Prepositions used with "tree"

of, on, with, from or to tree?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases tree of is used

A variety of trees adorn the gardens.

It would probably be a waste of trees.

The earth looks like a plantation of trees.

The great tapestries of trees had darkened to ghosts back at the last edge of twilight.

Since it was close to the riverside and there were a lot of trees, the air is very fresh.

Hundreds of trees littered the ground of the city's largest park, Pelham Bay in the Bronx.

But with the number of trees decreasing gradually, countries will have to move to jute pulp for making paper, he said.

He also agreed that the tree buffer at that time was only one row of trees with a height well below the Observatory Dome.

They hide themselves and they are also hidden from your view by the thickness of trees and undergrowth or by mist and cloud.

Over 100 varieties of trees and bushes are planted around the Capitol and thousands of flowers are used in seasonal displays.

In 9% of cases tree on is used

And it's cheap enough to grow on trees.

The old saying, about money grows on trees.

You socialist believe money grows on trees.

Leopards are generally night-time animals, hiding in rocky hills and perching on tree branches.

You can't make me more copies of an idea when things are tough, and ideas don't grow on trees.

Black and Yellow Ribbons were tied on trees, posts and fences as tribute symbols to a great man.

The Pine Marten: The Pine Marten is a somewhat cat-like animal spending most of its time on trees (hence the Irish name, cat crainn).

Through our hikes and time spent in the woods it's not hard to miss the constant amount of flagging tape on trees, which marks out future cuts.

Dwindling domestic supplies and restrictions on tree felling due to environmental concerns are likely to result in a more liberal import regime over the coming years.

In 8% of cases tree with is used

One subtle solution: lining streets with trees.

It is a grand place inside, with trees and gardens back and front.

App developers have teamed up with tree experts to make anew phone app called AshTag.

The quite narrow streets lined with trees were perfect for playing football (at least for us).

On the way to India Gate one can enjoy the beautiful gardens on both sides with trees and green lawns.

The path cuts through ornamental plantings that are mulched with tree bark to discourage opportunistic wild plants.

They are ecosystems packed with trees and vegetation that comprise an urban forest, birds, insects, small mammals, water, and more.

Winds gusted over 70 mph in many areas and resulted in widespread wind damage with trees falling on vehicles, power lines, and houses.

The ability to walk over rough, uneven terrain is mandatory, and climbing hills covered with trees, brush, rocks, and debris is to be expected.

Besides, this device might come in handy for a work-at-home writer like myself, who is right down there with trees in terms of time spent motile each day, and even.

In 7% of cases tree from is used

We are picking pomegranates from trees around.

He swung from tree to tree, and the kids fed him fruits and nuts.

It maintained its life on dirt, leaves, or the fruit dropped from trees.

The frog glides down from trees to breed in plants suspended above stagnant bodies of water.

Cut to her walking, staggering from tree to tree, holding her side and sniffing like she's crying.

It accompanied this announcement with footage of Swiss peasants pulling strands of spaghetti down from trees.

Hypersensitivity to certain allergens, be it pollen from trees or flowers, house dust, odors of powdered detergent or soap.

As the grass in many places has been eaten down to stubble length the elephants have taken to getting most of their nutrition from trees.

About 93 percent of today's paper comes from trees, and paper production is responsible for about a fifth of the total wood harvest worldwide.

Lumbermen make boards from trees, workers build houses from lumber, and factories manufacture automobiles from metal, glass and other materials.

In 6% of cases tree to is used

Some even come to trees near you.

Boat tethered to tree in secluded part of broads.

He swung from tree to tree, and the kids fed him fruits and nuts.

Cut to her walking, staggering from tree to tree, holding her side and sniffing like she's crying.

Firemen attach chain to tree on 78th St &; 58 Avenue to pull it off a house in Middle Village Queens.

Previous Stories: June 8, 2012: 3 Dogs Dead, 2 Hurt After Being Tied To Tree Under Beehive Dallas Cowboys Hats.

The problem here was the high cost of these plants (US$1540) compared to trees purchased for similar work in East Africa.

I can reach the wireless from the buildings third floor and the open window is right up to tree level for some really nice views while I work.

Winds will be shifting directions too, to ensure assaults to trees from every direction, including directions most upstate trees are not accustomed to.

