Prepositions used with "budget"

of, on, in, for or with budget?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases budget of is used

Got bored to see these type of Budget Sessions.

In America, there are only a handful of budget airlines.

No allocation of budget for Research in Science and Technology??

The board is composed of the state treasurer, comptroller and secretary of budget and management.

In recent years, development expenditure has made up about 2-4% of GDP, and most of budget deficit.

I was a lecturer at the journalism college, but I was being laid off because of budget problems in May 2003.

Implementation of budgets is usually problematic; why is that so? On budget implementation we must avoid generalisation.

Osborne batted away these questions, stressing that he was waiting for the numbers from the Office of Budget Responsibility.

The hope is that talk of budget overruns, undesirable sponsors and ticket allocation will fade as a celebratory mood takes hold.

In 19% of cases budget on is used

This strategy will allow you to stay on budget.

We actually deliver on time, on budget, every time.

We got the home of our dreams, on time and on budget.

This enabled us to get on with the job and provide results that were on budget and on time.

They recently teamed up for the first time to present the ' 3 News ' special on Budget 2012.

If you want a full frame camera and you are on budget, take this camera and you will be happy.

Implementation of budgets is usually problematic; why is that so? On budget implementation we must avoid generalisation.

Any observations about the pressure on budgets based on these spending figures will be either wrong or, at best, misleading.

Other megaprojects -- in construction, infrastructure, dams, ICT -- are typically on budget from time to time, but not the Olympics.

In 17% of cases budget in is used

Predictions for VAT in Budget 2012.

Motorists to feel the pain in Budget 2012 with.

There was little coherence in budget formulation.

USC Exemption Threshold increased in Budget 2012 Budget 2012 was kind to your paypacket.

The Government had increased the relief for those who bought houses during the boom in Budget 2012.

Motor Tax increases in Budget 2012 See below for the new rates for motor tax that will apply following Budget 2012.

Rent Relief in Budget 2012 Rent Relief is a very important tax credit for tax payers who are renting and paying tax.

If someone has a better difference in budget or they can cut back more to allow for this to happen in one year I would do that.

Nor is it clear that a carbon tax would enjoy more support in budget talks than a value added tax (VAT) or a Federal sales tax.

Why your net pay per payslip may change In Budget 2012, it was announced that no new changes to Income Tax would be introduced for 2012.

In 12% of cases budget for is used

It is no longer just a destination for budget travelers.

A Center for Budget and Policy Priorities report, which used U.

The way in which the law was passed was for budget neutral items.

Politicians are raising this alarm with their code words for budget and deficit reduction.

The Office for Budget Responsibility has shown that tuition fees count towards inflation and will add 0.

The Office for Budget Responsibility is predicting 710,000 public sector job losses in the next six years.

George Osborne's timetable for budget deficit reduction has been self defeating the evidence is there for all to see.

Although it's heavily built up and designed for tourism, it's great for budget hotels, cheap surf wear and cheap food.

Kilimanjaro cost $100 per day, so there might be a necessity for budget climbers to get up and hopefully down more quickly.

A stricter vote is needed for budgetary items and striking the mandate DE-FUNDS the program, requiring it be passed as a law.

In 6% of cases budget with is used

Flights to Paris can be a real bargain with budget airlines like Jet2.

That could be for a variety of reasons but I will just go ahead and assume it had to do with budget.

It will all boil down to what kind of lifestyle the buyer prefers along with budget constraints to consider.

I have worked as a consultant on many different movies with budgets in the millions down to micro and no budget movies.

I would think that with budget constraints of municipalities all over the nation that they would want/demand the recording fees.

Carlson Hotels goldpoints plus Members receive car rental discounts of up to 10 percent with Sixt rentals and up to 10 percent with Budget.

There were the usual well known supermarket brands, such as Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury 's, along with budget shops such as Aldi and Lidl.

Chris managed the production as it ventured through 8 different cities including the prestigious Cadillac Theatre in Chicago, with budgets of no less than 1.

I suggested to Andy that it might be to do with budget since DSOTM and WYWH were already ' in the can ' so to speak, but The Wall would have to be done from scratch.

In spite of a rigorous budget implementation on the expenditure side, data until July point to a budgetary gap of 1 percent of GDP in 2012 compared with budget plans.

In 6% of cases budget within is used

To try to win, playing well, within budgets, working hard.

Cheops's Law: Nothing ever gets built on schedule or within budget.

Construction of the houses has already begun and is expected to be completed within its stipulated 21-month period and within budget.

Once you have described how you will complete your project on time and within budget, reinforce your plans by discussing a case study.

Conscious of the need to operate within budget and to get value for money, HEAnet will use good environmental practice within its business activities.

They may be very popular as College Apparel as they are within budget although not even closer to authentic ones in regards to quality and looks, Atlanta Falcons Authentic Custom Jersey.

In 5% of cases budget over is used

Chief Judge is over budget still for 2012.

That looks a lot like 25% over budget and counting.

If they had a budget in the beginning, they may end up being over budget in the end.

Thelma openly stated that her passion to help the Romany and Irish Traveller communities had put her 36,000 over budget.

Related A report released by the city of Edmonton last week shows that the project is already expected to come in $35-million over budget -- before a single brick has been laid.

In 3% of cases budget from is used

Our Pricing varies from Budget safaris to a five stars Luxury be it in a lodge or camping.

As the enclosed video shows, some proposals actually cut much more from budgets than iif the U.

The fact is that the Japanese economy has required significant support from budget deficits over a long period given the relative high propensity to save by the private domestic sector.

In 2% of cases budget to is used

Indeed, they though banks would bring enough profit taxes to budgets, so the time was great to spend more.

In 2% of cases budget under is used

After you've pretend-splurged, whittle things back down under budget.

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