Christmas cards and odd bits of paper - I never knew why.

If two sets of papers have different levels of difficulty, they have to be dealt with.

The supply of new gold is relatively small and steady unlike the supply of paper money.

But there's a series of paper collages that the painter Alex Katz made in the 1950? s that never fails to inspire me.

A round table should not consist of a succession of papers; participants are expected to engage in lively discussions.

We were amazed to watch all this when the waiter took off a piece of paper from the wall and threw it in the dust bin.

Shreds of its wings and tail surfaces slither along the carrier? s deck like sheets of paper swept in front of a gale.

In 30% of cases paper on is used

Suitable for my needs on paper.

It makes perfect sense on paper.

I have on Paper here on my legal.

She then had a drive-by appraisal done which showed my house double its worth on paper.

It strikes me as peculiar though, that a right to life has to be written down on paper.

As I'd use to writing my essays in the computer, I had a hard time writing it on paper.

Once you have your ideas on paper it will help you to raise money and permit you to monitor the project once you start.

The deal looked secure on paper, but when I met the bagel maker himself, I had an intuition that something was ' off '.

I would like, if possible, to be so conscious of what was coming that I had time to write down a few thoughts on paper.

Specialized experience handling delicate works of art on paper and knowledge of advanced matting techniques is required.

In 5% of cases paper for is used

The call for papers will be issued shortly.

The call for papers will be issued shortly.

U have no choice, except for Paper or plastic.

Paper and cardboard there are actually 4 codes within the EWC for paper and cardboard.

The ability to search for papers through a variety of means makes it very easy to navigate.

DEADLINE for paper submissions: January 20, 2012 - for details see the First Call for Papers.

Abstracts should be up to 300 words long for paper presentations, and 500 for workshops, submitted by 15th December 2012.

Worldwide demand for paper has increased fivefold since the 1950s, and it is expected to double again over the next 50 years.

We welcome proposals for papers and panels on all aspects of narrative in any genre, period, discipline, language, and medium.

We welcome proposals for papers and panels on all aspects of narrative in any genre, period, discipline, language, and medium.

In 5% of cases paper to is used

In fact, it applies to paper money more so.

Every page feels like a call to put pen to paper.

After one such occasion recently, I put pen to paper and wrote the following little poem.

Zippy finally decided to make her way onto paper and there she sits till date, filed away.

A charge of USD 80 is applied to paper length exceeds 6 pages and a maximum 10 pages, see clause 4.

From the age of learning to put pen to paper and making sense out of words, I have always written in some form or another.

Anybody want to try the pattern out for me? I need two tatters to test my scribblings which I have yet to commit to paper in a.

I know i have seen it first hand, and can be a lenghy process over all form recieving to order to packing to paper work to delivering.

A Master's Degree is obtained after two years of study beyond the Bachelor's Degree and has a dissertation in addition to papers on theory.

In 4% of cases paper in is used

I've even tried it myself, in paper.

Karan Thapar: It is in papers today.

Paper by 53 A sample work provided by the app developers in Paper.

Once done remove from the oil using slotted ladle and drain the excess oil in paper towel.

The local paper industry has invested billions of pesos in paper mill and related equipment.

Fragile computer storage mechanisms such as floppy disks should not be placed in paper files.

He noted that the number of words CXC recommends for short stories in paper 2 of the English A exam is 400-450 words.

But while agreement on trusteeship came easily in talk and in paper planning, the realities of the Korean situation remained much as before.

Gold tends to go up when the value of dollar goes down, because, the people lose faith in paper currency and they have much more faith in gold.

Teniesha: Is your work recognized in Jamaica? Lawrence: Yes, I got public recognition, people started to read About me in papers and magazines.

In 3% of cases paper with is used

We're both really bad with paper.

Some investors only deal with paper assets.

His two desks are covered with papers and binders.

Posted by jinesta1 - My design, a snake wand, the snake was made with paper and glue.

It's not great on vectors, but gosh it's the closest thing to naturally drawing with paper and pens.

Others with paper qualification who are not musicians used the band as a pivotal entry into the police service.

Despite my recent frustrations with annotating digital scores, it reminded me of why I am so done with paper scores.

Paffhausen went to the house, where he found the locks and garage door codes had been changed and the windows covered up with paper.

In fact, throughout history every experiment with paper money has ended in failure, with over-issuance the predominant cause of death.

Both would have sat at their writing tables with paper and ink jars, both writing heart felt words, both sitting a hundred miles apart.

In 2% of cases paper from is used

Highlights from papers by Richard A.

The first phase was moving from paper records to digital information.

Changing the medium of the article from paper to an Acrobat file does little to change this process.

Nothing ever trickles down from paper stuck in banks and WS, let alone from BAD paper stuck in those places.

Some of them, such as Mexican sunflowers, will also attract monarch butterflies, also under attack from paper wasps.

Speding hours creating chaos by rolling up everything from paper clips, to cows, to clouds, to the Statue of Liberty.

Wands can be made from a variety of materials, after all Hagrid used an old umbrella as a wand! Yours will be made from paper.

There is plenty of data on the head injury rates and costs, and the author uses figures from papers which support helmet laws.

The difference of a real from the sham is that the former hermes shopping bag does not have a hermes sac depeches briefcase handbag made from paper.

I have an entire drawer full of clippings from papers where GM passes wind and its on the front page, but Toyota's rotting Tacoma frames end up in the business section page 8.

In 1% of cases paper as is used

It welcomes papers theorizing or framing the issue of scarcity as well as papers based on case-studies or research by art or design.

Other workshops also took place throughout the day, such as paper crafts with the girls at UBS, and tetrapack with mister Zagalo, a resident of Jd.

In 1% of cases paper including is used

In the Philippines, all paper products, including paper bags and cartons are derived from recycled fiber.

Joining his 2D works are a selection of sculptures created in a variety of mediums including paper clay, welded metal, tiles and wood.

In 1991, Germany passed a law requiring packaging producers and distributors to take back certain packaging materials for reuse or recycling -- including paper.

In 1% of cases paper like is used

Like paper bags, their transport causes more pollution and traffic congestion.

When she woke up, the physical wedding ring on her hand was twisted like paper.

However it has the disadvantage that like paper cups it can not be preprocessed to contain advert on its body.

Those who thrill to the news that a fancy dress party is in the offing and those who shrink from it like paper from a flame.

A neat trick to help make cleaning the cage easier is to line the bottom of the cage with something like paper towels, or newspapers.

You can discover biomass materials for pellet creating like paper, cardboard, grain, straw, corn husks, yard wastes and much more are all usable.

By making Senators appointed by legislatures, instead of the people, the Senators would have at least one layer of protection between themselves and any crazy ideas like paper money.

We have to carry incense sticks, joss sticks and paper offerings like paper money and paper clothes and any other paper accessories, depends how serious your family is with this thing.

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