Prepositions used with "panel"

"of panel", "by panel" or "for panel"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 43% of cases panel of is used
    We're familiar with the concept of panels with multiple voting from the Seanad.
    Okay, that last part is implied, but it would curry favor with the types on this kind of panel.
    It is because a primary function of panel is to layout a group of component in a particular layout.
    Maybe have some kind of panel to winnow them down to the most interesting, or to get a range of views, or whatever.
    Speaking of panels and tabs, we've made some interface updates as well to make managing your items a little easier.
    Almost immediately after his graduation, he was promoted to the position of panel chairman of Chinese Language subjects.
    Type of panels used in a system may in the end be dictated by a combination of budget considerations, positioning of panels and efficiency.
    In Mahayana Buddhism, which replaces the earlier form, the figure of Master occupies central position, commanding and controlling the entire composition of panel.
    The decorations are traced around cardboard patterns, then cut from bright coloured plastic in bright pinks, yellow, blue, green, silver and gold, or painted on tinplate in the case of panels.

    In 12% of cases panel by is used
    Only 9 such patients have been diagnosed by panel members (G.
    Collectively, only 1 patient with encephalomyelitis has been diagnosed over the past 5 years by panel members (G.
    She was also the best at answering questions posed by panel members and concerned future voters, avoiding the topic of what other parties would do and focusing solely on Green Party solutions.

    In 12% of cases panel for is used
    GUIDELINES FOR PROPOSALS FOR panels (a) Submission by e-mail attachment in MS Word is required.
    As well as individual papers, we welcome proposals for panels of up to three papers and a commentator.
    Proposals for individual panel presentations (15-20 minutes) should be no longer than 300 words, and proposals for panels or workshops no more than one page.
    Started with too many one-to-one interviews of Anna after his August fast and then calling Team Anna to studios for panel discussions on every thing under the sun.

    In 9% of cases panel to is used
    Zoom in and out as you please, or tap to be guided from panel to panel.
    Annual meetings will be supported with ongoing dialogues and ad-hoc sessions through video conferencing with an online access to panels of experts on the various issues.

    In 9% of cases panel with is used
    The deal is being offered in partnership with panel manufacturer Canadian Solar and one of the East Coast's leading installers, Mercury Solar Systems.

    In 6% of cases panel on is used
    They all were, especially the lefties on panel.

    In 3% of cases panel as is used
    QS firms will operate as panel members for all consumer and business LegalZoom work following their.

    In 1% of cases panel from is used
    Zoom in and out as you please, or tap to be guided from panel to panel.

    In 1% of cases panel under is used
    The purse was under panel 5, to the left of the hatch.

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