Prepositions used with "battery"

of, on, in, with or for battery?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases battery of is used

Essentially it is stuck out of battery.

Then there is the bank of batteries being charged.

I got about 3 hours of battery life when playing games.

We suggest bringing a sufficient supply of batteries to last you through your vacation.

While buying used laptops on eBay, pay special attention to quality of battery and cracks on screen.

HP says it offers nine hours of battery life, but this can be upped to 20 hours using an extended battery.

The device will have up to 20 hours of battery life when docked -- 10 hours of battery from each half of the device.

In terms of battery life the device also shows very good results thanks to lithium-ion battery capacity of 1450 mAh.

As more consumers bump up against the constraints of battery capacity, wireless charging will become more attractive.

This is why they are able to handle the different types of battery packs orders that are placed by their online clients.

In 12% of cases battery on is used

Use plug-in appliances instead of those that operate on batteries.

Also having trouble with it going to sleep randomly (when on battery power).

These cars can run on batteries alone for as much as 100 miles between charges.

New plug-in hybrids roll off our assembly lines, but they will run on batteries made in Korea.

I agree on your statements on batteries, but it still could become a problem on very long trips.

But my iPad couldn't locate my dang phone, which was low on battery juice -- because I thought I'd be using my iPad.

Ensure the battery if fully charged before using it on battery power and let it drain all the way down before the next charge.

When you turn on Battery Saver, your phone automatically turns off some of the features on your phone that use battery in the background.

Now the battery industry has figured out if they don't have to carry around O2 (or various other toxic oxides) they can save on battery costs.

To turn on Battery Saver If you want Battery Saver to turn on whenever the battery gets to 20%, select Always turn on Battery Saver when battery is low.

In 11% of cases battery in is used

A 3,000-flag memorial in Battery Park.

Your cell phone will restart with its reserve power and the instrument will show a 50% increase in battery.

He also kept to the idea of making things more and more like household appliances, removing expansion slots, and even sealing in batteries.

I would only be happy to not have to invest US$2,000 in batteries on top of my solar system for a off the grid system, so as not to run into any problems with JPS.

In 11% of cases battery with is used

Watch each app you side load for possible issues with battery drainage.

Then he produced a small basket brimming with batteries and dropped the old ones in with the lot.

It is really hard to accept that early electronic hearing help came with batteries so massive that they had to be placed on tables while in use.

The Renault Twizy starts at 6,990, with battery leasing from 45 per month -- making it significantly cheaper than its nearest rival, the REVA G-Wiz, at 11,950.

A BIG plus for parents is that Lady actually COMES WITH BATTERIES! An increasing rarity these days it would seem so come Christmas morning this toy is ready and raring to go.

All our GPS trackers come with batteries, presentation boxes, down-to-earth user-friendly manuals (in English ), and excellent customer service if you get stuck with anything.

In 5% of cases battery for is used

For battery life much worse than an Iphone.

As for batteries the answer is simple: carry spares, just as you would for a headlamp or torch (I presume no-one is advising against one of these because of poor battery life).

In 4% of cases battery from is used

Electricity from battery is only being used as a catalyst to facilitate separation of hydrogen from water.

I mean how hard it is to measure the current drawn from battery during the Agha's unique electrolysis process.

If NZ does get hit with the virilent form of Birdflu, eggs from small backyard poultry flocks sounds safer than from battery farms.

In 4% of cases battery like is used

Capacitors are much like batteries.

People want to buy updated and latest technology to get rid of various issues like battery time.

Large solicitor firms have sucked up most remaining business and work their employees like battery hens.

In 3% of cases battery about is used

People have suggested their own theories about battery problems.

Google has claimed the lack of LTE is about battery life and cost.

What about battery life? The retina display has 4x the pixels of the iPad 2 display and requires a lot more power, which would drain the battery faster.

In the first year, the partners will collaborate on creating interactive lesson plans about battery recycling, to be posted on Earth Day Canada's EcoKids website in January 2013.

In 3% of cases battery to is used

If you fancy an electric Citroen 2CV, it will convert a standard model to battery power for you.

That IS one drawback to battery technology: You're always carrying around that weight, even when the pack is nearly discharged.

Anything to eat is a fleeting panacea for the pain of a chronically empty stomach, a pain that has been compared to battery acid in the abdomen.

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