Prepositions used with "gender"

of, on, to, about or for gender?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases gender of is used

Thats upbringing and notions of gender self at play.

We spoke to others in our community regardless of gender.

There are typically a few options of genders and accents.

Share This Page Opinions on the effects of gender on professional progress were divided.

Women's enjoyment of human rights is deeply affected by the cultural construct of gender.

But this geo-economic division may be devoid or equally fractured in terms of gender biases.

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada issued a policy statement on the issue of gender selection.

Rather, what we have in the case of gender is a pervasive pattern that just keeps getting perpetuated in different people.

Gender Equality in the Qur'an The concept of gender equality is best exemplified in the Quranic rendition of Adam and Eve.

In 12% of cases gender on is used

Don't let's split this on gender lines.

Color perception can change based on gender and culture.

It also does not support termination of pregnancy based on gender.

But that means no borders of any sort, not on speech, not on gender discrimination, etc.

At the time, I used to write columns on gender issues in Bangladesh for the Star Weekend Magazine.

By 2007, the Asia -- Pacific Human Development Report on gender inequality suggested that some 42.

Radical Christian feminism, however, is not the only extreme form of reflection on gender in theology that I criticize.

You lot in RPS are a bit too hair-triggery on gender issues in gaming, like you want to white knight as often as you can.

He saw that to gain true freedom for his people, he must be free of all his own expectations including those based on gender.

Hogwarts Castle model used on the set of Harry Potter is revealed for first time! The reports on gender in media from 2011 have been released.

In 10% of cases gender to is used

Read the rest of the definitions- none refer to gender.

These differences will contribute to gender differences in the labour market.

The most important considerations when it comes to gender are slant, stroke and details.

This explicit attention to gender dimensions enhances the effectiveness of all our programs.

Many people sensitive to gender inequality also mindlessly oppose such desirable economic change.

Every group of people is comprised of segments and divisions -- from political parties to income levels to genders.

In regards to gender watches, they are ordinarily known as men's pretend Rolex watches and women's faux Rolex watches.

They will also be able to explain why this ' group sex ' incident was very badly skewed in relation to gender representation.

Findings -- Disparities are partially attributed to gender differences in observable socio-demographic and job characteristics.

In 8% of cases gender about is used

It is about gender stereotypes, it's also about power.

I think I'd like to continue to talk about gender stuff.

I will accept anything; I am not particular about genders.

We have had a long tradition and understanding about gender in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Building schools doesn't build a pathway to empowerment anymore than tweeting about gender equality does.

They can care less about gender when they see these other inner qualities which I appreciate being recognized.

I tried to engage in an e-mail discussion about gender roles with a young man who ministers in Driscoll's network as a church planter.

Today in the journal Science, lan Dar-Nimrod and Steven Heine report that certain quite specific stereotypes about gender and math trigger this effect.

In 8% of cases gender for is used

The worst seasons (for gender balance) were 9, 10, 11, 16 and 35.

Chinese laws prohibit the use of technologies for gender selection for social reasons.

That adores how he has little regard for gender boundaries and so called social norms.

They were compared to families with an adult with Down syndrome, matched for gender and age.

She therefore called for Oxfam's support in the area of capacity building especially for gender officers.

There is a growing trend for gender selection in western countries but we need to look at our local scenario.

The portrait also represents a wish for gender and color transformation towards fairer and towards more masculinity.

Cornwall argues that existing strategies for gender empowerment still don't do enough to tackle the structural inequities of our society.

Then we have another specification, where we control for human capital but we additionally control for gender differences in industries and occupations.

END FGM evaluates EU Roadmap for gender equality - (01/04/2010) END FGM evaluates the Roadmap for Equality between women and men 2006-2010 and recommends specific actions for future initiatives.

In 7% of cases gender in is used

She holds degrees in law and film studies and a PhD in Gender Studies.

Her qualification was in gender studies, which is not real studies at all.

We are both black women without MAs in gender studies, one of whom grew up on a council estate in Bradford.

What is the legal basis for this proposal? The EU's competence to legislate in gender equality matters dates back to 1957.

The idea that it is as easy to obtain a high grade in a subject like physics as it is in gender studies or philosophy is laughable.

Quote: Originally Posted by Legend-X And Paul being sexist is highly (and heavily) debated topic in theology and it even goes into Philosophy of ' roles in gender ', but again I won't comment on it.

In 5% of cases gender by is used

Roles are defined first by gender.

The labour division of the! Kung San is by gender and age.

You will notice that I separated the supplements by genders.

Another small snagette is that the sum of the figures by gender don't equal the quoted total.

Politicians have deliberately divided us if not by color, then by income, or by gender, or by.

When you break that performance down by gender, again there is not a hint of an advantage for boys over girls.

Not every family works like that, and those roles, even if they are predominant in our society, are not defined solely by gender.

In the end, though, I decided against it, because I didn't want to suggest that wisdom or foolishness was determined solely by gender.

It is important to remember that this difference in the eliminate rate is by far outweighed by gender differences related to distribution factors.

A highly ranked peer reviewed Australian journal refused publication of an article following comments from reviewers seeking a breakdown by gender.

In 4% of cases gender with is used

By the time I was 3, I was obsessed with gender.

Keep in mind, I'd not playing with gender stereotypes here since that's not fair.

Against my will, as I have problem with gender specific colours I inched towards the pink.

Magicef is very much concerned with gender equality and leveling the field for young girls in particular and women in general.

She has an MA in Sociology with Gender from Edinburgh University and a post graduate diploma in Journalism from Napier University.

While this forward-thinking choice is to be applauded, there is something equally innovative at play here apart having nothing to do with gender.

But unless we know that significantly fewer male officers feel the exact same way, there is no reason to believe that this survey has anything at all to do with gender or sexism.

In 3% of cases gender between is used

Clearly, more research on the relationship between gender and data-withholding behaviors is warranted.

There are many verses in the Quran that declare non-discrimination between genders in whichever aspect.

A growing number of studies suggest there may be a link between gender balanced boards and financial performance.

However, the recent commitment of the government and non-government agencies to decrease the gap between genders is working very well.

He said the conflict in the world is not between genders and races, it's between the 95 per cent who create the world's wealth and the 5 per cent who own it.

Annie Kidder, executive director of the group People for Education, says the report shows the differences in bullying between genders and the need for different.

Certainly there are many lessons for the Republicans, not least of which is the need to tap the social conservatism of Hispanic voters and address the mismatch between gender and community.

He says the issue needs more consultation to ensure that there is balance between gender and fulfilling the interest of the shareholders as far as appointments of board members are concerned.

If any imbalance in numbers engaged in this activity does exist, I'd posit that it is more likely due to this hostile environment than any inherent difference in skill or interest between genders.

In 2% of cases gender including is used

Most of us agree that there are aspects of the world, including gender disparities, that we want to change.

A particular attempt it made to emphasize the determinants of health, including gender as a determinant of health.

In addition, by making them engage in these traditional folk games, it was also expected to make them free from discrimination including gender bias, ethnic and age discrimination.

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