Prepositions used with "priority"

of, on, in, about or to priority?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases priority of is used

An indication of priorities, i.

Matter of priorities, I suppose.

This is a question of priorities.

It would be too hard to put them in some kind of priority order except for religion.

The second phase involves identification of priorities that are required for change.

Guns and ammo first, and Gold and SIlver down below water filters on the list of priorities.

It is recommended that collecting information on injuries sustained during sparring/training be a matter of priority.

But then, there are a few antagonists who insist that boycotting BA is a waste of time and mis-direction of priority.

THE ONE? Bladdy hell the boy is only 18 years old - somehow we don't think settling down is high on his list of priorities.

In 11% of cases priority on is used

Hospitals ration care based on priority of need.

Tort reform should be #2 on priorities to fix this country.

Every day you have a choice of doing things as they come along or focusing on priorities.

This Federal Register notice provides the last opportunity for public comment on priorities for research in 1996.

He said introduction of across the board accountability system will be on priority and every one will be made accountable.

In 10% of cases priority in is used

On the other hand, in priority regime C is better than regime B.

It is unknown whether such variations are attributable to differences in priorities or true underlying QOL.

In April 2003, the lending commitment for regional rural banks in priority sectors was raised to 60 (from 40) percent.

Use buying listings and put in priority your spending, in order to prevent building an error which will place you in financial debt.

We had a large list of songs we wanted on the albums, much more than would fill the 10 albums (in priority order-in 12 song album groupings).

We would expect 3 names (in priority order) so that we could save time by submitting three choices of names to the Registerar in case one or the other is rejected.

Additionally, the receiver shall pay preferential creditors of the company (see the discussion of preferential creditors in relation to liquidation below) in priority to any floating charge holder.

There are on the other hand counter-mechanisms afoot which may impact on UK's ability to renew its rural economy in the face of agricultural subsidy reduction and a shift in priorities in the CAP.

In 5% of cases priority about is used

To me it's more about priorities.

So really, it's all about priorities.

It's all about priorities, and you and your bub need to be top of the list right now.

Tonight is an important meeting where Virginia residents can speak up about priorities.

He need not go looking for these moments of decision about priorities: they will arise naturally in the life of the group.

Yes, I know it's not politically savvy to speak about priorities and planning for the future in the midst of a tragedy, but there really aren't any more excuses for us not getting things done right.

In 5% of cases priority to is used

Only then should you move on to priority number two.

It all comes down to priorities and if Jan Moir thinks that having a manicure is one of the vital necessities of being alive, then she must be a very.

So, who should you heal? The logic (According to priority ), is as follow: Health > Priority List/Situation > Skill Level Which means (GENERALLY ): 1.

Attention to Priorities Steven Covey, in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, gives a series of suggestions, as to how we can use our time and talents.

A right brained person is more likely to flit from one task to another -- getting the same amount of work done as a left brained person but without paying as much attention to priorities.

In 4% of cases priority with is used

Perhaps the amount could be converted to the inflation-linked bond with priority of subscribing.

It means a lot to me that we challenge cancer in an effective, productive manner, with priorities, and hopefully results.

These services are available to income management clients and to the broader community, with priority given to vulnerable people.

These emails are the best way to keep up to date with priority booking opportunities, special Members events and exclusive Members offers.

In 2% of cases priority by is used

According to Ewura, the fuel scarcity has been occasioned by priority berthing at the Dar Port, Kurasini Oil Jet (KOJ).

If your list of objectives of life, the next step is therefore reorder by the article by priority for you, but not before.

In 2% of cases priority for is used

Tax holidays are available in the form of deductions for priority sectors.

Even in the greenest of companies, sustainability issues are rarely the only features of a brand competing for priority.

In 1% of cases priority as is used

These are known as priority debts.

Secondly, the entire cabinet must be on the same page with respect to its post-flood economic strategy as well as priorities.

In 1% of cases priority into is used

All elected officials should have the choice to direct transportation funds into priority projects.

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