Prepositions used with "trend"

of, on, in, to or about trend?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases trend of is used

It's a combination of trend and weather.

Certainly it would be a great change of trends in SEO.

The blog is an interactive exploration of trends and ideas with readers and experts.

While hiring might follow some sort of trend, it doesn't mean you, the job seeker, have to.

To distort that language in the name of trend is to compromise our nationalism and self pride.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Shard is that it simply exemplifies a number of trends.

Meanwhile, our estimate of trend growth for the South Island (used to generate our Growth Speedometer reading) was 0.

Holling writes about ecological cycles at different degrees of trend, and his work looked at a set up for deep collapse.

Also the angle of the Kijun Sen can show us the strength and momentum of trend, the greater the angle the stronger the trend.

In 17% of cases trend on is used

We loved her bang on trend hair braid as well.

On trend, but not quite an Olympics branding crime.

I love the colours, and the print which is very on trend of course.

Messenger handbags These are the handbags that are on trend especially with the young generation.

National polling gives a lot of bang for the buck and picks up early on trends, but it is inexact.

We caught up for a wide-ranging conversation, touching on trends in application and web development, online.

Whether you live in the Classic UGG boot or like to change it up each season, UGG has the perfect shoe to keep you on trend.

It was such a relief to find a genuine excuse not to squeeze my African backside into denim sausage skins just to stay on trend.

Sarah, 25, said she was delighted to be able to wear her grandmother's dress which was amazingly a perfect fit and, despite being from the 1950s, bang on trend.

I pick items that I know can be styled and worn in what I consider to be a more ' on trend ' fashion (in danger of disappearing up my backside here but bear with me).

In 13% of cases trend in is used

Guest blogging is very much in trend now.

It is in trend for every man, be it young, old or child.

Flat shoes are in trend now days and liked by most of the ladies.

I hope this style tips will help you getting in trend this season.

What has been in vogue will definitely come in trend in the distant future.

The gold color seems to be the next trend! Thank you Angela, yes gold seems to be in trend.

To answer that question you need to assess the statistical significance of the recent apparent change in trend.

In recent years, it is in trend to keep the front hair to back spiked mode while the side hairs are controlled down applying gel.

Well, this year the mess should be all but cleared out! Classic and clean kitchen countertops and refrigerator doors are in trend.

When you compare NH and SH trends you will see exactly the NH is much more chaning in trend than the more smoothly evolving SH temperature graphs.

In 12% of cases trend to is used

Getting a topic to trend however, is no mean feat.

Despite fewer cows, milk production has continued to trend upward.

Being so Heavy and Hot, the corium will use every opportunity to trend downward.

In a word, Louis Vuitton handbags are dreams of most women who're addicted to trend.

Taking a lesson from Grand Central, Open Transit doesn't just respond to trends, it creates them.

As both local and external price pressures receded, consumer price inflation continued to trend down.

There are a lot of widgets that provide features like email job alerts, job categorization according to trend research and salary information.

While the #justiceforched hashtag is far from the first misogynistic thread to trend on Twitter, it is one of the most offensive I've seen in a while.

YA: Are there specific trends in the YA literary sphere? If so, what are they now? SP: I'd sure there are trends, but I am not interested in publishing to trends.

I've adapted and learned, grown up and become a woman, and while I don't forget the trends I trended through, I realize I'd always going to trend through something.

In 8% of cases trend about is used

Equip the participants from with understanding of new technology and knowledge about trends in the Globalization process.

If you want to make money in the real world, solve real problems It's not about trends in advertising or trends in the blogosphere.

Read about trends, news products, reaction, reduce, SWELLING, Array, Array, venom, allergic, bee venom &; the business of what to do when stung by a bee.

Also Check out 24 Hour Fitness coupon code Thinking about trend really can start to make 1 self-aware, and quite often it's challenging to know how to begin.

It's nice to see a link to the data source, and there's some sensible discussion about trends and about the actual implications of a small net outflow of migrants.

When you are uncertain or confused about what to complete about trend all of the unexpected, lookup a present weblog which uses photos, or scan through a fashion magazine.

And as we talked, we quickly came to understand the value in collectively brainstorming about trends and ideas and equally share resources to overcome these hurdles together.

Read about trends, news products, bruel, cordless baby monitor, electro smog, Array, Array, Tours to Cat Ba island, email marketing deliverer, lan ha bay &; the business of all around the world.

In 7% of cases trend with is used

Every season they release a cosmetic palette that is current with trends and seasonal colors.

Our distinct advantage, as content owners, is that our content can be monetised and used on any platform - we can move with trends and always make sure our content is where the consumer is.

In 6% of cases trend at is used

Spyfu value-maximization tip Look at trends in position over time.

Here's a quick look at trends two months in to the 2012-13 TV season.

One system might be better at trends, another might be better at absolutes used to determine records.

Looking at trends of the past, on average, unemployment peaked about four years after the start of a serious recession.

Evolve is a weekly column at Lifehacker looking at trends and technologies IT workers need to know about to stay employed and improve their careers.

In 5% of cases trend for is used

Look for trends to help you improve your service.

Street style is always popular, everyone is so hungry for trends the moment, it's great.

Do they choose it by their own taste or by the demand for trend and fashion? Enterprises really should ask somebody who knows better than the enterprises themselves.

In 2% of cases trend by is used

It is very important that you learn to go by trends in the foreign exchange market.

In 2% of cases trend from is used

Using the Nov endpoint of the graph the percent decline from trend in real GDP is about 0.

Similarly, many are not observant and fail to pick obvious lessons from trends occurring all around them.

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