Prepositions used with "outcome"

"of outcome", "on outcome" or "in outcome"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases outcome of is used

This kind of outcome was sadly expected.

There are two types of out-comes for the vendor.

The liberal's focus is typically on equity of outcome.

The pattern of outcomes that is instantiated may be a poor guide to the true chance.

They have no diagnostic value, and they have not been shown to be predictive of outcome.

This is hugely expensive ' risk management ' without even the slightest proof of outcome.

Rather, it shows that what is valued in restorative justice is not consistency of outcome but consistency of process.

Second, as quality indicators may target different types of outcomes, the outcomes themselves must be carefully chosen 14.

Second, as quality indicators may target different types of outcomes, the outcomes themselves must be carefully chosen 14.

We found this content useful since the effectiveness of outcome mapping as a program management, monitoring and evaluation.

In 15% of cases outcome on is used

There must be a systemic re-orientation to focus on outcomes instead of outputs.

On outcomes we are closer to the top but then on cost we really stink up the joint.

This is a rather traditional interpretation of syllabus focusing as it does on outcomes rather than process.

UK is an example of how the Civil Service should keep continuously changing and improving and remain focused on outcomes.

This data is of course based on outcomes from a system which uses Atos assessments held to unverifiable in origin norms, decisions almost always confirmed in practice by the DWP.

In 11% of cases outcome in is used

But money and power has NO factor in outcome here.

But the difference in outcome of those who trusted.

Governments, States, Prefectures, Providences, have no say in outcome.

We are lucky to have clients who know what they want and are interested in outcomes not promises.

Assessment of comparative importance can be aided by reviewing the expected improvement in outcome if the care is provided.

As a result, the lack of any subsequent difference in outcome between the comparison groups may underestimate the benefits of the intervention.

Training at an early age can make a big difference in outcomes, however, the older child may also benefit from discrete trial training as well.

Absolute risk reduction Absolute risk reduction is just the absolute difference in outcome rates between the control and treatment groups: CER - EER.

In 7% of cases outcome to is used

Standards of competence tend to be specified in terms of performance criteria that relate to outcomes.

With these partnerships, we can assist in engaging relevant mentors and support to make a difference to outcomes for both employers and apprentices.

Sometimes it can even lead to outcomes accepted by all the interlocutors -- though this is not a necessary result for the conversation to have been successful.

In 7% of cases outcome with is used

Funders like the United Way, private foundations, and the Community Foundation are following with outcomes from our task force.

Organising the work of the strategic clinical networks to Domains 1-3 of the NHS Outcomes Framework maintains alignment with outcomes and creates a sense of common purpose.

I would think that conservatives may be more concerned with outcomes and cost while liberals may be more concerned by access/coverage but I think all three issues would rank very high by both sides.

In 4% of cases outcome for is used

The system makes the teachers accountable for outcomes.

We see this by the demand for outcomes in patient care as a value in health policy.

In 2% of cases outcome about is used

They want to know about outcomes.

In 2% of cases outcome than is used

They have their ideologies and blindspots just as any professionals do - a stress upon rules rather than virtues, and on processes rather than outcomes.

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