Prepositions used with "skin"

of, on, in, for or with skin?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases skin of is used

Of the 77 patients with closure of skin.

Your face is not the only part of skin care.

Fresh latex is used for a variety of skin problems.

Bits and pieces of skins in thousands die every second and new ones grow to replace us.

Almost all other types of skin spots either fade off or totally disappear under pressure.

Research shows that this simple act of skin to skin contact can cut preterm deaths in half.

I checked the seams of the mattres and found a dead bed bug, also found small bits of skin at below the front of the bed.

Some kind of skin care product can sometimes lead such a situation, when itching appears along with dry patches &; redness.

The plants are used for the treatment of skin conditions (10 plants; 20% ), bacterial infections and wounds (14 plants; 28.

Occurring primarily at areas of skin folding, this rash is followed by scaly lesions that can ooze or bleed with scratching.

In 10% of cases skin on is used

They also work on skin cells and make them tight.

After washing face in night, apply toner on skin.

Pimple prone skin: Girls who have pimples on skin take special care of it.

Remove any remains of a jellyfish tentacle on skin; make sure you don't use your bare hands.

As I've emphasized, success in skin lightening does not rely on skin whitening products alone.

But is this seriously an efficient treatment approach? We have to replenish our education on skin anatomy.

They were all knowledgeable in the field of esthetics, the division of cosmetology which focuses exclusively on skin care management.

We rode the Trais Fluors chairlift in the Corviglia system, then walked on skins for barely half an hour to the Fuorcla Valletta saddle.

I find that it initially goes on a little lighter than I expect but the colour soon settles on skin, melding dare-I-say, almost perfectly.

Touche ' People who go about trumpeting their superiority based on skin tone are making a complete fool of themselves and the epitome of stupidity, in my.

In 9% of cases skin in is used

Take the rise in skin cancer caused by sunbathing.

Importance of vitamins A and D in skin health is well established.

Moreover I found if you r not fair in skin color they do nt like u.

As I've emphasized, success in skin lightening does not rely on skin whitening products alone.

Is anyone seeing the stark difference in the photos? There is an obvious difference in skin color.

But if we were to walk from the tropics to the Norway, what we would see is a continuous change in skin tone.

Some are intrinsic, such as ageing, a genetic predisposition to certain skin conditions and skin changes caused by previous treatments.

Certainly, slavery and many other oppressive forms of hierarchy have existed throughout human history, as have differences in skin color.

There are some differences in skin needs for men and women, but this roller is suitable for everyone! It contains vitamin c and caffeine.

LED Skin Treatment Approach - Anti Aging LED Lights The most crucial things in skin remedy is the wavelength and the total sum of vitality applied.

In 8% of cases skin for is used

It is alarming that you look so keenly for skin colour.

You should be getting regular checkups for skin cancer.

For skin rashes, the powder is taken internally with cow urine.

They also used salves and ointments and not just for skin complaints.

Knowing the way to care for skin during winter months will help alleviate the problem.

If you prefer, you can leave the mixture unscented-this is best for skin that is sensitive.

For swelling, to clean wounds, add colour to skin, for skin rashes and boils, apply fresh paste.

So we dealt with house because we heard about the positive things, and not the the lust for skin flesh, money, whatever.

What you'll need to get depends on your course, but the equipment mentioned here is all you need for skin diving and snorkeling.

H2o is good for skin area of any age, however for people growing older, it may also help protect against wrinkles and dark spots.

In 8% of cases skin with is used

The snake became a mere skeleton covered with skin.

I used the raw peanuts without skin and you can use the raw peanuts with skin too.

If it were covered with skin similar to that of human beings, it would never survive.

We are relatively hairless with skin well supplied with sebacious glands which make it waterproof.

From an early age, Paula struggled with skin issues including acne and debilitating bouts of eczema.

LV bag of air will meet with skin reacts natural oxidation to become red, this is a kind of uniform.

HPV typically approaching outer covering with skin we all simply call all of them since keratinocyte.

Specialist skin cancer teams NICE has issued guidance called Improving Outcomes For People With Skin Tumours Including Melanoma.

Red Snapper in Sumac and Sesame Oil Serves 3 Ingredients kg red snapper (with skin) 2 tsp sumac 1 tsp sesame oil 2 tsp dried basil (optional, I used it with one.

I fear that those in the diplomatic corps and military with skin in the game will conclude this group of decision-makers considers them expendable, and will behave accordingly.

In 4% of cases skin from is used

This is because the chemical reaction of colognes may vary from skin to skin.

He's named after Chris Miles from Skins, because that character was both badass and sweet as hell.

Salat is not permissible in leather products made from skin of predatory animals like lion, leopard, tiger, fox, and jackal.

Callie ran a finger around her collar, tugging the neck of the blouse away from skin suddenly dewed with a fine film of sweat.

Stay away from skin care products that contain isopropyl alcohol, benzyl alcoholic drinks, methanol, ethyl alcoholic drinks, or ethanol.

In 3% of cases skin about is used

However, she fails to say the same about skin toning.

Sensory Neurones carry information to the brain about skin temperature, touch, pain and joint position.

She also travels around the world with Paula as a brand ambassador for Paula's Choice, educating consumers near and far about skin care.

Its so sad that black people spend so much of their time barking about skin color when blacks have so many other IMPORTANT issues they need to discuss.

In 2% of cases skin as is used

Changes in hormonal levels with ageing alter processes such as skin surface pH, wound healing or propensity to develop autoimmune disease.

In 2% of cases skin by is used

Where do you get cellulitis? By definition, cellulitis can affect any part of the body covered by skin.

The economic, social, educational, and professional opportunities are deeply impacted by skin complexion.

Fashion Trends 2010 in Girls Fashion Wear While the decade saw the fashion circuit being controlled by skin tight jeans, the girls fashion.

It emits alpha radiation, which is a stream of heavy particles that can be stopped by skin and clothes but which is very dangerous if it enters the body.

Permethrin (a synthetic pyrethrin) is available in a spray solely for application to clothing (it is inactivated by skin lipids 16) and is particularly effective because it kills ticks on contact 17.

In 1% of cases skin like is used

Some of you may get stress related problems like skin allergies, headaches or respiratory disorder.

But if you're struck with troubles like skin disease, or frequent high fever, you should consult your physician and follow the line of treatment.

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