Prepositions used with "theme"

of, on, to, with or for theme?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases theme of is used

Delusion is a making of themes.

Aversion is a making of themes.

Thanks for Eru-dite! I've tried a lot of themes.

This helped differentiate the idents and let us work with the range of themes within the programming.

It is the exploration of, and connecting of themes around a particular topic using keywords written on.

Hopefully i can meet up with some of you guys from the trip before hand, i really want to go to some of theme parks in LA.

Yes, I hear it's got clean code that's good for SEO and is easily customizable and looks nice, but a lot of themes look nice.

Building Blocks Building block exercises appears to be one of the most prevalent choice of theme for digital geometry workshops like ours.

Starting next week, a series of themes will be featured on the wiki, each for a two-week period, introduced by expert discussion leaders.

In 11% of cases theme on is used

Every night there are spectacular dance shows based on themes of Chinese and world history.

Wilson has published his first book, a compilation of recent sermons on themes related to his call of commitment to God and service to others.

For example, the Hadith on themes like Iman, Jihad, tawbah, will help you greatly in understanding the Quranic verses where you come across similar themes.

Developing Sustainable Development Goals, reflecting on themes and topics and their optimal form, and suggesting ways to monitor progress in reaching them.

You can use those themes to your blogs and if you want to buy some paid themes then you can have a look on theme forest or many other websites to buy handsome looking themes.

In 9% of cases theme to is used

Romero to theme one of its five haunted houses.

They support students to Themes and topics of buy the girl she used to be ebook 90's.

Priority queues are also being brought in to other areas of American life - from highways to theme parks.

How to use exercises and scene work to facilitate skills training related to themes such as: victim awareness, conflict resolution and problem solving.

Seeing the movement pass away must force us to ask if it was merely a product of its time, a movement not speaking to themes outside of its own political and cultural context.

Resources when it comes to themes you haven't any increase would not be as well as costly with regard to web recommend because superbly written articles discussing all your interests.

In 9% of cases theme with is used

This is a thoroughly charming movie brimming with themes of compassion and growth.

It consists of a number of elements with theme playing a linking role through the units.

Many get have agreed in which one of many sandal kind louboutin sneakers is very popular with themes and even.

Qin melodies with themes related to women include the following (for those without links my reconstruction is not yet completed).

Fortunately some dedicated modder added a number of new radio stations (with theme relevant tracks ), that in my mind made the game 100% better.

Training actors for the plays, repeat performances by the troupes with themes including humor with a deep message helped in getting the word around.

Of course, their hymns and couplets rendered in their own language and idiom were so dovetailed as to find a complete correspondence with themes or motifs in the compositions of the Sikh Gurus.

In 8% of cases theme for is used

You have three main options for theme settings, realistically.

Look for themes and patterns, and for observations or descriptions that you like.

This is the way I explained in my Settings API Tutorial and the method recommended by the Theme Review guidelines, as well as the way Chip described in his own tutorial for theme settings.

In 8% of cases theme in is used

Then, there are the ones with a difference in theme or technique.

Lyrics are usually ambiguous, and euphoric in theme, accompanied by spacey strings.

For example, have you thought about collating some of the entries together in themes (like frugal food/shopping for example?).

Here you will find all those things that you can change in theme like the header logo, the home screen image and many other things as well.

Pridyider, perhaps owing to its commercial studio backing, is more fleeting in theme, with characters that are less subjugated to moral and spiritual uncertainties.

A PG-13 motion picture may go beyond the PG rating in theme, violence, nudity, sensuality, language, adult activities or other elements, but does not reach the restricted R category.

In 3% of cases theme by is used

The IdeaPad interface is made up of small, Post-it-like squares that categorize apps by themes, like Social, Games, Media and Lenovo's own App Shop.

In 2% of cases theme about is used

Below, you will find some important information about theme customization.

You have to talk about themes, policies that unite people, and play to their aspirations and their goals and their hopes for their family and their neighbors.

So as long as you read this book with the general caveat in mind that this book is more about themes than details, that it's not a serious anthropological body of work, it's a fabulous read.

In 2% of cases theme around is used

This can give an impression of lurching around theme and period, sometimes with no perceived rhyme or reason.

Was going to go post the original now just to keep up with the whole 20JFG doing things the other way around theme but then I was seduced by.

In 2% of cases theme under is used

I have tried setting up a new module (our existing classes are in a module but the design is under themes) with a Page.

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