The accident occurred when, due to an unknown occurrence, the aircraft deviated from its intended flight path and crashed into trees lining the side of Mouse Valley.

In 5% of cases tree by is used

Above this rose the terraces of a gay villa, half hidden by trees.

We were passing by trees and it must have been on the leaves / branches.

Surrounded by trees and plenty of greenery, you will totally feel at ease.

Image via Fresh Home Ideas Alright, most renters aren't surrounded by tree stubs and massive logs.

Passing the building structures, we came to a clearing that were again surrounded by trees on both sides.

Most of the rainwater evaporates, is used by trees and plants, or ends up in lakes, wetlands or the ocean.

Until then, the road to Tavern, called Warner LeRoy Place, extending into the park from West 67th Street, is surrounded by trees.

Molly runs by trees and bushes in the yard and if they smack her in the face or back she turns around and pulls them out of the ground.

Whenever possible, helicopters land into the wind and the direction of travel was downwind and with any view of the landing site being impeded by trees.

Bordered on both sides, as you course into its hinterland, by trees and shrubs and intermittent whistles of birds and other rodents, Mbanabo is your idea of a convalescent home.

In 5% of cases tree in is used

The XSL stylesheet is used in tree transformation.

Amongst the young trees in tree nurseries, an attack of termites may occur.

Nests can also be found in trees, on cliff-ledges, or occasionally on the ground.

Some in fields, some in trees, some on, in or by the sea, wading in mud flats or some on buildings.

For instance, many bird species that make nests in holes in trees hiss like snakes when they are disturbed.

Say I come up with a theory, after seeing a bird making a nest in a tree: ' All birds make nests in trees '.

Primates also have good colour vision, once again an important adaptation to finding fruit in trees, especially if you have a reduced sense of smell.

Birds are long thought to have evolved from small two-footed dinosaurs that over a long period grew feathers, took to dwelling in trees and eventually started to fly.

The rings are formed, both in the studied mammals and in trees, during the unfavourable seasons when the growth of the organism is arrested as a result of a lack of resources.

The rings are formed, both in the studied mammals and in trees, during the unfavourable seasons when the growth of the organism is arrested as a result of a lack of resources.

In 5% of cases tree under is used

They were hiding under trees or any safe place they could find.

I doubt I'd the only one who has loved ones who were buried under trees.

The men slept wherever they could under trees, in tents, or in the fields.

More than two classes are held simultaneously in some classrooms and some of the classes are held under trees in the garden.

It was raining that day and we had taken refuge under trees, running with our luggages to the next tree every time there was a lull.

Our site was shady and we were able to spend the hot hours lying lazily under trees on our mattresses, periodically sliding deeper into the shade to avoid the sun's advances.

Since 2008, the NDC has supplied 3million free school uniforms, 40 million exercise books per year to basic schools nationwide, eliminated 40% of schools under trees, over 100,000.

For four days he tramped, swam in cold brooks, slept under trees or in straw stacks, and came back (but by day) with enough reserve of energy to support him till his experiment should.

The laidback behavior of those who constantly sit around tables placed under trees, playing dominoes, drinking beer and listening to music reminds me that there is more to life other than work.

In 4% of cases tree for is used

So, far the two bodies have developed a training manual for tree growers in the country.

Being Higher doesn't help and then there is my fear for trees which I hope is simply paranoia.

It is also important to consolidate tree planting areas to create places for trees to grow to maturity.

It is also important to consolidate tree planting areas to create places for trees to grow to maturity.

They didn't want that piece of land because it was lacking in something and was only suitable for trees.

Attached to Kifungilo Girls Secondary School near Lushoto is a large area of ground which could be used for tree-planting and conservation.

This is regarded as a considerable success, so SGG since has been investigating other locations within the Usambaras where there are opportunities for tree planting &; conservation.

Contemplation of nature is seen through dialogue but also through Tsukinaga's camera work; Katsu's career in forestry is a result of his passion for trees, and this is expressed through the shots.

In 2% of cases tree through is used

They walk slowly and deliberately through trees and on wires but can move quickly when catching a prey.

The Trail now turns left and then right down a narrow winding path through trees set in mown lawns on your right.

Lorises are mainly solitary, active at night and you might be able to spot one by shining a light through trees and looking for reflective eyeshine.

Horses have evolved to feed both from the ground and browsing through trees so it doesn't make much difference from a ' natural feeding ' point of view.

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