Prepositions used with "pace"

"of pace" or "at pace"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases pace of is used

It'll be a nice change of pace.

The real issue is that of pace.

So it's definitely a change of pace.

My eyes pry themselves open at the slowest of pace, as a part of me did not want them to continue.

The South African felt that Indian bowlers made up for lack of pace with their high degree of skills.

It's a most unexpected change of pace from an extremely promising band, and it's one of the very best songs of the year.

JJK try to attack with a lot of pace with quick transitions in midfield, followed by Jani Virtanen's and Mikko Manninen's swift interplay upfront.

Splinter has a funny scene with Casey Jones, which while some may roll their eyes at; I found a nice change of pace for him after recent seriousness.

It would be a major change of pace for Steele, shifting away from a club where he is the automatic first pick and who he has played almost 100 times for.

In 21% of cases pace at is used

This means running at higher than AT pace, i.

A player ran 30 metres at pace to throw a cheap shot at the back of a player.

This means I will need to add more variety to pace and distance, which are based on the AT pace.

I tried to mix up my pace and bowl a lot of slower balls and then slip in the quicker ball at pace.

Since most of us don't have the means to get VO2max tested, the next best thing is to look at pace per mile.

In addition, running focused on distance is performed at the AT pace or slightly lower than AT pace once a week.

When he runs forward with the ball at pace it looks like he's wearing metal boots coz the ball control is very poor.

He works best when he has room and time on the ball, or when he's already moving at pace and can then play a quick 1-2.

Mr Richards even admitte himself that when he ' rides at pace ' or on busy oads he wears a helmet for the protective qualities.

Doumbia is also really good at manipulating the space he's in, he can turn at pace and often gets a shot on goal in the tightest of situations.

In 11% of cases pace on is used

At the one-quarter pole, the Nationals were on pace to win 93 games.

I think people are concentrating too much on pace, rather than speed.

On pace for 76 tackles, TD is flying all over the field, and laying huge hits on opponents.

The Capitals, who scored 313 goals just two seasons ago, are on pace to be about a hundred goals behind that output.

Our team leader, Darlynne, struck a great balance between keeping us on pace and allowing our energetic group to have fun.

Ovechkin is on pace for a 34-goal season, which would be his worst ever if he weren't coming off a 32-goal campaign in 2010-11.

Wisconsin is on pace for a third-place finish in the division, but will represent the Leaders side of the conference in the Dec.

On a worldwide basis, it has now grossed over $470 million, and it is on pace to become the eighth Pixar movie (and sixth-in-a-row) to pass $500 million worldwide.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Shipments of personal computers are on pace to fall this year for the first time since the dot-com bust of 2001, according to a new forecast from IHS iSuppli.

Despite being a tricky and skilful player who is a magnet for kicks from desperate defenders and a forward whose game is based on pace, agility and quick turns, Messi is rarely injured.

In 10% of cases pace in is used

Yadav has improved in pace and sustainability, but has a long way to go yet.

Drops in heart rate relate to reductions in pace and easier (downhill) parts of the run.

With the ball not swinging, Dhoni has no slips in pace, but Yadav is getting his yorkers in.

Many PSHS alumni in fact lose their academic interest in college due to this radical change in pace.

The final song on the EP is ' Miss Me ', dropping down in pace but still keeping the bluesy feel that seems to be where Kristen is settling in her niche.

It is not fast in pace; it slowly roasts along like a rotisserie chicken on a spring day as you fall into a world of violence, honour and more bureaucracy.

As they clatter their upper and lower mandibles together rapidly they produce a sound very loud just like a machine gun rattle that rises and falls in pace.

This style of training is more effective in raising awareness and minimum skill levels in pace with the contemporary and modern changes in public sector management.

Throughout the piece these roles of watcher/performer alternated between the groups, ever increasing in pace until by the end they are all performing/watching simultaneously.

In 10% of cases pace with is used

Beat him easily with pace and guile.

England attack far more decisively and with pace.

Soon some sides will dispense altogether with pace in ODI and T20I cricket.

Even on youtube I find him very rusty, with a very poor touch sometimes that he compensates with pace.

Of course he's still very raw and could do with beefing up a bit, but with pace to burn and decent technique he's full of promise.

Don't kid yourself, England will have issues with two quality wide players (Landycakes, Dempsey) and forwards with pace (Jozy and whomever).

That, and the fact he can certainly hit a ball with pace and direction, as shown at Elland Road, with a 35 yard thunderbolt, voted Goal of the Season.

For me it was as an interesting purchase by Wenger, who has normally favoured a more athletic striker with pace who can get in behind a defence or drift wide to collect the ball in a wide position.

In 3% of cases pace against is used

Cook's men had struggled against pace and spin.

In 3% of cases pace for is used

But it was hard to understand the tyres and we seemed to struggle for pace in the middle of each stint.

The pair matched each other pace for pace in the first two games but it was Atkinson who took them, both 11-9.

His love for pace is well known, but he has not been able to get either Ishant Sharma or Umesh Yadav to become a performer.

Simons also had a word of appreciation for pace spearhead Zaheer Khan and took special mention of his slower ball, which left many a batsman bamboozled during the tournament.

In 2% of cases pace about is used

My advice: TAKE IT SLOW!!!!! This is NOT about pace.

Pace, it is about pace, Cycling is not just done at one pace.

Started at a 12 min per mile pace, and recently ran 5K in 26:26 (8:37 per mile )! Do, and don't worry about pace right now - just build up your endurance, speed will eventually come.

In 2% of cases pace by is used

Strength through the middle of the forward line with free-scoring Kevin Gore and rangy Rhys Clarke is superbly complemented by pace on the wings.

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