Prepositions used with "sky"

of, on, to, with or for sky?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases sky of is used

I was staring at the bottle of sky blue liquid and I thought.

I do lots of sky watching but never look for this kind of stuff.

It's the fun of sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, snow boarding.

Id love to go somewhere to see these kind of skies, its just beautiful.

I'd glad the likes of Sky and Garmin come under this level of scrutiny and questioning.

Occasionally the planets line up in what is called a conjunction where they can all be seen in a small area of sky.

Do all FTTC ISPs have service available everywhere? Iwade is part of Sittingbourne who have the likes of Sky, TalkTalk etc.

Any concerns that the speed of construction will seriously jeopardise the safety of Sky City have been refuted by the company.

The Tanzanians were also interviewed by upcoming London Tanzanian presenter, Sporah Njau who beams her programmes through Ben TV of SKY.

In 20% of cases sky on is used

Mad Men airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

All the free-to-air channels are available on Sky digital.

I watched an interview with a UK beekeeper on Sky two days back.

I'd A kiwi and have watched some of the annoucement and follow up interviews on Sky News.

If you can catch it on sky movies that's great or you could rent it from your rental company.

Grant Shapps, the housing minister, was asked on Sky this morning if he supported the proposal.

Direct from her smash-hit TV series on Sky Living, the acclaimed medium returns to Bristol as part of her new nationwide tour.

Just this weekend, Bernie told Martin Brundle in an interview on Sky that it was likely we could lose a few more European races.

What good would giving these undeserving plebs a few pence extra anyway-they're bound to spend it on Sky TV and foreign holidays.

He has just completed work on Kingdom of Plants 3D with Sir David Attenborough, to be shown on Sky 3D and Sky Atlantic HD on 26 May.

In 17% of cases sky to is used

We also tell about other events of interest to sky watchers.

Oh yeah, and the hundreds of wines making their way up the Sea to Sky.

Or, y'know, pay Rupert Murdoch about 60 a month to get access to Sky's 3D channel.

Russ and I were team-mates at Candi-Pinarello a few years back, right before he went to Sky.

I used to subscribe to Sky Sport but it was poor value for money for someone who just wanted to watch Rugby.

Go to Sky Garden for the Hello Kitty lanterns that light up the way at night and the Hello Kitty store set up.

In addition, we simply must extend our compliments to Sky City, in whose excellent cinema our film premiered in Auckland.

Update: Senior US defence council official statement to Sky: all signs Gaddifi still in Tripoli but no idea if he's in that flat.

In fairness to Sky it sounds like they're quite involved in this and are probably hitting some walls with BTOpenreach, which is not uncommon.

How about scrapping the BBC License fee as at present it is a criminal offence to refuse to pay? Those that wish to watch the BBC pay to watch, as similar to Sky TV.

In 13% of cases sky with is used

Not having any luck with Sky unfortunately.

An early break should be allowed away with SKY controlling as per usual.

And he did not have a tense exchange of views with Sky Sports ' Nasser Hussain beforehand.

Yes, I think you are absolutely right and after the Ofcom case with Sky is resolved one way or the other.

So off to a cushy prison where they get 3 squares a day and a bed to sleep on along with sky sports and drugs on tap.

What's the betting if Cav was staying with Sky that Levi would still have his job? Did they sack Tom Boonen for recreational Cocaine abuse? I don't think so.

In 10% of cases sky for is used

As a pundit I worked for Sky, ITV and Al Jazeera and saw a lot of matches.

Not sure what is the right thing to do for Sky here, and it's probably not entirely within Brailsford's control.

This naturally needs good visibility,? says David Lead, the British pilot at Jaipur for Sky Waltz, who has been flying for the last 28 years.

He reports on energy, security and African politics for Sky News in addition to his research on West African security and conflict resolution.

In his 2009 McTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh Festival James Murdoch outlined the plan for Sky to replace the BBC as the nation's major broadcaster.

She is certainly a very successful psychic -- she has just released her third book and is currently filming the third series of Psychic Sally on the Road for Sky LIVING.

In 5% of cases sky like is used

It also offers some premium services for free like sky drive which provides online 25GB of free data storage.

Head in the sand like Sky? Just plain not caring and continuing to promote doping at Katusha and Astana? JV has his faults, but I admire the business plan.

The book is about a person who's been disfigured by some sort of magical poison and features all kinds of cool things like sky pirates, but an ending transformation soured me on it.

In 4% of cases sky at is used

I'd scared of them, but luckily I didn't run away! Had lunch at Sky 21.

Pollard, who worked early on in his career as a reporter for the BBC before switching to commercial broadcasting, first at ITN News and then at Sky News.

You'll see much better views at Sky High Bottom Line: It's worth doing at least once but be sure you have plenty of time or choose a time when there won't be a ton of people to maneuver around.

In 4% of cases sky in is used

Hello Kit ty merchandise and clothing are sold at The Block and also in Sky Ga rden.

In February, a large number of unusual fireballs were reported in skies over the United States.

In 2% of cases sky by is used

If I thought changing ISPs would help, I would, but have been assured by Sky that this will not help.

RoofNRide also offers packages where the flights are arranged by Sky Waltz and Wanderlust at tourist hotspots like Ranthambhore, Pushkar, Neemrana and Pench.

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