Prepositions used with "pain"

"of pain" or "in pain"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases pain of is used

I don't get a lot of pain at physio.

It is not simply the absence of pain.

I have a lot of pain all over my body.

I used to look at my bottle of pain pills thinking I could end this horrible life I had.

We were not used to that kind of beating and torture, and so suffered from a lot of pain.

Some forms of pain are less serious than others, and many types of pain will come and go.

Rabbi Schmukler then rose from his place and made a speech that was moving and full of pain, and shook everyone deeply.

I am writing about Osho because his lies and his deceit caused an enormous amount of pain for a lot of beautiful people.

I think they would be funnier if they happened to somebody else, because there's always an element of pain in there, too.

Happy people cope better with illness A positive outlook seems to reduce the perception of pain among people who are ill.

In 22% of cases pain in is used

They were in pain just like me.

He hated to see any animal in pain.

Just walk the road with friends in pain.

The confusing part is when one girl is in pain and seems to be possessed by a bad spirit.

Frank had fallen hard onto his arm and was busy Concentrating on not calling out in pain.

TRIES being the word as barely any comes out and we can tell he is in pain and struggling.

When I shut my eyes in pain, I discovered I had a skill interface in my head -- the sort you'd see in turn-based RPGs.

Living in pain is no fun getting people to understand me and what is going on inside my body well that is even harder.

Most people experience a significant reduction in pain and, to a lesser extent, improvement in their range of movement.

Sometimes people who don't know someone in pain can't see the need for medications to help them get through daily life.

In 7% of cases pain for is used

Long as the sunlit hours, Pleasures for pains.

Very beneficial for pain in the joints and arthritis.

I had paracetamol and anti-inflammatories for pain relief.

As only one example, the show stated the increased prescription rates for pain medicines.

The law also contains requirements for pain evaluation, and continuing education for providers.

The law will help better educate doctors about what does work for pain management, Tauben said.

Several other studies link more time spent in nature to reduction of depression, faster healing, and less need for pain medication.

Yet, as the mother of two teens in the DARE program (Dare to Say No to Drugs) I was afraid to ask for pain medication because I thought my Dr.

The constant need for pain medication that had to be injected, because I was too weak at the end of my operation for the surgeons to insert a port.

In 7% of cases pain with is used

This can be lessened with pain medication.

He groaned and twisted with pain and pleasure.

Here, here! I work with people with pain everyday.

Also, not all influential and iconic photographs must be filled with pain and suffering.

We can also say that suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain.

I want to know if you can sit with pain Mine or your own without moving to hide it or fade it or fix it.

When there would be nobody in the room I would often see her rolling on the bed with pain, this time, in her stomach.

Why did BJP/RSS shouting with pain when FM Hussian painted their Godess naked which already they have in the every temples.

Sometimes, in the traces, when jerked by a sudden stoppage of the sled, or by straining to start it, he would cry out with pain.

The Arahants feel pain and pleasure, but their minds are neither elated by contact with pleasure, nor depressed by contact with pain.

In 5% of cases pain to is used

So he decided to pain killers, the Li Ying removed.

The user experiences an indifference to pain and tiredness.

By definition, a patient with brain death can not react to pain in any way.

If the crying is still defiant, protesting and other than a response to pain, spank him again.

Step 8 Program an acupuncture program pertaining to pain relief connected with chronic head aches.

The next year, Washington's medical profession did an about-face in its approach to pain management.

I've had mothers come is crying as they tell me about their children's addictions to pain turned recreational med/drugs.

Many children with autism have a reduced sensitivity to pain, but are abnormally sensitive to sound, touch, or other sensory stimulation.

As the two grow closer, Dong- hyeon suddenly begins to lose his lifelong insensitivity to pain and the hurt of a lifetime washes over him.

In 4% of cases pain on is used

SNot drunk, sounds more like on pain meds or flexeril.

This drug is tolerated well and has known effects on pain and anxiety.

I became totally dependent on pain killers and regular visits to the chiropractor.

There is a glaring lack of balance in reporting on prescription pain medications, and sadly PBS is guilty of this as well.

Re: morality is based on pain and pleasure Re: morality is based on pain and pleasure There's more, do good and good will follow.

The volunteers were instructed to undergo a series of eighteen strenuous exercises using their muscles in an effort to bring on pain.

Moreover, Fine (1973, 202) argues that we can not impose further symmetry constraints that are seemingly just as plausible as Carnap 's, on pain of inconsistency.

In 3% of cases pain at is used

The piece is almost at pains to avoid it.

At the same time, then President Mitterand was not at pains to challenge US leadership.

They are also at pains to stress how they view QE as nothing more than a temporary measure.

Nicole declined to say exactly how much assistance she received but was at pains to point out that hers is not a life of luxury.

Masanja was, though, at pains to stress that the South Koreans had been contracted to uplift and educate local farmers in the process of planting their own rice paddies in Africa.

I am regularly at pains to point out that others ' points of view are relevant unless offensive and, even where I disagree, I respect people who put their views across elegantly and courteously.

In 3% of cases pain from is used

Although my tail its last has waved, From pain and suffering I have been saved.

But do not fear to live or love, Life's not exempt from pain - So pick a rose, you.

It I signifies, also, deliverance from any evil of body or mind; from pain, sickness, danger, etc.

Any individual or group seeks to obtain from life what pleasure and freedom from pain that they can.

PROBLEM: - In case of head-ache or pain in eyes she can apply hair oil or collyrium for relief from pain.

Somewhere, we are told, above the bright blue sky there is another land, one full of joy and free from pain.

Infants scream from pain directly after birth, and all their features then assume the same form as during subsequent years.

Gary followed Alvira in the hospital and saw her crying infront of Amante who is suffering from pain and is still unconscious.

If you fell from here to the ledge you would probably break and ankle and nobody would hear you screaming and you would die from pain and exposure.

It is narrated from Im? m as-S? diq (as) that khakhe shafaa should be placed in the mouth of the child, as this protects him/her from pains and tribulations.

In 2% of cases pain about is used

Write about pain and loss - plenty this year.

On this website is a whole section about pain control.

They knew I was concerned about pain management and risk of infection after.

When asked about pain for the last week, most people can not completely remember all of its ups and downs over seven days.

He asked the control group to think about pain in relation to visiting a dentist and read a story about a boy who doesn't die.

With all of the famous doctors who have done so many studies about pain in AIDS patients, I would think a doctor should know about these.

If you'd like to read a little more about the pain control that might help we've got some more information about pain control on our website.

How could any doctor not recognize he was in pain, even if Russell said he was not in pain? The many studies about pain in AIDS patients, proved to us, that Russell was not able to relay his pain.

In 2% of cases pain without is used

I don't live without pain today.

After removal, you will likely be without pain.

One of them can be acquired in game, but this is done not without pain.

Gentle joint mobilization techniques to relieve the spinal segment and ' free it ' to move without pain, throughout its full range.

Or our definition of disease is too narrow: thus we have angina without pain, 18 toxic shock without shock, 19 asthma without wheeze.

I had trouble sleeping, because I could not have heavy bedclothes on my feet, and nor could I put one leg on top of the other, without pain.

I can eat the yolks, though, and prefer fried or boiled, but that is because I can peel the white away from the yolk and enjoy at least part of the egg without pain.

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