Prepositions used with "aspect"

of, on, to, in or with aspect?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases aspect of is used

There are a number of aspects within this that are looked at more deeply.

Quite a two of aspects that you practically entry product sales computer software.

There are lots of aspects to sustainable retirement, lots of things you need to consider.

Deciding on the best way for you to secure your resources is determined by a variety of aspects.

A lot of aspects establish your original costs plus any premium increases or lessens you might get.

They've infiltrated a lot of aspects of, of, of the military establishment, particularly the Area 51.

Here is a hint of aspects deep within the world of physics, and yet unattainable by the methods of physics.

What was your favourite moment of the day? We had friends and family involved in loads of aspects of the wedding.

On-line participants who have simply became a member of Wow cataclysm release will surely like the a variety of aspects of the game.

In 17% of cases aspect on is used

Consulting the development team on aspects that could facilitate the localization process.

Affordable housing in the Growth and Infrastructure Bill I promised to comment further on aspects of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill.

Her supervisors have provided really helpful guidance on aspects like finding resources, writing questionnaires and reviewing the literature.

Notes have been included to provide mathematical background including solutions, as well as on aspects that are likely to pose some difficulty for students.

I am not suggesting that he does not develop and draw on aspects of what we would call Calvinism, but to argue that they are the touchstones of his theology is going too far.

As noted above, Holt has written four solidly researched books on aspects of Sri Lanka's religious culture, three of which have been translated into Sinhala and published locally.

A schedule of audits that concentrates on aspects such as traceability, verification and problem reporting for each discipline is more likely to help maintain constant quality across the disciplines.

In 15% of cases aspect to is used

Various topics related to aspects of the prison affair, he had studied.

In addition, they have made proposals to the State in relation to aspects of the development of electronic payment mechanisms.

These tend to be restricted historically to aspects of special librarianship and the handling of scientific and technical information.

His common sense wisdom derives from his Jewish-Christian tradition which holds on to aspects of the teaching and example of Jesus which are notably absent from St.

The idea of convincing devoutly religious Muslims that there culture, their government, and their religion were all inferior to aspects that we would impose seemed logical to Bush and his cohorts.

In 13% of cases aspect in is used

North county Dublin remained profoundly rural in aspect.

Much of north county Dublin, like Skerries, was rural in aspect.

I ' grok ' that part of it and freely partake in aspects of it at times.

Patricia Sumerling is well known for her research interest in aspects of the history of Adelaide.

Other legislation imposes requirements for a professional engineer to be involved in aspects of the work.

In 10% of cases aspect with is used

A cleverly designed walkway safely brings children into contact with aspects of the forest.

The advisor was reviewing a particular daily report which dealt with aspects of productivity, absentee rates, machine failure, down-time, etc.

In 6% of cases aspect about is used

Having said that I can speak about aspects which do not betray that trust.

Writers through the ages have employed satire to make a strong point about aspects of society.

Body Language Body language is possibly the most talked about aspect of dating second probably only to breath mints.

This framework involved new ways of looking at and speaking about aspects of the world of knowledge, books and libraries and the social infrastructure of which they were part.

In 4% of cases aspect at is used

He encourages the parties to look at aspects or areas of potential agreement or compromise not previously considered.

Since true understanding depends upons experience, you will be asked to take part by looking at aspects of your own work.

Levine looks at aspects of King's personality that were exasperating -- King was not beloved, even by his closest colleagues.

In 2% of cases aspect concerning is used

Aspect: Security practices HR8 (Core) Percentage security personnel trained in the organisation's policies or procedures concerning aspects of human rights that are relevant to operations.

HR3 (Additional) Total hours of employee training on policies and procedure concerning aspects of human rights that are relevant to operations, including the percentage of employees trained.

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