Prepositions used with "balance"

of, on, in, off or for balance?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases balance of is used

Exar: It's a question of balance, mostly.

But when we do this, we get out of balance.

But definitions of balance get wonky anyway, after a while.

When our body is out of balance, this causes an over compensations and this causes pain.

It's a matter of balance which, for me, is based on both ideological philosophy and pragmatism.

This lack of balance also led to conceding the third goal which was just abysmal as the others.

Walking backwards also increases your sense of balance and hearing, because you can not depend on vision to steer you.

This is only showing Indians as a bunch of jingoistic and emotional people who react on impulse with no sense of balance.

Footwork - improves as the intermediate player learns the importance of balance and recovery in allowing multiple attacks.

In order to avail this offer, you need to make payment of balance amount within 3 days after its launch on Samsung eStore.

In 15% of cases balance on is used

On balance however, there are dark.

On balance, the economy is recovering.

So, on balance, I think that I got off lightly.

Interest accrues on balance transfers from the date the transfer is processed by ANZ.

On balance, I had enough good dishes to suggest that what James is doing has great potential.

DARREN WILSON on March 2, 2011 at 1:54 am Fair play to Chelsea, on balance probabaly deserved to win.

Yet on balance there are a lot more workers in Canada than there were in 2001 when the previous census was conducted.

On balance, underlying global growth is probably accelerating although this is only a marginal gain from a very subdued pace.

We're taking a cautious approach to the magnitude of the reported decline, but on balance the labour market has clearly weakened.

The fact that the author gives answers on balance quite favorable to Sri Aurobindo does little to assuage these readers ' offense.

In 14% of cases balance in is used

Be sure to keep these truths in balance.

I think it's important to keep it in balance.

Losses can be manipulated in balance sheets no less than profits.

Many spiral arrangements contain equal numbers of whorls going each way and are thus in balance.

So like balancing the egg, it is hard to stay in balance since you have opposing forces pulling you.

Why can't India go in balance with all formats? Of course world cricket completely depends on India.

Balanced Living Tips for Achieving Any Goal To be in balance is not to take short, exhausting bursts of massive action.

Like Hopi snake dancers, the Miwok learned to live in balance and harmony with these creatures and to share their common home.

If I can change from being a 50kg overweight, divorced, workaholic mad-man to a fit, in balance, in a loving relationship and.

In 10% of cases balance off is used

These mortgages are held off balance sheet.

We made a number and they got us a little bit off balance.

If your opponent is off balance, feel free to reverse him.

No, the thing that really caught them off balance was the bath.

Keeps us off balance doesn't it? Take something away, then give a little back.

A you ascend this rainbow stairway you will have a sense of being off balance.

The winds were throwing me off balance and the visibility was as low as 2-3 meters.

Though it can be knocked completely off balance and new relationships and patterns can form.

He really needs to develop another aspect of his game besides slashing and off balance lay ups.

Again, a company's balance sheet may not show all assets and liabilities: some can legally be kept off balance sheet.

In 9% of cases balance for is used

The rear foot you use for balance.

It could have been done in a year or a year in a half for balance.

Do not go with extremes, always look for balance, and you'll succeed.

The central bank and the government can now blame each other for balance-of-payments outcomes.

As for balance, even creating life can be out of balance - cancer is cell replication gone wild.

Firstly for balance, I ordered from Amazon and HDN delivered within 24 hours of it being dispatched.

Due to the weight of the tablet half, it feels top-heavy and you'll need to keep your palms on the ketyboard for balance.

Try not to overuse the arms for assistance in returning to the top, instead use them for balance and controlling your descent.

The final area, and the one that has me in a tizzy is the need for balance as I work through my thoughts on church leadership.

For balance and accuracy, there's some value in pointing out the various Windows releases that did get completed over the past 5 years.

In 4% of cases balance into is used

It is always bringing itself into balance.

This too must be respected and brought into balance at the community level.

Markets are supposed to act as an invisible hand, bringing demand and supply into balance.

It is healing your vision, your view of life, so that everything starts to go into balance.

In other words, the body is always making attempts to heal itself, to bring itself into balance.

In every instance, in every moment of life's experience, existence is trying to bring us into balance.

There is usually a lot of trial and error involved in getting the right combination to bring the mind and the psyche into balance.

Second, I intend to register support for the kind of significant belt-tightening and tax reformation necessary to bring the budget into balance.

The need results because a theoretical error, that is not removed, requires one or more artificial steps to be inserted to bring theory back into balance.

In 3% of cases balance with is used

A wall or chair may provide help with balance.

They also help with balance and in detecting motion.

With Balance's untimely passing in 2004, Coil ended.

You want something with balance, not too large or small, so readers feel comfortable viewing it.

I'd drawn to dishes that express a variety of textures and tastes that are executed with balance.

It was banks ' own behaviour that was responsible for driving down their shares, he said, and that share price fell in line with balance sheet disclosures.

In 2% of cases balance about is used

As you all know this blog is about balance.

I think it's all about balance and never excess.

Life is about balance, where there is good, there is also evil.

Plus most of my business is word of mouth so I can't be fluctuating without ticking some of my customers off! It's all about balance for me.

And then they lose all their rax and qq about balance I found the bug purely by accident because I had aghanims and was spamming culling blade on Roshan.

Make your relationship better by spending time apart Okay, we know that we are at risk of contradicting ourselves, but relationships are all about balance.

In 2% of cases balance to is used

Under a balanced budget fiscal policy, a government's budget should come close to balance across the business cycle.

In case the bonus funds were not transferred from credit to balance during 1 year, they will be deducted from trading account.

The JCP bears ' principal argument rests on additional dramatic declines in sales contributing to balance sheet deterioration at the company.

In 1% of cases balance without is used

Due to this unconscious situation, aesthetic faculties are developed without balance.

And I'd not referring to the FOX segments without balance -- I'd referring to the ones with it.

Try to keep some cards without balances so that you can have an open space to jump to if needed.

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