Prepositions used with "contract"

of, on, under, in or to contract?

Word Frequency
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    In 52% of cases contract of is used
    The period of contract is not specified.
    Breaches of contract are actionable per se 2.
    Imports on the basis of registration of contracts.
    The legality of the officiating and allocation of contracts has not been questioned.
    It will only give you a right to sue the seller for specific performance of contract.
    Either the BBC didn't do that properly, or the Bureau breached the terms of contract.
    As in all industries, the terms of contracts are drawn up to be heavily in the favor of the people with the money.
    Alternatively, an employee may bring a breach of contract claim on its own accord under the common law or s161 ERA.
    Apronius Vitalis Mbilinyi (Moderator ): Thursday, November 22, 2012 Thanks Seka for raising the issue of contracts.
    Until the process of contract resetting is complete, there remains a degree of uncertainty in relation to the South.

    In 10% of cases contract on is used
    Employment on contract is now easy, register at oncontract.
    Value for money On contract you'll get an iPhone 5 or a Nexus 4 for $199.
    I used to work on contracts usually 3 or 6 months, though my own company.
    Some allow Pastors above 65 years on contract basis before they are finally retired.
    And also getting again an Indian speaking guy asking me if I want a new phone on contract.
    The best players were on contracts so badly back-ended that many would need to be offloaded.
    My first question is are foreign workers who are on contract allowed to join unions as they are not permanent staff.
    Of course, relying on contract law has its own difficulties - contracts are only binding if everybody involved has agreed to them.
    Then again, maybe you'll be able to pick up this little **** for free on contract, and that would make it one of the best deals on the market.
    In contract law, for instance, there will probably be a general trend away from the stress on contracts being written down or evidenced in writing.

    In 10% of cases contract under is used
    She too is under contract with Swan.
    Department of Education under contract No.
    Winslow sees that Phoenix is now also under contract.
    But to me, if I could spend a season here under contract, that would be fascinating.
    She's under contract with them to do the promo they tell her to, they're a big studio.
    An agent of the vendor includes an individual or company under contract to the vendor for making deliveries (e.
    The argument for why he wants to go to Barca is obvious, but so is the fact he is under contract for 4 more years.
    My Take on the Big Bad Wolf A few years ago I had a site under contract to build a large grocery anchored shopping center.
    If you look at it that way they don't have anyone under contract because anyone always has the option to pay their way out.

    In 9% of cases contract in is used
    With his size and shooting stroke Michael was rewarded with over 100 million dollars in contracts.
    Types of wages Nominal wages are written down in contracts between the employee and the organization.
    Exemplary or punitive damages, which are sometimes available in tort cases, are not available in contract cases.
    Clauses in contracts may exclude the liability of one of the parties for? indirect? or? consequential? loss or damage.
    Clauses in contracts may exclude the liability of one of the parties for? indirect? or? consequential? loss or damage.
    Scarman LJ agreed that it would be absurd if the test generally was different in contract or tort? just because of the cause of action.
    He relied on Hart and Honore to say that a distinction between economic loss and physical damage is? emerging ' in contract, like in tort.
    In contract law, for instance, there will probably be a general trend away from the stress on contracts being written down or evidenced in writing.
    Lord Denning MR (dissenting on the reasoning) would have held that a distinction should be drawn in contract between loss of profit and physical damage.

    In 5% of cases contract to is used
    The High Court stated that an agreement which is made ' subject to contract ' has no legal effect.
    This is entirely at the team's discretion, but it applies only to contracts signed under the 2011 CBA.
    Section 17-contracts of the Republic This Act applies to contracts and transactions entered into on behalf of.
    In addition to contract manufacturing, Kirsan offers customers full-time engineering services and strives to team up and partner with customers.
    While the agreement still stands, various municipalities are still being held to contracts they had previously signed -- as in the case in Germiston.
    Subject to contract between the partners, the property of the firm shall be held and used by the partners exclusively for the purposes of the business.
    From there I've been moved from contract to contract, branching from studying peatlands to looking at phenology with satellite imagery, and on to more GIS jobs.

    In 4% of cases contract for is used
    For contracts above EU thresholds the procurement directive time limits apply.
    Also quality declines in the race for contracts and dollar and meeting deadlines.
    For contracts arranged from overseas, employers will often pay or contribute towards airfare.
    In fact, the top 13 signing bonuses in the NHL are for contracts signed in the last year and a half.
    Particularly suitable suppliers or service providers may be invited to compete for contracts below 25,000.
    It was my job to do everything from buying cloth, to finding and bidding for contracts, to costing and invoicing.
    Net Developer City of london Are you available for contract work in Edinburgh? I have an urgent requirement for a.
    Even in the normally incorruptible Singapore civil service, exchange of sex for contracts has been front page news recently.
    We need dialogue, we need good government and you can not have dialogue and good governance when you yourself you are always begging for contract.
    For contracts other than sale of goods contracts, a victim, with full knowledge of the breach, is said to affirm the contract where he elects to go on with it.

    In 3% of cases contract by is used
    Section 8 Every individual must do what he or she promises to do by contract.
    Determination of rights and duties partners by contract between the partners 11.
    The partners in a firm may, by contract between the partners, extend or restrict the implied authority of any partner.
    On the exchange, the prices were stable for the close by contracts of Nov and Dec, with no major change and were at Rs.
    Establishing the principle that people's behavior is governed by contracts and incentives had the effect of eliminating or at least diminishing ethical considerations.

    In 3% of cases contract into is used
    We can not have adults entering into contracts without government oversight.
    Of course Australia will be entering into contracts and there'll be specialised work to do.
    There are several examples of Muslims entering into contracts or agreements with non-Muslims.
    Municipalities have the right to enter into contracts in respect of the supply to them of power.
    Evander Kane may enter into contract limbo soon if a new deal can not be reached with the Winnipeg Jets.
    It is not really suitable for an organisation that intends to enter into contracts, to own property or employ staff.

    In 2% of cases contract about is used
    The old rubbish about contracts is not worth talking about.

    In 2% of cases contract from is used
    Yet will not release from contract.
    Developer reserves the right to withdraw from contract at any time prior to acceptance.
    About the rates The published rates on our company are all agreed rates resulting from contracts signed between China Guilin Tour and different hotels.
    From there I've been moved from contract to contract, branching from studying peatlands to looking at phenology with satellite imagery, and on to more GIS jobs.
    The University of Edinburgh's two-year Law degree consists of courses in a wide range of subjects from contract law to criminal law and property law to public law.
    The contract For those with an interest in the specifics of a Rideau dam building contract, here is an excerpt from contract made with Walter Fenlon in the spring of 1827.
    This step includes so many levels that it warrants its own in-depth story to cover everything from contracts and permits, to space planning, budgets, product ordering and project management.

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