Prepositions used with "opening"

"of opening", "for opening" or "in opening"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 38% of cases opening of is used
    The amount of opening is dependent on the current game level.
    First of all it has in its course a large number of openings by which one can quickly reach the market Place.
    Bookings have been streaming in and I believe 40% of the tickets were grabbed up in this first week of opening.
    In the first few years of opening, a weekend would typically see 150 preteens on Fridays and 300 teens on Saturday.
    Needless to say, it has helped me widen my cooking/baking repertoire and opened doors that I didn't even think of opening.
    The Authorized Dealers should obtain a written consent from the indirect exporter to that effect at the time of opening of the account.
    While one canopy may seem like a fantastic choice due to the large size and ease of opening, others might not be as popular because they don't last for long outdoors.
    To attract and retain children of these families to/in schools is not possible through compulsion alone, nor is it a question of opening of schools in the neighbourhood.
    This list is our specific openings that require personnel with suitable training and/or experience but we also have a lot of openings available on our ships for people who just want to serve.

    In 11% of cases opening for is used
    Applications for opening such letters of credit should be referred to the State Bank with full particulars.
    All had individuals who had been thrown out of power who had not forgotten, as well as criminal elements and external influences look for openings to gain a foothold in a fragile State.

    In 11% of cases opening in is used
    Then success in opening depends on the glue.
    In opening, I venture to suggest that this is perhaps a timely debate.

    In 9% of cases opening with is used
    An elaborate set was created by Peter Davidson, built prior to rehearsals, which included a water tank under the floorboards, a huge wall with openings resembling rooms and a gigantic cross.

    In 6% of cases opening after is used
    Both Maschler and Rayner in their reviews after opening suggested that the Brass Rail in Selfridges did better salt beef sandwiches.

    In 6% of cases opening before is used
    Their nutrient content is controlled by law and they are sterile before opening.
    I don ’ t know what the solution is except wipe all the water off before opening.
    The exterior of the drainage tube and its internal lumen should be cleaned using a 70 per cent alcohol swab before opening and after closing the outlet valve (Wilson, 1996).

    In 6% of cases opening by is used
    Sometimes just by opening or clicking nay link your computer my get hacked.

    In 4% of cases opening through is used
    While the motor is running, water is drawn in through openings located at the base of the motor (see Figure 2.

    In 4% of cases opening to is used
    Don't take your kids to openings.
    Going by the posts above, there seems to be serious resistance to opening with Bell - which is a mistake, IMHO.

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